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Jay Bio


So you want to learn more about the mysterious character who writes the Neglected Character Page? OK, here we go! First let me start off by saying that my real name is not Jay. I am really Perrin Aybera. I am 32 years old and I work for a small branch of Nintendo in California. About 3 years ago I was assigned to Character Development. I was in charge of creating new characters and molding their personalities. You remember Super Mario RPG? I helped create the story for that one. Well...not much of the story, well actually, my story got rejected. Instead of Bowser joining up with Mario, Luigi would come in, defeat Bowser, and join the party himself. And instead of a boss from outer space named Smithy, I wanted to include Darth Vader and Wart. Well, so my story wasn’t very good. But Nintendo did start to notice I was around. They thought it was interesting that I wanted to include many of the old “retired” characters in the Mario Universe. So they gave me a job. They wanted a new story for a Mario game. Not the old Bowser Takes Princess And Mario Rescue’s Her plot. They wanted ORIGINALITY. They also wanted me to use as many of the characters in the Mario Universe I could fit into it. I was stumped. So a year and a half ago I decided to create this page. I figured that if I created a page based on the characters in the Mario Universe, that I would find a few people with great ideas for a new Mario game. So the months past. I took notes on all the ideas the viewers gave me. I was all ready. But then my concience took over. I felt bad stealing your ideas. So I took my story idea, and burned it. No more copies exist. Then I realized that I had one more week to give my boss at Nintendo my idea. I was in trouble. So I decided to come to you, the viewers. Listen carefully. For one week, I’ll be taking ideas for a story for a new Mario game. It has to be good, because the best idea will be used for a future Mario game! You’ll get your name in the credits and I’ll personally thank you by buying you a copy of the game and the system that it’s on! Send you’re ideas for a Mario story to me. If you forgot the address it’s and title the mail “Perrin’s In A Bind” or “Mario Story Idea” or whatever. One week from today I’ll announce the winner and take his idea to Nintendo. Oh, one more thing. I’ll be picking the winner based on these requirements-1. Originality 2. As many Neglected Characters as Possible 3. Originality 4. Overall Quality 5. ORIGINALITY!!!Good Luck!