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Kirby, the Dreamlander Bio

Kirby, the Dreamlander Bio Part IV

Man, it seems like AGES since i've written my last Neglected Character Bio. Well, I hope I'm not too rusty. I WILL finish this Kirbys Bio TODAY if it will kill me! So I left off right in the middle of Kirby's Dreamland 2. King Dedede has started to run-a-muck again. He has re-gained his power and all those strange monsters that follow him around. You'd think for a second if Ninendo had enough creativity to come up with a new bad guy, but they feel that heros deserve arch-enemies that never seem to give up. Anyway, so Kirby is lying right now is a face full of Dream Trash. What is Dream Trash you ask? Well, you don't want to know. King Dedede had just made his escape out of the Dream Capitol and was creating trouble over at the newly built Rainbow Islands. You'd think it would be easy, but Nintendo throws everything it can at Kirby along the way. Kirby is just a Kiddy game you say? Ya right. So skimming to the end of the story, Kirby comes face to face with King Dedede. Kirby steps forward. he's dripping with sweat and his stomach is growing from the lack of a cooked meal in weeks. Dedede...seems...kinda calm. Odd. Kirby starts off with a flying kick to the face. Dedede steps to one side avoiding the marshmellow. Kirby tumbles a few times, regains his breathe, and then targets Dedede with an upppercut. Dedede grabs Kirby in mid-air, spins him around 300 times, and then launches Kirby into the air. Somethings wrong, Kirby thinks, and goes at Dedede once again. Five hours later, Kirby comes up with another plan. he runs to Blockbuster, rents the movie Titanic, and forces Dedede to sit through all 3 hours. Dedede falls dead after an hour and a half. Something still is wrong. usally about his time the credits start to run by Kirby's head. But he was still here, standing with Dedede's unconcious body on the ground. His quest isn't over yet! Reading the script that Nintendo sent him, he realizes that he has to find that Rainbow Drops in order to get the Rainbow Sword. OK, Kirby thinks, kinda lame, but he decides to finish this tale up soon so he could get back to playing golf with Jim Palmer. he goes back to Dedede's unconcious body with the sword in his hand, and another Nightmare pops out! Next would follow the HARDEST FIGHT in the history of Kirby games. For those of you who have played Kirby DL 2, you know what I mean. He beats the boss and the end. And that's basically Kirby's like. There are other games, but they don't have too great stories. I'm just want to end this Kirby Bio so I can start other things. Next-Tatanga NC.