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Mario Mario Jr.

Mario Mario Jr.

Created By: The Runaway Five Teen
Name: Mario Mario Jr.
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mushroom Town (see my game idea, Mario Jr's Adventure for more info)
Friends: Doc Mush, and other guys ( see Mario Jr's Adventure)
Enemies: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Koopa Robbers (See Mario Jr's Adventure)
Good / Evil / Loner / Neutral: Good
Description of looks: Take Baby Mario's head, age it by 12 years (guessing BM is 1), turn the hat backwards with a few hairs sticking out, red shirt, blue jeans, brown shoes.
Short Description of Life: Mario started a small village outside of the Mushroom Kingdom City, called Mushroom Town. There lived Toads of all kinds, even Mario and Peach themselves. 13 years later, Mario Jr. was born. 13 years again, the people aged 26 years. Bowser was old, Mario was 49, Peach was 44, and Mario Jr. was now 13. Luigi himself and his wife Daisy were 44 too. Bowser had a kid about Mario Jr's age, the local bully of the town. Mario Jr. lived in the town who shared a house with Mario and Peach, yet Mario was always working. Luigi shared a house with Daisy, but he was working with Mario. Pauline lived too, with her daughter and love life of MJ, Pauline the second. Bowser lived with Bowser Jr, Doc Mush and a shopkeeper. One day MJ had to get groceries for his house. That began his life anew, traveling to the big city of Mushroom City, bigger than Mushroom City Kingdom! Mario games that this Character would fit in (real or not): Mario Jr.'s Adventure ( his own), Paper Mario as a baby.
Mario Games that this Character would fit in (Made up games or Real games): N/A
Currently: Lives life around Mushroom Town.
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