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Created By: Chris Waters
Name: Prince Oiram Mario
Gender: Male
Birthplace: The Mushroom Kingdom in the future
Friends: Mario, Luigi, and their friends. Also, the Bowser of the future, who has reformed
Enemies: Kamek and his Legion of Evil
Good / Evil / Loner / Neutral: Good
Description of looks: As tall as Peach, built like Luigi, Mario's eyes, mouth (minus mustache), ears, and hairstyle, with Peach's haircolor, facial shape, and nose. Wears an outfit like his father, but the shirt and hat are white. He also wears a cape with white on the outside and blue on the inside.
Short Description of Life: Five years after Bowser was defeated for the last time by Mario, he and Peach had their first child. They named him Oiram. Oiram showed his heroic side at a young age by defeating and healing the Bowser of his time. Recently, he went back in time, brough Mario and the crew to his time, and had them help fight a threat in his time.
Mario Games that this Character would fit in (Made up games or Real games): Super Mario RPG, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, Mario Golf, Super Mario Legacy.
Currently: Living in the future, serving his father and mother
Other Comments: Oiram has the powers of Mario (fireballs, super-jumps, flight with the right tools) and Peach (healing, telekenisis [remember the Psych Bomb?]) He also has an ability to travel through time without a machine or device. It's strange to him, but he doesn't mind.