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Viewer Bio. Smithy

Koopa Troopa

By Ian Fetters

Koopa Troopa was the best walking member of the Koopa Troop. But he wasn't always a member. In fact, he lived all the way in a forest near Brooklyn once before. One day, he saw the Mario Bros. working on pipes in Brooklyn. That was when they fell down the pipe! Koopa Troopa, being a very curious creature, looked down and fell down with them! He fell down a different pipe when it split into 2 pipes. That one led to the Koopa Kingdom! Bowser, Goomba and Bullet Bill found him and taught him the ways of evil. That was 1978. Five years later, in the video game Mario Bros., found the Mario Bros. and thought, "Haven't I seen them before? I'm SURE I did..." Koopa Troopa went back to Bowser's Castle after being creamed and asked Bowser about it. Bowser answered, "Forget about it!" As Koopa Troopa grew up, he had new forms and could stand on two legs. His ancestors were that way, too. Koopa Troopa's ancestors lived on Yoshi's Island. Unknown to Koopa Troopa, they worked for Bowser. Later, they stumbled across Brooklyn, where the present Koopa Troopa was born.

Thoughts from Jay
So I guess in this bio, your talking about Koopa Troopa as in the character, not the group of enemies. Too bad the one and only Koopa Troopa doesn't have his own name. Nice job.