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Vital Stats:
Race: Spirit of some sort
Gender: Who knows
Height: As tall as he wants to be
Weight: Doesn't matter in his world
Age: A million bazillion
Number of guest appearances on Space Ghost Coast to Coast: 1 (Really???? -Kyle)

The game Super Mario RPG (or Super MaRPGio as I like to call it) is what some would say the last big hit for the SNES. It's goal was to please RPG fans and Mario fans for the waiting N64. So Nintendo got together with Squaresoft to create the Mario/RPG hybrid. If any of you RPG-impaired Mario fanatics didn't already know this before, Super Mario RPG was actually sort of a spoof on another Squaresoft game-Chrono Trigger. Anyway, Super MaRPGio featured a large, complex plot based on the Mario Universe. It was set in the Mushroom Kingdom. It involved the basic Bowser kidnaps Princess saved later by Mario plot, but Nintendo also wanted more. So when you want a new plot you need-new characters. So they tossed out Luigi (them bums) and added a whole handful of new, improved Mario characters for the Mario Universe. Now that I am finished babbling about Super MaRPGio, lets get to Geno.

Geno is a, um, spirit lets say, from Star Road. He is the protector and guardian of the Star Road, and insures that everyone's wished and dreams come true (sounds like another Disney film). One gloomy day however, Smithy and his sword Exor dropped out of the sky from, who knows where, and broke the Star Road into 7 pieces. The Star pieces fell to the ground and landed to different parts of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I really hate writing things straight from the book. It's so boring. Anyway Geno came down from Star Road on a journey to find and fix the Star pieces, and repair the Star Road back to normal. He took the form of a doll of a boy who lives in Rose Town. His real name is a bunch of weird symbols strung together. On the way he gets help by Mario, yadda yadda. On their travels however, Geno came across something unsettling. On Star Hill, they found all the dreams that did not come true because the Star Road was broken (including Luigi's pathetic wish. Why do they degrade him so much?). This event caused Geno to try harder to get the star pieces back. Geno uses many mystical powers to battle Smithy's army, including the ever-cool Geno Boost.

So there you go. Glad I got that one out of the way. This little event here proves that RPGers are hard to write about, at least Geno anyway. I will try again with one of the other RPG characters, but Geno is just too, plain. He doesn't have an interesting life, or he has one, but we know nothing about it. Mallow will be more interesting. I'll have him up next, but there is one thing about Mallow's life that I forgot-why his parents were forced to send him away. If you know, please e-mail me at