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Viewer Bio. Smithy


By Tommy Sheridan

Vital Stats
Name: Smithy
Gender: Male (Are you sure??? -Kyle)
Age: Very old
Height: Too tall
Weight: Too heavy!
Race: Some weird being from another planet who has a striking resemblance to Santa Clause!(HA HA)

Along time ago on another planet 2 people named Al and Barbara had a son. His name was Smithy. For years Al wanted to go on to another planet and invade it. Now this was his chance. He taught Smithy everything he knew.

Many many many years later Smithy started of a gang (gee sounds like modern times if you ask me!). He had members known as Yardovich (sound like he's from Air Force One or some movie with Russians), Mack (now sounds like McDonalds), and Bowyer (is that his dog?). And he also and some members known as the Axem Rangers (I always thought the power rangers were evil.)

Well then Smithy had a sword friend known as Exor who was at the gate of Mario's world and his. The gate was located at Bowzer's castle. When the sword went in Mario, Bowzer, and Toadstool went in 3 separate directions. Then the bridge to the castle disappeared. For a while Smithy's people were building the factory.

Then the day after Smithy's buds were done building the factory, Mario and his friends came to stop him. Smithy knew of a thing called the star road were all wishes were made, Smithy wanted to get all of the stars and turn them in to weapons. Smithy and Mario had a ferocious battle. Mario defeated Smithy and took Smithys star.

Smithy got so mad at Yardovich, Mack, and Bowyer that he made them become slaves of him. He often hit them with his hammer(OUCH that got to hurt!)
So that's Smithy's story.

Thoughts from Jay
Great Originality. I like the cliff-hangers, for you never do know what will happen next. This was one of the first Viewer Bio's I got, which then lead to me coming up with the great idea, Viewer Bios!