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Character Bio.'s preview

Hi, this is Jay Resop again. Now that I am coming to the end of the Neglected Characters list, and because they were so popular, I will be starting a new weekly page on them. This time it will be a short biography on each of their neglected lives. As a note the reader, this should start up after the regular neglected characters are finished. As a warning now I will be writing these biographies with my own knowledge as a Mario freak. I will try to have them follow THE GAMES as best as I can. The games can sometimes be contradictory enough, much less all of the TV shows, comics, books, and the one movie. I will also try to enter random humor, so beware. So if any of you have problems with what I write, then too bad. You can write your own if you want.

OK, to start it all off with a bang, I'll start at the top of the list with the number 1 Neglected Mario Character of all time. The one and only, my main man:


Vital Stats:
(Mario, Mario, Mario, Luigi is always in his shadow)

Luigi was born in a Brooklyn town to an Italian couple. He has an older (by a few seconds) brother, Mario, who wears the same clothes as him but instead of wearing the ultra cool green he wears boring ol' red. They grew up and became plumbers. Why they wear the exact same clothes, are plumbers, and are Italian? I have no idea. Maybe the creator of the Mario Bros. always wanted to be a plumber? Maybe his kitchen sink always leaked? Maybe he liked Italian ice? Mmm, Italian ice. Anyway they were plumbers, but they weren't good plumbers. This was shown when, while working one day, they heard a cry for help, and fell down a pipe. FELL DOWN A PIPE??? OK, maybe Luigi can fit down a pretty big pipe, but Mario??? He's been eating too much spaghetti. I'm going to stop making fun of what a great man created, in fear someone might mug me for this in the future. So down they fell. They landed in a distant land, populated by mushrooms. They decided to have some because they were hungry, but the mushrooms started to talk. They said that their kingdom was in danger from an evil king and they needed their help. After puzzling for an hour about what the heck happened, they agreed because they couldn't find an all night Pizza Place. So after that day the Mario Bros. became the sworn defenders of he Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi, being the youngest and the most shy, was practically ignored. This is mainly because his older brother was a power thirsty tyrant and took all the credit. But Luigi, being the good brother, helped only to better the nation, whatever nation they were in. Luigi fights Bowser along side of his brother and he has many skills that his ego-centric brother lacks. Among these are his superior jumping abilities and his intellect. You can argue with me, but I bet most of my life savings that all Mario thinks about is food. For more info of Luigi's abilities, see his section in the first NC's.

The End

So there you have it, the first Mario Neglected Character Biography. May it be written down in history. PLEASE!!! Write to for your comments and ideas. For those with negative comments please re-read the last two sentences of the first paragraph. Thank you.