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Viewer Bio. Wart


By Oddjob384

Well, the story of Wart is very strange and mysterious. Because no one knows the real story of him, I decided to piece one together.

Vital Stats

Race: Frog

Gender: Male

Weight: A lot

Favorite Food: Vegetables (just kidding)

Favorite drink: Mr. Bubble

Whereabouts: Unknown, maybe Sub-Con

Aliases: Mamu, Frogfucius

Wart was born and raised in the world of dreams, Sub-Con. He was a very mischievous boy and, being an amphibian, was Bowser's Cousin. One day, as Bowser was invading 'Shroom Land, he decided to take over Sub-Con. So, using three, some old car parts, and a Vege-O Matic, he built his "Dream Machine." He used this to create his evil army. But then those meddling plumbers came and ruined everything.

But whatever happened to Wart after his body was processed by the Sub-Con fairies? Well, it was packaged and sent via airmail to a nightmare of some sort (Kermit the Frog's, namely). But it never did reach its destination. Instead there was a mix-up (even the dream mail system sucks) and he was sent to another dream. That dream happened to be of a magical creature called the Wind Fish. There he assumed a fake name of Mamu and became an Elvis impersonator. He was earning a good living (300 Ruppies per gig) until some little punk named Link came and woke the Wind Fish and ruined everything (Wart has such good luck).
Wart, AKA. Mamu, seemed to have washed up on a beach far away. So far, that he wasn't in Sub-Con anymore, but in tubas the real world! There he had a great vision. His goal in life was not to rule, but to enlighten.

So he went through another name change, this time to Frogfucius, and went on a long journey to find his roots. After a long voyage, he came upon the Midas River, and a clan of frogs. He soon became accepted there. One day, he saw a strange sight, a fluffy marshmallow type creature was playing with the tadpoles there. This creature intrigued him, and he decided to teach it the ways of the Frog. The creature, Mallow, after vigorous training, decided that he would join a group consisting of plumbers (whom Frogfucius did not recognize) to seek vengeance for the death of his parents, the King and Queen of Nimbus Land.

Wart's (AKA. Mamu, AKA. Frogfucius) whereabouts are unknown at the moment.

Thoughts From Jay

Great story. Loved the originality and the tie in with other games. Many other people believe that Wart has a similar appearance to Mamu. Oddjob384 has now proved to us this fact through his biography.