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Kirby, the Dreamlander Bio

Kirby, the Dreamlander Bio Part III

Well, just think of my Kirby Biography as my on-going legacy. And it will take a LONG time to finish. Well, ANYWAY, I finished part 2 with the end of Kirbyís Adventure, the Greatest Game Of All Time. Next-Kirbyís Dreamland 2. So Dreamland is safe...again...for now. The Evil Nightmare has been defeated and King Dedede is facing minimum time for swimming in the dreamfountain. Kirby has retired from crime-fighting, and is trying to rebuild Dreamland after itís destruction from the Nightmare. The Rainbow Islands are starting to be built. Monuments to peace, where Dreamlanders will go to dream and eat in peace. in any Nintendo game...peace never seems to last long. Soon after the Rainbow Islands open, trouble starts up. Crime increases, people disappear, and worst of all, King Dedede is found missing from his cell. Kirby is called back from retirement. For there is no other hero in Dreamland. And Nintendo doesnít feel like coming up with a new hero. But they do make sidekicks! Kirby rushes to the scene of the problem-the Dream Capital. The Senators were all missing, and a dark cloud was over the roof. Kirby grabs a piece of Candy, rushes into the door and POW!!! Kirby is sent flying out of the Capital and lands in a pile of Dream Trash. So Kirby is a tad bit out of shape since his last hero job...this time Kirby is going to need a little help. He rushes to the telephone booth, looks up the Sidekick Headquarters, and asks them for the best they got. One hour later a fish, an owl and a oversized hamster show up at Kirbyís house. So Kirby names them with the strangest names he can come up with (Kine, Coo and Rick respectively), and heads off to fight evil once again. Well, the next fight is kinda scary...the newbees got freaked out and Kirby had too much spicy food the night before, so all three sidekicks get kidnapped, leaving Kirby back in the Dream Trash back were he started. I think Iíll continue this some other week. Donít worry, itíll be sooner then it took to write this bio. Comming Soon-FIGHT!