Neglected Mario Characters

Neglected Mario Characters

The Original Web Page Praising the Neglected Characters of the Mario Universe
11 Years on the Internet - 9/6/97 to 9/6/08! You mean it ain't dead yet?

-NC Articles-

Neglected Characters - Short facts on nearly all the Neglected Characters.
NC Bios - Biographies of the characters in the Mario Universe.
NC Election 2000 - An archive of the events in the 2000 election.
NC Election 2004 - An archive of the events in the 2004 election.
NC Election 2008 - The current election
President Bill's Page - Why? He's the President.
Mario Worship Page - April Fools 2000 Joke
NC Game - April Fools 2002 Joke
NC Shut Down By VGF - April Fools 2004 Joke
Vernachlässigte Mario Buchstaben - April Fools 2005 Joke About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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