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'Stool' (aka Wakinopio)

Created By: Ditto McCloaker
Name: 'Stool' (aka Wakinopio)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Washroom Kingdom
Friends: Works for 'Princess Thistle
Enemies: Kinopio (Toad)
Good / Evil / Loner / Neutral: Pretty well neutral.
Description of looks: 'Wa' version of Toad. Has a purple cap with a white skull on it (like a poison mushroom). Squat in shape, but VERY bulky. Cap is purple, with white skulls around it (like a poison mushrom). Eyes are narrow, slanted black slits. A tooth protrudes from his jutting lower jaw. His tattered, green vest rests on his rounded, slouching shoulders, from which protrude his massive, bulgy arms, one of which has a tattoo. His hands are enormous, and his knuckles drag the floor. He is barrel-chested, and has a big round gut. He has no legs, but his massive, pointy red slave shoes are plopped right underneath him.
Short Description of Life: The existence of this miserable mushroom is spent in the servitude of Princess Pitts. He is her sole servant, and as such, he is assigned the most dismal of duties around the castle, save when she employs him as her hired goon. Due to years of such abuse, he is quite surly and taciturn in personality. He speaks little, and often lets little stand in the way of his job. One thought rattles in his brain, however: His complete animosity towards more-fortunate serve-Toads, most notably Princess Toadstool's chief retainer, Toad.
Mario Games that this Character would fit in (Made up games or Real games): Super Wario RPG: Legend of the Seven Locks; Wario Bros.; Mario Tennis; Mushroom Kingdom Chronicles; Luigi's Mansion; Toad Vs. Stool
Currently: Scrubbing the Royal Flush (toilet)
Other Comments: "....." ; "That's as far as you go, Shroom' boy." ; "Wario, the Princess requests your presence."