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Kamek Bio.


Vital Stats:
Race: Magikoopa
Gender: Male
Height: I'll say between 4 and 5 feet
Weight: 10 lb.-Hey, you have to have to be light to fly on a broom
Age: I have no clue, but he is older then Bowser by about 20 years.
Number of Emmys won for best supporting actor in a Drama Series: 3 (non-consecutive years)

Kamek is the second favorite bad-guy-one-timer-mysterious character in the Mario Universe (besides the ever loving Wart). For years Nintendo fans had only one evil genius to hate-Bowser. This bad turtle was always ruining the Mushroom way of life. Nintendo stories were simple. Bowser would come in, take over the Mushrooms, kidnap the princess, and Mario would come to save them. Then everything was peaceful for a while until Nintendo needed the cash, and would make another games with a similar plot. Life went along like this for many years, and no one complained, for Mario games were not played because of their great plot, but because they were fun. Then in then a couple of years ago, a revolution in Mario history was made! Nintendo had come up with a new plot for Mario!!! This great game, called Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, would set back when Mario was a baby, to reveal more of the mysterious life of the plumber named Mario. The game was set on Yoshi's island, and finally gave some reasons for the relationships between Yoshi, Mario, and Bowser. The plot cleared everything up for Mario fans, Yoshi's and Bowser's hatred for each other, Mario and Yoshi's friendship, and showed the first meeting of Mario and Bowser. But there was one part of the game that left viewers confused, and wanting to know more. Who is this person who looked over Bowser as a child? Who is Kamek? Glad you asked!

Bowser was born around Yoshi's Island, except in his own, more sinister part of it. As a young turtle, Bowser showed a natural talent for being evil. He pushed other kids around, beat up Mushrooms for their lunch money, and watched evil television shows forbidden to other kids his age like The Magic School Bus, and ER. His hatred came from the fact that his parents were divorced and neither parent wanted him. So Bowser had to live life on his own. On that same day, Kamek was kicked out of Magickoopa school for evil tendencies like randomly shouting phrases like "Boom baby boom!" or "Down with government!" or "I wanna blow things up!" (or, "Mario will rule over us all" -Kyle). So as Kamek walked home, he passed by the local orphanage. There he saw the most amazing child, beating up all the other kids up in the play yard. BRAINSTORM. He would use this kid to conquer dinosaur land, then take over the world! So using his magic powers he teleported both Bowser and himself to his secret castle. By reading the future, he was realized that by using this child, no person could stop him! So Kamek trained Bowser in all the evil aspects he could think of, including fighting, total war, and home computer repair, making Bowser the most heartless creature he could create. Their first test in evilness came when Mario and Luigi flew by in a stork. Again, by using his foretelling, he figured out that these babies would lead to Bowser's downfall in the future. So off Kamek went to steal the babies, but was only able to get one. The other and a dinosaur named Yoshi were able to fight through Kamek's armies that he created. Bowser failed his first test to stop Mario, and Kamek's dreams ended as well.

After that fight we never saw Kamek again. Did he leave Bowser thinking he would never achieve anything? Or did Bowser gain enough power to destroy Kamek? Or is Kamek behind the Magickoopa armies of Bowser? Only Nintendo knows, and possibly that guy standing behind you reading over your shoulder.