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Jay's Top 10 Lists

December '01's List
What the heck ARE the 12 days of Christmas, anyway?
Top 12 Days of NC Christmas
12. Twelve Freds Deathraying
11. Eleven Donezs Screaming
10. Ten Phones a Cloning
9. Nine Executrainings
8. Eight Jays updating
7. Seven Worlds Exploding
6. Six Kyles Worsing
5. Five Crystals of Reststop!
4. Four Lime Liftoffs
3. Three Ice Picks
2. Two Forts of Doom
1. And the pidget Bill in a dang tree!

November '01's List
OK, Jay finally got a Gamecube and Luigi's Mansion. Here's what he thinks.
Top 10 Reasons Why Jay Thinks Luigi's Mansion Rules All
10. It's Luigi's first title game!!!
9. Mario is Missing bit the big one.
8. Lets see, Jay once dressed up as Luigi for Halloween. Why wouldn't he like this game?
7. He has no life. Whats more to say.
6. The graphics...the's the best he's seen in ages.
5. He just spent three hundred bucks on the Gamecube and the game. He better like it!
4. Luigi! Luigi!
3. Ghostbusting. Mario Busters. Connection?
2. Why would Jay not think this game Rules All?
1. It's Luigi!!! LUIGI!!!!!

October '01's List
Top 10 Coolest Characters To Be Secret Fighters In SSBM
10. Waluigi. Wait, I thought this was the "Coolest" list...Hehe. Sorry Waluigi.
9. Lucca. OK, so maybe I've been playing a little too much CT recently.
8. Wario. Hm...I think he would make a nice original character. He's insane enough.
7. Captain Syrup. Why? She's neglected.
6. Mother Brain. Wait, that's a stupid idea.
5. Tatanga. Come on, he's been neglected long enough. Plus he would probably be an awesome fighter.
4. Ridley. Awesome...
3. King Dedede. Who doesn't like Dedede?
2. Marin. The girl from Link's Awakening! Marin rules!

September '01's List
Top 10 Things Jay Did While the Server Was Down Part 2
10. Counted the number of e-mails he got from fans about "Why is NC dead?"
9. Cried.
8. A lot.
7. Cursed some more.
6. Played some more Super Smash Bros.
5. Realized he was in College now and didn't HAVE his N64, so couldn't play SSB. Instead played Chrono Trigger PSX.
4. Realized he was in College and had CLASSES, so did some work.
3. Continued to curse.
2. Figured out cursing didn't do much.
1. To sum it up, Not a whole lot.

August '01's List
Top 10 Reasons Why There Wasn't an August List
10. Beats me.
9. See Number 10.
8. Blah blah blah stupid server blah blah.
7. His dog ate the list. Really, Jay means it this time. No jokes. Or is it a joke? It's hard to tell with Jay somtimes.
6. There is no Number 6 (Sorry, Golem).
5. Jay's Alter Ego deleted it. Wait, why is Jay talking in the Third Person during this list??? Is he mad???
4. There was no month of August. Didn't you notice?
3. OK, Jay lied. There was a month of August. But the freaking server was down during most of it! See September list.
2. What do I look like? A calender?
1. Eh.

July '01's List
Ah, summer.
Top 10 Greatest American Summer Pasttimes
10. Bowser Ball-First, you pick up a Mario. Then, you throw the Mario over the plate. Hit the Mario with your bat. Wait...the rest gets a bit messy. Nevermind.
9. Kick the Mario-Um, nevermind again.
8. Koopa Troopa Soccer-Wait, this is played just like regular soccer. But only Koopa Troopas are allowed to play. Talk about a stupid game...
7. Mario Tennis-Wait, scratch that one as well.
6. Mario Golf-Ack! I'm just no good at this!
5. Luigi Golf-Now here's a high quality game.
4. Mario's Tea Party-See Kyle's SMBHQ list for more details about this hot summer game.
3. Bowser Football-OK, first, take your Mario, then kick it to the other side of the field, wait...nevermind again.
2. Super Smash Bros.-Play it outside, even better.
1. Super Luigi 64-Why is this here? Because it should.

