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Toad Bio.

Note: Any political views expressed here are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the feeling of the management of SMBHQ.
's indicate footnote references

Vital Stats:
Gender- Mushroom. Probably male.
Height- Small. Tiny. Gets walked over all the time.
Weight- Light. Can run like the wind.
Age-No clue. When you think about it, does it matter.
Status- Alive, working currently as the Royal Mushroom Retainer.
Number of Pepsi's he can drink in a day-12 (2 liter bottles) (Don't ask me -Kyle)

Currently, we know nothing of Toad's past history, similarly to most Neglected Characters. We do know that is one of the higher ranking members in the Mushroom government. Some government!! If they really existed, they would have been wiped out long ago. It's quite simple-Kingdoms are dead. They don't work. The UK isn't really a Kingdom anymore, so it doesn't count. The Mushrooms should start a Democratic government. It's much more efficient. At least they aren't Communist or a Dictatorship. Now, let me go over with you the fine points of a Democracy. (Reader-What in all of heck are you talking about? Jay-I was just going to teach you a little about Democ... Reader-Shut up and get back to work, I want you to talk about Toad. Jay-Yes sir.)

OK, back to Toad. In the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad's job is the royal retainer. Basically he's like a diplomat. Then one day along came the main plot characters-Mario, Luigi, and Bowser. Being the "bad guy", Bowser started a war with the Mushroom Kingdom with his army of turtles. Toad, trying his best to prevent war, held negotiations with Bowser. Bowser responded to this by laughing, kidnapping Toad, taking Princess Toadstool, and started the war against the Mushrooms. This sets up the scene for Super Mario Bros. To keep things short, the Luigi Bros. came to the Mushroom Kingdom, saved Toad, and saved his job of running around the country to ensure peace to all mushrooms. He also saved the princess, and defeated Bowser, but that's another bio.

Toad was so impressed with the heroism of the Luigi Bros., that he spent all of his time with them in hopes to be more like Mario. Later in Subcon, Toad fought side by side with the Luigi Bros. against the evil henchman-Wart. Toad proved very useful with his speed and agility. In Super Mario Bros. 3, although Toad did not have an active role in the game, he proved again to be a necessity. To aid Mario and Luigi with their second fight against Bowser, he followed them all over the world giving them items when the Luigi Bros. were in need of help. Even in Super Mario 64, he helped Mario whenever he could lend a hand.

So, I hope you all learned a little more about the true hero of the Super Mario Kingdom. He faces danger, never gives up, and will travel anywhere just to lend a hand. He is waiting right now in the Mushroom Kingdom for the next time Bowser may strike.

-Is he really bad, or misunderstood. Learn more about Bowser's Point of View in an upcoming NCBio!
-Luigi is the best, no questions asked. He deserves to carry the name just once.
-Is that sad or what.
-I still think it should be a Democracy.
-Tired of the footnotes yet? I promise, they won't be on the next NCBio.
-Ya right.

Thank you for reading my tribute to Toad. If you have praise, questions, or ideas, please e-mail me.