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Jay's Top 10 Lists

December '99's List
Tis the season to be neglected...
Top 10 Rejected Mario Holiday Carols
10. Super MaRPGio, Super MaRPGio, Super MaRPGio (Sung to Dradle, Dradle, Dradle (for our Jewish friends)) Part of the Song: Super MaRPGio, Super MaRPGio, Super MaRPGio. Super MaRPGio I will play. And when I beat boss Smithy, "Where the hell is Luigi" I will say...
9. The 12 Days of Beating Super Mario Bros 3 (Sung to The 12 Days of Christmas) Part of Song: On the first day of beating Super Mario Bros 3, A P-Wing and Frog Suit for me. On the second day...
8. I'm Dreaming of a Dead Pikachu (Sung to I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas) Part of Song: I'm, dreaming, of a dead, Pikachu. That little rat shouldn't be alive...
7. Joy to the World (Sung to Joy to the World) Part of Song: Joy to the world, Pikachu's dead. I blew up his annoying yellow head...
6. Falis Navidoctor Mario (Sung to Falis Navisdad) Part of Song: Falis Navidoctor Mario, Falis Navidoctor Mario, Falis Navidoctor Mario...I want to wish you a Doctor Mario, I want to wish you a Doctor Mario, I want to wish you a Doctor Mario for your birthday.
5. Silent Night (Sung to Silent Night) Part of Song: Silent Night, Boring Night, Nothing to do, Nothing to play, Man I wish I had N64, Along with Super Smash Bros and games galore...
4. We Wish You Would Give Us a Turn (Sung to We Wish You a Merry Christmas) Parto of Song: We wish you would give us a turn, We wish you would give us a turn, We wish you would give us a turn, you've been playing for hours!
3. Up on the Rooftop (Sung to...I don't really know) Part of Song: Up on the rooftop, boom, boom, boom, there lurks evil King Bowser...
2. Something Somthing Mario Somthing Something (I give up) Part of Song: In case you havn't noticed by now I'm running out of ideas. Wait, heres one more.
1. Jingle Bob-omb (Sung to Jungle Bells) Part of Song: Dashing through Super Mario Bros. 2, using only one life, through world four we go, laughing all the way "ha ha ha", but look up ther in the sky, whats that big black ball? Oh no, to late! Oh...Jingle Bob-omb, Jingle Bob-omb Jingle all the way...

November '99's List
Sigh, another late one. You better not steal any of these great ideas or I'll sue.
Top 10 Cool New Mario Game Ideas Off the Top of My Head
10. Marémon-Gotta catch-a-them all! Little Mario's of different sizes, color and cuteness run around. Catch them, train them, and have them beat each other up! More fun then an italian restaurant! Its fun to make fun of Pokémon.
9. Mario Solitare-Just like Solitare, but with Mario. Its fun to play a stupid card game by yourself on a huge expencive video game system.
8. The Lack of Ideas Game-The entire game is just a huge picture of Mario's head. If you sit and stare at it long enough he says random phrases such as "Duh" and "Don't you have-a life?" Its fun to not have a life.
7. Dr. Bowser-Like Dr. Mario, but instead of killing viruses (or is that viri?) you spread them! Infect the entire Mushroom Kingdom with the flu and you win! Puzzle fun for the whole family! Its fun to cause trouble.
6. Super Mario Bros 4.-See, in this game, Bowser kidnaps the Princess and Mario has to save her...its been done? Oh well. Its fun to not have originality.
5. Revenge of the NCs-Like my previous idea in another list. A whole bunch of Neglected Characters goes out and beat Mario to a bloody pulp. Its fun to be Neglected. Well, maybe not that much fun...
4. The Stupidest Game Ever Made-Also known as the Secret of Mana. But I'm sure Nintendo can turn it into a Mario game. Why...that I don't know. Its fun to copy games. Even bad games.
3. Mario Duz Englitch-An educational game for the learning impaired. Its fun to learn. Right? RIGHT??? RIGH...nevermind.
2. The King Bowser Game-try to take over the Mushroom Kingdom by killing those lowsey plumbers with your pathetic Koopa Troop! Its fun to be the bad guy.
1. Super Luigi Bros.-Ya right. Never happen. Its fun to get your hopes up.

