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Viewer Bio. Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones

by Noturb17

Vital Stats
Race: Shark
Occupation: Being A Pirate
Likes: Being the best , current juice
Dislikes: People who give up to easy
Major Want: A good friend who can beat him ( thats why he likes Mario )

Jonathan " Johnny " Jones was once the most feared pirate to ever sail the Mushroom Seas. Than one day a giant squid , King Kalimari , attacked the ship and pulled it down into the Briney Sea. The citezens of Seaside Town spread the Legend of the Evil Johnny Jones. Few brave mushrooms entered but were never seen again. Most people believed that Johnny had got them , but they only got as far as King Kalimari.
One day , though , Yaridovich , an evil spear monster, came and took over Seaside Town. The " Elder " told Mario to defeat Johnny and bring him the star that had fallen into the sea not 3 days before. Mario, only wanting to help people went after the star. But when Mario met Johnny and defeated him Johnny, strangly enough, befriended Mario. When Yaridovich confronted Mario, Johnny was there in seconds ready to help. Jonnhy then got his wish when the Star Road was repaired , he found a friend and his ship sailed once more in the first annual " Star Road Day Parade ."

Thoughts From Jay

Sniff, a bio with a happy ending. Isnít it wierd Jonathan Jones has the same first name as I do?