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Daisy Bio

Vital Stats:
Race: Human?
Job: Um...Princess...of...Super Mario Land???
Gender: Female
Height: As old as Princess Toadstool
Weight: As light as Princess Toadstool
Age: The same age as Princess Toadstool minus one day.
Status: Alive, currently living alone on Super Mario Land.
Number of chucks a Wood Chuck chucks if a Wood Chuck could chuck wood: 261.

Ever so slowly I'm cranking out Bios for all the characters in the Mario World. The story of Princess Daisy has to be the least known of them all. Heck, even Tatanga has some sort of background. He's an evil space freak bent on world domination. But I'll get to Tatanga later. So I'll have to use my imagination for a good part of this bio. It all started in the Mushroom year 1965...
The Mushroom race is in a Hippie era. No one wants to do work, flowers are everywhere, and everyone hates war. its a peaceful time when the evil force of Bowser was not yet known. Everyone is excited that the Royal family were going to have a baby, to inherit the thrown. And so a little girl, with a big head and no fingers was born on the morning of December 16th, 1965. The King was horrified that such a terrible freak would be the new Princess to the Mushroom World. So the King went to the most intelligent engineers that the Mushroom Kingdom had and asked them to build him a perfect daughter. Taking some of the deformed Princess' blood (She would later be named Princess Peach Toadstool because when she ate peaches her head swelled up even bigger then it usually is. Kids made fun of her and the name stuck.) anyway taking some of her blood they created a clone of the Princess. Except this one would have a normal head and five fingers. The King was thrilled and named his new daughter Daisy. And so the course of Mushroom History continued. Princess Daisy was taught how to been the future Queen, and Princess Peach was stuck doing yard work. Then in the 1980's Bowser came along. Piloting the skies above the Mushroom Palace, he threatened to kidnap the King's daughter Daisy unless they made him Ruler of Everything. Daisy was horrified. Peach on the other hand, was conjuring up an evil plan. If she could get Daisy away from the Mushroom Kingdom forever, then Bowser would have to take herself instead of Daisy. Think of how popular she would become! The girl kidnapped by an evil freak! And then she would inherit the thrown! So she convinced Daisy to fly away to some island far away. History took it's course, and now the deformed Princess Peach Toadstool in the next in line for the thrown. What happened to Daisy? Nothing. Nothing at all. And there you have Daisy's life. What? You think there's more? Well, ok. Her plane exploded and she died. The End. Still not right? OK...she made it to the real world and has changed her name to Hillary Clinton. Still don't believe me? Well I guess I can't fool you. The events of Super Mario Land will be discussed in Daisy Bio Part 2! Sheesh.