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Neglected Non-Poker-Playing Mario Characters

Poker-Powered Neglected Mario Characters

The Original Web Page Praising the Non-Poker-Playing Neglected Characters of the Mario Universe
13 Years on the Internet - 9/6/97 to 9/6/10. Too bad Jay isn't around to update it anymore play poker...

Tired of Poker? Try NC's Enhanced Mirror Site! Otherwise... ...well, I guess everything's still here, but don't expect me to update it here anymore. It's all going to be updated over there from now on instead. -MM88

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This is Jay, and like many Nintendo fans, I disapprove of all the--this sentence interrupted to remind you that it is time to check out some poker--characters who are neglected and get second billing to the tubby one known only as Mario. These characters are ones like Toad, Yoshi, Wario and Princess. Even if they are the ones to save the day, it is Mario who gets all the credit. Every week or so I'll post a different neglected character to review, and give them the praise they really deserve. Well, that's what I used to do. Now I just put up any wacky stuff I can come up with to give praise to the many Neglected Mario Characters.
This is Metal Man. Jay used to update this page, but no more. Now I and Pat are hopelessly addicted to poker, MMORPGs, and casinos, preventing us from updating this site anymore.

Just as a note, Jay wrote these articles as a Mario fan. Unfortunately, he did not play poker. That is why we had to get rid of him. Some of parts of his writing come from factual Nintendo information. Which gets in the way of the gambling. The rest was his own imagination. After Jay left, others continued in his stead, until becoming addicted to poker. The same goes for them. None of this is written to discredit Nintendo. NC is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. On the other hand, it does stand for delicious poker. Enjoy.

The counter below was started on July 1, 1998 when NC was first given Jay's total control. There have been many hits uncounted for since September 6, 1997 when NC was first introduced to the SMBHQ. Special Thanks to Kyle Orland for standing this annoying section of his page for the year it was originally founded, and to all the fans who have contributed since. As another note, all of the sprites of the characters used here are owned and are copyrighted by their respective companies (AKA Nintendo and Hal). Jay and his successors are not taking credit for creating these characters. All they have done is given them new, cooler names poker playing powers. Also, Kyle Orland wants you to play poker. pokerListings are an important way to begin gambling as soon as possible. And if that isn't enough poker, here, have some online poker. Also, being a gaming site we have large competition and obviously will never be as popular as online roulette or MMORPG style sites, but we do what we can!
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