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Jay's Top 10 Lists

December '03's List
Top 10 Games That Need To Be Made
10. Super Luigi 128 - Duh.
9. Super Smash Bros. 3 - Duh duh.
8. Kirby Super Star 2 - Oh My God, Please.
7. I donno, maybe just some Mario game that involves space aliens or something.
6. Super Mario Bros. 3 2:Economy Sized - Now with 300 levels.
5. UN Squadron for GCN - Don't ask.
4. Forget about #7, that was a crappy idea.
3. The Neglected Characters Game - I'd kill to see a game staring Dr. Donez.
2. Final Fantasy VI-2 - If it worked for FFX, it can work for FF6.
1. The REAL Sequal To Chrono Trigger - Stop kidding with us, Square. Don't make me hurt you.

November '03's List
Top 10 Things Jay Would Love To Update At NC If He Had All The Time In The World
10. An Elaborate, Completed List of Neglected Mario Characters
9. A Super Cool Awesome Flash
8. The dang Links page
7. All of that viewer stuff you guys send to me
6. A sprite sheet for every character at NC
5. An upgraded NC Choose Your Own Adventure with multiple endings
4. A Super Cool Flash Intro Page With Blinking Lights
3. Oh yeah, maybe finish that NC Chronicles I started
2. Bill and Fred's Second Quazi-Mediocre Adventure: The Return of Silence
1. Heck, Jay would be happy to update at least once.

October '03's List
Top 10 Reasons to Join the NC Forum (By Heroine of the Dragon)
10. To read comix... and get opinions on your own!
9. To become an Admins-pet (pick meeeeeeee)
8. To make friends (hahahaj/k) We're all friends here!
7. To find out about Neglected Characters... wheeee!!!
6. To find out about Neglected Members... like all of us!
5. To post in top ten lists... as crazy as it sounds!
4. To get the elusive warp whistle... heeey someone mustn't know this yet!
3. To get your free diagnostic appointment with Dr Donez!
2. To get marshmallows and other weird gifts as joining presents from other members!
1. To give the newest Admin target practice in his banning spree!

September '03's List
Top 10 Songs on Fred Fred Revolution (By Penguin Man)
10. Captain Churro (Grandale Remix)
9. Witch Doctor Donez
8. Let Them Extra Move
7. My Ice Pick
6. Tele-Clone Operator
5. REDOX 300
4. Orange (Star)
3. Kung-Fu Fighting (Hey, even Fred sings it)
2. Can't Stop Shootin' My Gun
1. Deathrayin' the Floor

August '03's List
Top 10 Things That NC Will Probbably Not Feature (By Citrus Man)
10. Frequent Updates
9. A provider of it's own (no more VGF)
8. Availability in 10 different languages, including Pig Latin.
7. The 321st VGF Telethon (The site will either be dead or not needing it by then)
6. A TV Show
5. Frequent Updates
4. Viewer Comix
3. Anything exclusively run by Codiekitty
2. A flash game dedicated to Citrus Man
1. Frequent Updates

July '03's List
Top 10 Titles for an NC Movie (By Mariosrpg89)
10.NC Wars
9.Fred of the Jungle
8.Riding on Carpets with Birds
7.How Luigi got his Groove back
6.My Big Fat Taco Wedding
5.Lord of the Fruits: The Fellowship of Citrusman
4.Mario Busters
3.Citrusman and the concentrate factory
2.Freddy Vs. Mario
1.The Jayfather

June '03's List
You know the drill.
Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time
10. Warcraft 3
9. Final Fantasy 8
8. Super Smash Bros. Melee
7. Link to the Past
6. Link's Awakening
5. Super Mario Bros. 3
4. Super Metroid
3. Kirby Super Star
2. Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan)
1. Chrono Trigger

May '03's List
Top 10 Mario Look-a-likes (By FredFan)
10. Marlon Brando
9. Rudy Giulianni
8. Bob Hoskins
7. Rosie O'Donnel
6. Danny DeVito
5. James Gandolfini
4. Roseanne Bar with a moustache
3. Jason Alexander
2. Nathan Lane
1. Dr. Phil

April '03's List
Top 10 April Fools Jokes Jay didn't use AGAIN for April Fools (As told in the perspective of Jay himself!) (By Introbulus)
10. . I'm turning the site over to Shigeru Miyamoto. He showed intrest, and he has more free time than I do.
9. God spoke to me in a dream! NC is a sacred site!
8. Forget Mario Characters! Starting today, this'll be a Neglected ZELDA Character website!
6. The Earth Exploded! Again!
5. The aliens...oh you know.
4. Free NC Cookies for anyone who comes to NC today!
3. New NC Game! It's called Donez the Rappa!
2. I've decided to transfer all power over SMBHQ to Bill Gates in exchange for $1,000,000! So long, suckers!
1. I've conquered Nintendoland! All your base are belong to us!

March '03's List
Top 10 Retarded New SSB3 Characters (By Fury Hikari)
10: Wario (NO MORE MARIO CHARACTERS. They already make up 1/3 of the SSBM roster as it is)
9: Crash Bandicoot ("Hey, he was in a GBA game, why not in a GameCube game?")
8: Knuckles
7: Ky Kiske
6: Solid Snake
5: Goku/Vegeta/Trunks/Any other DBZ character (They would have ranked higher, but the other ideas were, indeed, much stupider)
4: Sub-Zero
3: Dr. Luigi (Oh dear sweet heavenly almighty Father God, NO)
2: Master Chief (This would have gotten number one, buuuuut...)
1: Jason Voorhees (This guy took number 1. Hands down, the stupidest SSB3 idea EVER)

February '03's List
Top 10 Reasons Why an NC Forumer is Writing This Instead of Jay (By Dark Chaos)
10. Jay had surgery. Not neccessarily neccessary surgery.
9. Jay was too busy with Chrono Trigger (still).
8. Jay needed a break. But he couldn't get one. So he made one.
7. Jay was hung by his underwear on a basketball hoop. Hard to update from such a position.
6. The battery on Jay's update alarm died, so he didn't know until it was too late.
5. Jay bribed the forumer.
4. Jay was killed. As a result, he couldn't write up his own list. Terribly tragic, that.
3. Jay was too busy with schoolwork.
2. Jay was desperate.
1. Jay's a lazy knee-biting dumbohead.

January '03's List
Top 10 New Years Resolutions By Jay
10. Get out more.
9. Seriously, get out more.
8. I mean it, get out more, you bum.
7. Update the site, when I'm not going out.
6. Pretend to update the site more, just for own satisfaction.
5. Ignore angry e-mails by fans.
4. Try to get Nintendo Power to call NC "cool".
3. Beat Super Mario Sunshine. I mean it. Sooner or later I have to.
2. Manage to actually find myself a girlfriend (and thus cause the death of SMBHQ and NC. Ah oh.)
1. Finish the NC Flash Choose Your Own Adventure SOMETIME before the internet gets replaced with the extranet.

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