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Jay's Top 10 Lists

December '02's List
Top 10 Characters You'll Probably Never See Here at NC Part II
10. Repeat, Redox's Brother
8. Dokter Dhoom, teh caracter th@ onlee speeks horable 1n 1nternet s1ang.
7. Any character named "Smack Daddy" or "Herbert"
6. Repeat, Redox's Brother
5. The Forth Myserious Executrain/Zadok/Magruder Brother
4. Any Other Spanyard
3. Iirby, Jirby's Father and Kirby's Grandfather.
2. Repeat, Redox's Brother
1. Mario, duh

November '02's List
Top 10 Rejected Top 10 Lists
10. Top 10 Reasons Why Luigi Is Dummy
9. Top 10 Reasons Why Mario Rules All
8. Top 10 Real Names For Jay Resop
7. Top 10 Top 10 Lists
6. Top 10000 Video Games Of All Time
5. Top 10 Ways To Control The Earth by Dr. Donez
4. Top 10 Characters In Secret Of Mana
3. Top 10 Endings To Mario Is Missing
2. Top 10 Ways To Get Jay To Update Faster
1. Top 10 Ways To Get Luigi In Super Mario 64

October '02's List
Top 10 Houses To Skip When Trick or Treating
10. Kamek's House. He only gives out dental floss.
9. Fred's House. He's never very happy when people bother him during the Election Debates on C-SPAN.
8. Wart's House. Veggies, anyone?
7. Luigi's House. He'll just beg you to spend some time with him. Or put him in a video game.
6. Executrain's House. You don't want to spend all of November as one of his experiments.
5. Donez's House. Like Executrain's house, but at least Dr. Donez gives you some Snickers.
4. Tatanga's House. Well, no one really knows where he lives, exactly.
3. Stanley's House. Currently being sprayed for bugs.
2. Mario's House. He doesn't know how to open his door. Don't bother.
1. Jay Resup's Howse. He'll probably just be playing Final Fantasy 3 anyway.

September '02's List
Top 10 Reasons Why Prof. E. Gadd Needs To Be In Another Game
10. He's awesome.
9. He has an awesome theme song.
8. He has awesome glasses.
7. He has an awesome, if annoying, voice. "Yabbu yabbu!" What the heck does that even mean???
6. OK, I've run out of things to say which are awesome.
5. He's great for inventing things. Inventing things is, well, awesome. (OK, I lied).
4. Poltergust 3000 = Awesome.
3. FLUDD = Awesome.
2. Luigi's Mansion = Awesome game, which E. Gadd was in.
1. In conclusion, E. Gadd is awesome and should be in another game or suffer the consequences of being NEGLECTED.

August '02's List
Top 10 Reasons Why There Was No August List
10. Aliens. Those dang aliens. When will they leave me alone!?!?!?!
9. I was busy. Get off my back.
8. You know, you get homework in college, too.
7. Did I mention the aliens? I have? Well, I'll do it again. Aliens.
6. I've been playing Super Mario Sunshine.
5. I've been playing Super Mario Sunshine, and horribly.
4. It's never a bad time to start up another game of Chrono Trigger.
3. Look! There's the August List! Behind you! (Runs).
2. What more do you want from me???
1. Wait a minute...THIS is the August List. It's been here all along!

July '02's List
Top 10(11) Greatest Sources of Humor in the Entire World
10. Fraiser
9. Dilbert
8. Bill Murrey
7. The Critic
6. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
5. David Letterman
4. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy by (the late) Douglas Adams
3. The Tick
2. The Simpsons
1. Calvin and Hobbes
0. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

June '02's List
You know the drill.
Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time
10. Final Fantasy 8
9. Final Fantasy 10
8. Link to the Past
7. Super Smash Bros. Melee
6. Super Mario Bros. 3
5. Super Metroid
4. Link's Awakening
3. Kirby Super Star
2. Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan)
1. Chrono Trigger

May '02's List
Top 10 Characters You'll Probably Never See Here at NC
10. Fred's Girlfriend, Jan the Spanyard
9. Dingus McDervus
8. The Third Mario Brother, Smelly
7. Some Mushroom Named George
6. Bill Girlfriend, Jill the Extra Gal
5. The Third Mario Brother, Loserface
4. Gooba's brother Gooma.
3. Dr. Donez's father, Dr. Donez
2. The Third Mario Brother, Quario
1. Jay Resop

April '02's List
My tastes have changed over the years. That means a new list.
Top 10 Greatest Video Game Songs of All Time
10. Loss of Me (Beatrix theme from Final Fantasy 9)
9. The Battle With Saymour (Final Fantasy 10)
8. The Battle With Magus (Chrono Trigger)
7. Blackjack (Final Fantasy 6)
6. The Extreme (Final Boss theme from Final Fantasy 8)
5. The Ending Theme of Kirby Super Star
4. The Theme of Legend of Zelda
3. The Man with the Machine Gun (Final Fantasy 8)
2. Time's Scar (Intro theme of Chrono Cross)
1. To Far Away Times (Ending theme of Chrono Trigger)

March '02's List
Top 10 Worst Games of All Time
10. Smurfs (For the Colecovison.)
9. The Secret of Mana
8. Mario is Missing
7. The Secret of Mana
6. The Tick (Awesome Show. Terrible Game.)
5. Earthworm Jim:Menace 2 the Galaxy (Great Series. Terrible Gameboy Game.)
4. The Secret of Mana
3. Mario Teaches Typing
2. Mario is Missing
1. The Secret of Mana

February '02's List
Top 10 Favorite Characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee
10. Luigi
9. Roy
8. Ganondork
7. Samus
6. Zelda
5. Bowser
4. Mewtwo
3. Captain Falcon
2. Pichu
1. Kirby

January '02's List
Top 10 Resolutions Jay Has For This New Year
10. Update NC. A lot more. He means it. Really. He does. Really. Update. More.
9. Find every person in the entire world who has claimed to have found Luigi in Super Mario 64 and give them a wedgie.
8. Find the people at Nintendo responsible for NOT putting Luigi in Super Mario 64 and give them a wedgie.
7. Play some more Luigi's Mansion, even though he already beat it, simply because Luigi Rules All.
6. Put down Luigi's Mansion long enough to play some more random Final Fantasy games, because simply put, Luigi may rule but nothing beats Final Fantasy.
5. Will not curse Square's name at every chance he gets all becuase of the horrible things that they did to the Chrono Trigger series with Chrono Cross. (Damn you Square!!! Woops. Sorry. Starting, now.)
4. Actually get around to starting the NC game sometime. Heh, yeah right.
3. Will stop making prank calls to people's houses saying that he's from "Wart for President 2004."
2. Actually start some kind of "real" life. He hasn't quite figured out what that really means yet.
1. Stop blowing up the world.

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