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Princess Peach Toadstool

Princess Peach Toadstool

Vital Stats:
Gender: Mushroom/Human? Female (Reptile? -Kyle)
Height: I'm guessing 5 feet, 2 inches
Weight: No comment
Age: No comment (She'll never tell. -Kyle)
Number of licks to get to the tootsee roll center of a tootsee pop: 34 (now the world knows)

Peach's story begins on the distant land of Mushroom world. She was born the only child of the Mushroom King. Throughout her childhood, she learned how to rule a nation, and how to be a leader. She learned how to deal with threats against the crown. She showed much hope for the future of the Mushroom Kingdom. Then history took it's course. An alert sounded in the Mushroom Palace. All Mushroom guards were on alert for a rebel force. But it was too much. Bowser and his army trampled easily into the Palace walls. The Mushroom Army was not match for them. Up to this point they have never been in any actual conflict. They tried negotiating, sending their top Mushroom Retainer Toad, but there was no hope (Mushroom warfare stunk). Bowser slaughtered the Mushroom Army, and took over the Mushroom Kingdom. While this was going on, where was Toadstool? Sleeping in her deluxe suite. Dreaming of her favorite commercial, she missed the alarm to evacuate. Bowser easily came in and captured her. Bowser's demands were simple, he wanted complete control of the Mushroom world, or he would kill the Princess (somehow the king managed to escape in time). The Mushrooms didn't know what to do. Then came Mario and his much cooler brother Luigi and saved to day, winning back the mushroom kingdom. That wasn't the only thing he won, he also won Peach's heart...

Hold on, some of you may be wondering now, why in all humankind did the Princess fall in love with Mario??? I've been wondering this too. Is she that desperate? Was it one of those spur of the moment things since he was the one to save her (even if you played as Luigi mind you)? Did she know he already had a girl (Pauline)? Didn't she know that Mario has failed constantly on the Slim Fast diet??? Maybe she could see past all that to the Lovable, roly poly hero inside! Maybe she was just desperate.

Anyway, she fell in love with Mario, 'cause Luigi was too shy (He was taking plumbing while everyoen else was taking health). After that encounter Peach was determined never to be surprised by an attack by Bowser ever again. So she trained in fighting and gathered up the Mushroom army again. In the next war against Wart, Princess actually took part in the fight (although her greatest skill was defense). But alas, after the years separating the two wars against Bowser (SMB and SMB3), the Mushroom Army got rusty again and was taken again by Bowser. But this time she had her sweet baboo Mario and she was sure he would save the day again. I wonder if her prejudice against Luigi is accidental by her love over Mario, or intended. But by the time Super Mario RPG and Super Mario 64 rolled around, she didn't even bother letting him know what was going on (that letter was only addressed to MARIO). Anyway, her heroine skills and sense of leadership and responsibility led her to help the Yoshi's of Dinosaur World in Super Mario World. In Super Mario RPG she proved a major help again with her defensive skills of healing, and that cool frying pan. With the lazy shell she can't even be killed (great when fighting Cylex). So there is the story of Princess Peach Toadstool, the greatest, uh, bait the Mushroom Kingdom ever had.
P.S. Did you notice she didn't have fingers in all those Super Mario RPG renderings? Also, for all you RPG lovers, I will start to do SMRPG characters, but be warned, they may be short since their gaming lives have been short so far.