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Here are some sites that I've found on the web. They are all cool, so give them a look.

Neglected Kids
Toadguy's Palace
Super Adam World
Super Mario: The Ultimate Experience
Reasons Why We Rule
Mario Kart Central
Super Mario 64 Fan Club
Mario Party Warp Pipe
Super Mario Bros. Monster Compendium
Mario Bros. World
Game Master
Paper Mario Outtakes
Iggy's Realm
Nemesis and Stuff
The Home of Mario
Boo's Back
Mario Bros. Gold
Nintendo Dream
Walter's World
Milo's House of Super Mario 'n' such
Super Smash Bros. Melee Stadium
Ben's Deathmatches
Bowser's Keep
Fight World
Nario's Boss Battle
The Koopa Kastle
Nintendo All-stars Homeworld
Tadpole Pond
Mario Zone
Chez Eniko
Super Smash Brothers Melee
NC/SMBHQ Memorial Shrine
Bowser's Kingdom
Super Nintendo Super Shire
Fryguy and Friends
Mario Cubed
Mario Comix
Mega Mario World Comix
Dragonball Z and Starcraft
Cheese Freaks
Third Attempt
16-bit Cafe
NES Horsemen
Smash Bros. Unlimited
DarkSaiyan's Deathmatch and Comix Page
The Koopa Kastle
Welcome to Luigi Arena!
Nintendo Freaks
Axem Black's Super Mario RPG Fan Page
The Luigi Trilogy
The Luigi Awareness Society

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