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Viewer Bio. DK jr.

Donkey Kong Jr.

By Erik Winzeler

Vital Stats
Age: at last seen, 22.
Gender: Male.
Height: at last seen, 5' 7"
Weight: at last seen, 143 lbs...
Life Status: Currently unknown.
Times he was embarrassed by Cranky: to long to put on paper.

Donkey Kong Jr. was born around 1978. His dad was a power crazed, slow minded thing, and his mom was a schoolmaster.
D.K. Jr. saw very little of his mother in childhood. After Donkey captured Pauline and ran through a crazy construction site trying to escape from Mario, he was caught and deported to the jungle. Mrs... Kong was not pleased, especially about capturing Pauline (she didn't get a dramatic capturing session or any of it). So she left Donkey for a while to sulk in his mysery, without telling anyone she was leaving.
In the meantime, D.K. Jr. was busy saving his dad from the torture of Mario and his arrogance. After crawling over Claptraps, dropping fruit on unwary vultures, and narrowly escaping the horrid power plant (in the jungle, give me a brake), he rescued his dad and they ran off to the jungle.
Later on, after attending a course in, the young Kong was invited by his old nemesis Mario to compete in a go-Kart race. He went home happy, after putting up a good competition and winning a trophy.
But that ever persistent father of his was off yet again, to go on a pointless capture-and-rescue session. This time D.K. Jr. played a role in it, helping his dad by Mario, but after going through 99 areas of the construction site, Donkey ended up getting them cornered. But he refused to admit defeat, and jumped off the top of obstructing the site, taking his son with him, and stowed away on an export ship to the jungle.
After playing a tennis match against his all his old competitors from the go-kart days, D.K. Jr. was finally ready to settle down. He found a wife and had son, and named him after his once honorable father. But this led to a never-ending battle. Donkey believed that he should go off and set an example for his son by stealing a girl. Jr. said that that never taught him anything. And so finally, D.K. Jr. packed up and left without a trace. Cranky, as D.K. was called from then, never got over it, and that's why he has such a grudge against poor Donkey. And then Cranky really got it when Wrinkly, Jr.'s mother, returned, and wanted to know what Cranky had done to scare her son off.
And that is the story of Donkey Kong Jr. as of now. Neither Mario nor Kong have been able to shed any light on the subject. Will he return? Will he and his son be reunited? Or does he have enough sense to wait until Cranky's reign ends?
This is Erik Winzeler signing off.
Thoughts From Jay

A good bio on DK jr. I would never touch the subject, too controversial. The weirdest bios are the ones where the writer actually manages to link ALL the games, even the sport games like kart and tennis.