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Viewer Bio. Shy Guys

Shy Guys

By OOLemmy

Species: Shy Guys, Shy Aways (Beezos), Snifits, etc. First appeared: SMB2 First appeared in time: Yoshi’s Island. Fore score and seven years ago (actually about ten) shy Guys appeared. Not much is known about these cute little fellows, but they have appeared in many places. Way back when, Shy Guys roamed all over the place. Some were good, some were evil. They were constantly at war. The whites hated the blacks, the blues hated the reds, and the greens hated the purples. Then, one day, a strange creature came to their land. His name was Kamek. He drove out some good shy guys and brainwashed others. Soon, he had almost all the shy guys working for him. The shy guys helped him attack the yoshis and keep them away from the baby Luigi. They failed and the yoshis destroyed most of them. Soon, Kamek disappeared, leaving baby Bowser to fend for himself. The shys didn’t like Bowser, but they wanted revenge against the yoshis. A small band of white shy guys came out of hiding. These were the good shys and they helped the yoshis again. When baby Bowser was beaten, he banished the shys to the dreamworld of Sub-con. There an evil frog named Wart took them in exchange for help conquering Sub-con. They succeeded but one day, Mario, the plumber they had fought before, discovered Wart’s plan and foiled it. When Wart was killed, the shy guys left Sub-con. The Snifits found a home with a lunatic named Booster. The other shys went found Smithy, an evil robot. They decided to help Smithy conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and Yo’ster island with it. But Mario again foiled their plans. The shy guys swore revenge. They will try all they can to get it. That hasn’t happened yet but someday, the shys will be TRIUMPHANT!!!!!

Thoughts From Jay
The beginning emphasizes that you can not judge people based on their color. We can learn a lot as humans by reading OOLemmy’s bio. Who am I kidding, this is a great bio with one purpose-entertainment. This bio was able to tie in all the stories having Shyguys, and their cousins the Sniffets, nicely. What will be the next Mario game to include these troublemakers? We’ll find out in Super Mario 64 2.