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Hammer bros.

Hammer bros.


Name : Hammer Brothers
Age: Who really knows? I say about 30
Size: Depends on the Mario game on part 1 there your size but in part 3
they change sizes world there bigger and in rpg there huge.
Weight: I belive very heavy to throw tha many hammers.
Last seen: In Bowsers keep challenging Mario to puzzles.
Status: alive
Gender: male
race: Men with hammers

Once there were brothers named Harry and Jerry. They both always got in
trouble at school because they would throw hammers. In wood shop they
would throw hammers at the teacher even. They dropped out. Then one day
they met a dragon named Bowser, he said he'll let them join his club. They
became loyal members of him.

They met the Mario brothers. They were very evil they thought. They
almost destroyed them but they didnt. Then about 5 years later they met
them again. They also were with the boomerang brothers and the fireball
brothers. This time they were the sledge hammer brothers they tried to get
rid of Mario and Luigi but they couldnt. Then 1 year later they became
workers on buldings and would come down beams and try to destroy Mario,
Luigi and Yoshi. But they didnt. Then a few years later they fought Mario
and accidently lost their hammer to him. Then they challenged Mario to a
bunch of puzzles. Mario won though. Where they are now is unkown.

Thoughts From Jay

A bunch of puzzles??? Oh ya, Super MaRPGio. Another bio on a character thats not realy a main character, but a common one. Good job.