June '01's List
Wow, another year, another greatest games update.
Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time
10. Final Fantasy 8
9. Super Smash Bros.
8. Super Metroid
7. Link to the Past
6. Super Mario Bros. 3
5. Link's Awakening
4. Chrono Cross
3. Kirby Super Star
2. Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan)
1. Chrono Trigger

May '01's List
Here you go, a sneak peak on what may be in store for NC.
Top 10 Things Jay Would Like To Add To NC This Summer
10. The start of the official Viewer Comix section- It would be time consuming, so we'll see if I get around to it.
9. The revival of the Viewer Bios- I havn't gotten any in months. Send them in, people!
8. A whole crapload of Create-a-Characters and Deathmatches- I always have these to add.
7. An end to NC Election 2000- I'll have the election soon or I'll just get annoyed with myself.
6. Luigi's Mansion Coverage- Well, someone has to make a big deal about Luigi's first title game.
5. The last few parts of Bill and Fred's Quazi-Medeocre Adventure- Don't worry, I won't blow up the world again.
4. Stuff- I can always use some more stuff on NC.
3. More NC Gallery- Now that I have my scanner back, anything is possible.
2. More Name Games- I've been meaning to bring this section back from the dead.
1. The Neglected Mario Character's First Video Game- OK, I don't want to get all of you worked up now and then get your hopes up, but I have been thinking of making an NC game for some time now. So I'd thought I'd share it with you who happen to read the Top 10 list. Here's the dirt. The idea is still in it's early stages. I only have a few ideas for what the story will be. All I know is that it'll be about NCs. It'll be in some kind of RPG format. The game will most likely be made in Visual Basic, a programming language that I have much experience in and own a copy of. If this game is made, it will be downloadable for free from the site for you to play on your computer. Sounds interesting? Don't bug me about any more details, because that's all I know right now. I'll keep you posted.

April '01's List
Wow, cutting it close on April 30th.
Top 10 Bad Belated April Fools Jokes that Jay Didn't Use On April 1st
10. Aliens! They've Landed!
9. Nintendo has DIED, and was bought out by Sega!
8. Luigi in SM64!!!
7. Wart's Adventure-A Reality!
6. Bowser has DIED! Wait, he's already done that before.
5. LUIGI WAS CONFIRMED TO BE IN SM64!!! Heres how...!
4. This is an April Fools Joke! April Fools, its not really a joke!
3. Mario has DIED! Nintendo makes Toad new mascot.
2. Luigi is actually going to star in his OWN GAME! ON THE N64! CALLED SUPER LUIGI 64!!!
1. Jay Resop has DIED! But who is updated NC then???

March '01's List
Woo hoo! On time!
Top 10 Greatest RPGs of All Time
Note: The only reason why FF9 isn't on here is because I havn't finished it yet and SuPaper PaRPGio isn't on here is because I havn't played it at all yet. Any other great RPGs arn't up, well, because I never played them. Remember, if you don't like it, make your own list.
10. Wild ARMs
9. Super MaRPGio
8. Final Fantasy 2 (4 in Japan)
7. Final Fantasy 7
6. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
5. Final Fantasy 8
4. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
3. Chrono Cross
2. Chrono Trigger
1. Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan)

February '01's List
Late because of the server.
Top 10 Things Jay Did While the Server Was Down
10. Curse.
9. Curse. A lot.
8. Played Super Smash Bros.
7. A lot.
6. Yelled at Kyle.
5. Figured out this wasn't Kyle's fault.
4. Appologized to Kyle.
3. Worked on a Super Huge Update of Doom.
2. That got deleted. Or maybe he just didn't make it.
1. Actually steped outside for the first time in three years. "Ow! My eyes!"

January '01's List
Late because I was lazy.
Top 10 NC New Year Resolutions
10. Luigi-"I will stop being in Mario's Shadow!" Chance of sucess-10%
9. Wart-"I will be in a second game!" Chance of sucess-5%
8. Bowser-"I will stop kidnapping Peach!" Chance of sucess-3%
7. Toad-"I will stop talking so high!" Chance of sucess-20%
6. Wario-"I will stop eating so many donuts!" Chance of sucess-15%
5. Fred-"Why do I need a stupid resolution?" Chance of sucess-N/A
4. Bill-"I'm with Fred." Chance of sucess-N/A
3. Peach-"Like, I will stop being kidnapped by Bowser." Chance of sucess-3%
2. Waluigi-"I will get a better, less stupid, name!" Chance of sucess-1%
1. Jay-"I will update NC more often!" Chance of sucess-0%

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