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Jay's Top 10 Lists

December '00's List
Happy Holidays!
Top 10 Coolest Characters of All Time
10. Luigi from the Mario series
9. Squall from Final Fantasy 8
8. Earthworm Jim from the Earthworm Jim series
7. Edgar from Final Fantasy 3
6. Cyan from Final Fantasy 3
5. Wario from the Mario series
4. Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2
3. Kirby from the Kirby Series
2. Glenn from Chrono Trigger
1. Magus from Chrono Trigger

November '00's List
Yeah, I know its late.
Top 10 Neglected Foods Jay Had For Thanksgiving
10. Bugzzy Wings-Very good fried.
9. Peaches-No, not the Princess.
8. Daisy Crowns-Yuck, metalic.
7. Wart Legs-Disgusting if you ask me.
6. Fire Flowers-Bad on the breath.
5. Magic Mushrooms-Talk about growth spirts.
4. Starmen-Not bad, but made my skin flash colors for hours after eating.
3. Toad Hats-Not bad this time of year.
2. Magic Leafs-Tastes kind of bland, but gives great air time.
1. Goombas-Hard to catch, but good eating.

October '00's List
Hey, a late Halloween list. Enjoy!
Top 10 NC Costumes for Halloween
10. Bill the Extra Guy-Got an spare carpet?
9. Wario-Heck, you don't even need a costume for this one. Just run around like crazy.
8. Waluigi-See Number 9, but for people over 6 feet in height.
7. Bob Dole-What? Not in style? Well I guess this would of worked better a few years ago.
6. Peach-For the ladies, be a princess for the day. Just make sure you arn't kidnapped by the person who dresses up like Number 5.
5. Bowser-Buhuhahaha! Now this would be a challenging costume. But cool looking.
4. Toad-Just tape a huge dome onto your head. Here's the prize for the cheapest NC Costume out there.
3. Wart-Dress up like a huge toad! Tons of fun!
2. Jay Resop-Scare all the people on your block. All you need is some stilts, a pair of very big glasses, and a sign that says "NC Master". Got a good mental picture of what I look like now? Scary, eh?
1. Luigi-The Ultimate NC Costume. I was Luigi myself one year for Halloween. All you need is some green overalls, a mustashe, a plunger, and anything else Luigi related. Viva NCs!

September '00's List
Happy Birthday to NC!
Top 10 Gifts You Can Give Jay For NC's 3rd Birthday
10. Viewer Bios and Create-a-Characters-Wait, you give me these anyway...
9. A Life
8. A Jay Resop Worship Page
7. that would be cool.
6. Time-To make the World's Best Comixs.
5. The Super Luigi Bros. game finnaly made
4. Fred the Spanyard's own TV series
3. One Million Hits
2. An alarm clock-To remember to update.
1. A break-From all the e-mails about updating. Nah, I don't really mind the e-mails. It helps me to remember. Concider e-mails my alarm clock.

August '00's List
Hmm...another list done on late. Well I just played Kyle's copy of Mario Tennis. This is what I think.
Top 10 Characters Who Should Of Been In Mario Tennis
10. Tatanga-So Daisy's in the game but not the big bad guy from SML? What gives?
9. Poochie-Whatever happened to Poochie?
8. Kirby-Quite a long shot.
7. Kamek-I donno, he's Kamek. He's neglected
6. Mario's Brother-in-law Sario, Twin Brother Jario, Long Lost Older Brother Pario and Luigi's New Friend Taluigi-See how unoriginal names are dumb?
5. Fred the Spanyard-Still would of been cool.
4. Richard Nixon-No comment
3. Luigi-What? You mean he was in it? Oh yah...thats right. I guess I'm so used to him NOT being in games...
2. Wart-WE WANT WART!!!
1. Anyone But Waluigi-Okok, I'll stop bashing the new guy. He is an NC now after all.

July '00's List
Talk about cutting the list close (done on the last day of July). This is another opinion list, so if you don't agree, then go make your own list. But these are the songs that I would just stop playing and listen to.
Top 10 Greatest Video Game Songs of All Time
10. The Battle With Magus (Chrono Trigger)
9. Begining Theme from Wild ARMs
8. Blackjack (Final Fantasy 3 (or 6 if you please))
7. The Final Dungeon Theme from Lunar:SSSC
6. The Super Mario Bros. Theme (The classic 'Do The Mario')
5. Celes' Theme (Final Fantasy 3 (or 6 if you please))
4. The Ending Theme of Kirby Super Star
3. Kefka's Theme (Final Fantasy 3 (or 6 if you please))
2. The Theme of Legend of Zelda
1. To Far Away Times (Ending theme of Chrono Trigger)

