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Pablo the Mexican Goomba

Created By: Roger North
Name: Pablo the Mexican Goomba
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mushroom World
Friends: Fred the Spanyard
Enemies: Mario Luigi Princess Toadstool Toad Yoshi Bowser Wart Etc.
Good / Evil / Loner / Neutral: Loner
Description of looks: A Goomba with a Sombrero on his head and A Mexican Vest.
Short Description of Life: When He was a little Goomba He stumbled into Mexico But the People there didn't like him Because He was strange So They kicked him back to The Mushroom World Where He tried to join Bowser's Stooges But Bowser kicked him out of his castle Because He couldn't understand his language. Eventually He met up with Fred the Spanyard who happened to be the only character who could understand What He was saying and After Hearing Pablo's Story Fred accepted him as a friend.
Mario Games that this Character would fit in (Made up games or Real games): Super Mario Bros.3, Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64, Super Spanyard Bros.
Currently: Helping Fred come up with a revenge scheme against Mario and Bowser
Other Comments: I know you created Fred But Don't you think He could use a friend?