October '99's List
I should start calling these the Mid-Monthly Top 10 lists...
Top 10 Things Jay Does When He Gets Writers Block While Trying to Update NC.
10. Has imaginary conversations with Luigi (Luigi: No you don't. Jay: Sure I do. All the time. Don't deny it. Luigi:(sigh) What a loser.)
9. Plays Super Mario Bros. 3
8. Mows the lawn and waits for a jolt of inspiration.
7. Stares blankly at the computer screen until he realizes that its a week later, in which case he becomes in more trouble.
6. Throws something together at the last minute. (I'll put a new picture up. It looks like I updated.)
5. Skims through old NP magazines for ideas. Tip: This never works.
4. Decides to give up NC and start a new life without the internet. Sucsess rate: O%.
3. Goes through e-mail consisting of threats such as "Update NC now, you idiot!" or "Pokemon rules, you moron!"
2. Puts some of the spotlight on Kyle, who NEVER updates.
1. Doesn't update NC.

September '99's List
This one is a little late, woops. Think of it was a Mid-September List
Top 10 Most Neglected Mario Characters
10. Luigi-OK, so he's not really that neglected. But he deserves to be on the list just because he wasn't in Super MaRPGio (except for the lame ending), Yoshi's Island (except for the moderately lame ending) and SM64 (which he wasn't in at ALL).
9. Captain Syrup-She ruled! And Wario kept stealing from her. Poor Syrup.
8. Tatanga-What the heck is this guy/girl???
7. Fred the Spanyard-He's so neglected he hasn't been in even ONE Mario game. Well its true, isn't it???
6. Poochie-He's a dog that Yoshi had. How much more neglected can you be?
5. Kamek-Come on, give Kamek a little break.
4. Toad-He does practically EVERYTHING for Mario.
3. she was Mario's love interest for a while, then dumped him. Or maybe he dumped her. Anyway we havn't heard from her since.
2. The first goomba you face in Super Mario Bros 3.-His name is Nick and he's Negelcted.
1. Wart-He ruled! And was only in one game! Although he did have a few "cameos".

August '99's List
Another month, another Top 10 list.
Top 10 Titles That Are More Interesting Then "Super Mario 64 II"
10. Ultra Mario Bros
9. Super Mario Galaxy
8. Yet Another Mario Game
7. The Evil Bowser Game
6. The Death of Mario
5. Nintendo Quest: Taking Money From Mario Freaks
4. That Game
3. The Return of the Neglected Characters: Daisy, Wart, Geno, and Smithy Take Revenge
2. Mario's Quest To Save The Princess From The Evil Bowser (Yet Again), But To Spoil The Ending Bowser Doesn't Have A Chance In Heck, As Always, Oh, Also, Luigi Isn't In This Game, But You Can See His Picture On The Box, Just Because
1. Super Luigi 64 II

July '99's List
A small change in the Top 10 list. To make it more interesting, its going to be more like David Letterman's Top 10 Lists. So, here we go.
Top 10 Places Where Luigi Was During Super Mario 64
10. The Basements of Nintendo
9. Pasta Place
8. Jay was playing him in Super Mario Bros 3, still believing that the N64 does not exist
7. He WAS in SM64
6. He's right behind you
5. France
4. Preparing for his role in Super Hyper Mario 128 IV
3. He died
2. Luigi is not a real person, so he was really no where. He is just a figment of your immagination.
1. Sega

June '99's List
I felt like starting this page because I always disagree with the Greatest Such and Such lists I see. If you disagree with me, start your own list.
Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time
10. Earthworm Jim
9. Super Metroid
8. Yoshi's Island
7. Link to the Past
6. Final Fantasy 7
5. Kirby Super Star
4. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Link's Awakening
2. Chrono Trigger
1. Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan)
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