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Viewer Bio. Big Bob-Omb King

Big Bob-Omb King

By Mark Kelly

ďThe King of Kabooms the world over,Ē as he said himself, was once a lonely little bomb. You see, the Bob-Omb Battlefield wasnít a battlefield at all, but a peaceful meadow populated by Bob-Ombs. The Pink bombs and the black bombs lived in perfect harmony together, except for one. He was nasty and lonely but too much of a shrimp to do anything about it. When King Bowser stormed the Mushroom palace and invaded the Painting Worlds, he was looking for leaders to guard his stars. Because the little Bob-Omb was the only one that didnít skip around and laugh, Koopa gave him the star and left his troops to storm the place. The power of the star made the Bob-Omb huge and strong. He cleverly started a war between the black Bob-Ombs and the Pink Bob-Ombs, forcing many pinkies to leave and seek home in other Painting worlds. He transformed the mountain into his own personal fortress to protect him and the star. Then Mario turned up. It wasnít long before the plumber was past the traps and boulders that Big Bob-Omb had planted in the mountain. A battle ensued with Mario throwing the King to the ground. At the end of the battle the King Bob-Omb dropped his star and lost all of his powers. He then exploded with rage. He may be gone but his memory lives on, what a tyrant.

Thoughts From Jay
Bob-Omb Battlefield-sorry, I mean Bob-Omb Peaceful Meadow-is the only level in Super Mario 64 I have played all the was though many times. The rest I either havnít played or played very little. Anyway this is a great bio done by the guide person at SMBHQ, Mark. A nice little bio on a character people know little about.