June '00's List
Because my list of greatest games has changed since last year, I decided to update it a little. Expect this to be an annual event.
Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time
10. Syphon Filter
9. Super Metroid
8. Link to the Past
7. Yoshi's Island
6. Final Fantasy 8
5. Super Mario Bros. 3
4. Link's Awakening
3. Kirby Super Star
2. Chrono Trigger
1. Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan)

May '00's List
Waluigi??? What the heck is Waluigi???
Top 10 Names That Are Better Then Waluigi
10. Bob
9. Luigi Wario
8. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
7. That Guy Whos Wario's Brother And Is Luigi's Arch-rival
6. Theodore Roosevelt
5. A Sad Ploy By Nintendo To Increase Sales
4. Yet Another Neglected tall Guy
3. Wario Bro.
2. Wuigi
1. Jay Resop

April '00's List(April Fools Joke)
Top 10 Reasons Why Mario Rules Above All
10. Mario is Spanyardish for "He Who Rules Above All"
9. He's beaten up Bowser too many times to count. Now that rules above all.
8. He had his own TV series for crying out load. Actually THREE TV series. How many TV Series have YOU had?
7. It is a simple case of logic, If all Marios rule above all, and Mario is a Mario, then Mario rules above all.
6. Exactly 30 years from this day, all of the stars in the univerce will line up to spell out 'Mario Rules Above All'. How much more evidence do you need?
5. Mario, Mario io Mario Mar. (Thats mario for 'Mario Rules Above All')
4. Heck, why am I even making this list? I'm sure the only people who read it already know that Mario Rules Above All.
3. Come on, its not like we're talking about Sonic or some other loser, its MARIO.
2. Duh, he's Mario.
1. Super Mario Bros. 3. 'Nuf Said.

March '00's List
Well I finnaly got the top 10 list out, too bad its the wrong month now. Oh well.
Top 10 Reasons The March List Didn't Come Out In March
10. I was busy, too bad.
9. Abducted by aliens. You know how unpredictable those wacky aliens are.
8. My dog ate my update. You know what they always say, a dogs bark is worse then its byte. Ahahahah.
7. Too Bad.
6. I had this great Top 10 List ready to go, and my computer jumped through my window and ran away. It must not of been a great list after all.
5. Too Bad.
4. Too Bad.
3. Too Bad.
2. What was I saying again? Oh thats right.
1. Too Bad.

February '00's List
Yet Another Mid-Monthly Top 10. Sorry about that.
Top 10 Things That Would Make Super MaRPGio 2 (Super Mario Adventure) The Coolest Game of All Time
10. Mallow Died (I know some of you guys like the little marshmellow, but he's too wussy.)
9. Instead of Smithy, they have Darth Vader as the bad guy (My bet's on the Jedi.)
8. Toad gets revenge for being neglected all of these years and joins the "dark side" (Cool.)
7. Princess Toadstool turns out to be a spy for the CIA (Um...)
6. had a talking fish. All great games have talking fish... (Sure they do...)
5. Wart made a surprize return to warn Mario about Toad's change to the "dark side" (Hey, I just write this. Don't look at me.)
4. It was made by Squaresoft like the original Super MaRPGio was (Squaresoft is the God of RPG makers.)
3. The Mushroom Kingdom exploded (Hey, why am I using all of these parenthesis?)
2. Luigi! (Surprized it isn't Number 1?)
1. Luigi!!! (Tricked ya.)

January '00's List
As a small break for me, this list has been done by Shadow Luigi, an avid fan of NC. He wrote the questions and I will suppy the answers (in parenthesis).
Top 10 mysteries of NC and SMBHQ(Well not so mysterious, since I answer them. But am I telling the truth??? AHHAHAHA.
10. In the November List, why the heck does Jay keep saying it's fun to do something? (Because its fun to.)
9. Are Jay and Kyle the same people? (No.)
8. Are Jay and I the same people? (Heck no.)
7. What's my real name? (I don't know and I don't care.)
6. When will that Ridley VS. Wart deathmatch be put up? (Never. And stop bothering me.)
5. Will Kyle update within the next week? (Your'e guess is as good as mine.)
4. Will I ever have any good ideas? (See answer to number 7)
3. Will the Daisy bio Part II ever be up (Maybe. If i feel like it. Later. But stop bothering me anyway.)
2. Does the NC have a themesong? (Sing Wierd Al's "Dare to be Stupid" backwords. Thats the NC themesong.)
1. Why is it that Kirby never meets Mario or Luigi? That would be cool. (Because if Kirby did meet them, Kirby would eat them. And Nintendo doesn't want their current Mascot eaten.)

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