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Vital Stats:
Race: Frog (Kidding)
Real Race: Nimbus Lander?
Gender: Male
Height: Small
Weight: A lot (too many yoshi cookies) (More like too much Cricket Jam -Kyle)
Age: Young
Number of awards won for Most Like a Marshmallow: 0 (lost all to Kirby) (Have you noticed his Kirby obsession yet? -Kyle)

Mallow was born in the cloud kingdom named Nimbus land. His parents were King and Queen Nimbus. He was destined to become ruler of nimbus land one day, until an evil force worked it's way up the vines to Nimbus Land (no, not Bill Gates and Windows 98). This person was Valentina. She craved for power of Nimbus Land. The only way she could do this would be to rid of the current power in the land (Nimbus) and place someone on the thrown to act as her evil puppet of death. So while Prince Mallow was left alone from his parents, Valentina used her minions to kidnap him. They put him on a river and sent him away (Hey, just like Moses -Kyle), figuring that anywhere what better then Nimbus Land. Then they secretly captured the King and Queen and locked them away in the Castle. All of this happened in a matter of moments, so the citizens had no idea what was going on. Dodo, Valentina's evil henchman of death, was introduced as Prince Mallow, and the citizens fell for it (Nimbus Landerz ain't not so smart as them lookz). What will happen???

So along Midas River mallow traveled. He landed on an island in Tadpole pond. There he was found and raised by the great Frogfucius (dumb name if you ask me). He was brought up as a tadpole, and learned the ways of the frog. He was puzzled that he looked nothing like his friends, and that he needed water wings to swim. So one day he bumped into Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. He had heard of all the stories about the great hero Mario and was completely astonished. This was for Mallow was a little on the cowardly side. Kids beat him up, he cried a lot, and no one liked him because he looked like a marshmallow. So here he was, standing in front of the bravest man he ever heard of. He decided to follow Mario through out his quest. He hoped that from following Mario, he would be braver. He was later told by Frogfucius that he wasn't a frog, which was a complete shock to him. His new goal in life was to find his parents, no matter what the cost (even $9.99 plus tax!)

So off Mallow went, helping Mario with his uncanny ability to change the weather. He was also able to crack up his enemies into complete laughter after they saw they were up against a talking puffy cloud. On Star Road, he learned that his parents were indeed alive and were worried about him. So they continued on and finally reached Nimbus Land. Mario and his crew were not fooled by Valentina's plot, and fought to over throw her of her power. She gave up after weak fight and Mallow was re-united with his parents (sounds like an Oprah episode). They gained the thrown back and they punished Valentina and Dodo severely (now it sounds like Jerry Springer). Mallow thanked Mario for his help, and lived the rest of his life as the head of a complete Monarchy (which was overthrown 3 weeks later and became a Democratic society).

Next on my list of requested NC's to write about are: Goombas, the Mushrooms Kings, Wario, and Smithy (although many of those I might not be able to write about). Keep writing in!