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Daisy Bio, Part II

Man, I havn't done a bio in AGES. Well it has seemed like ages. Anyway I mainly want to get this Daisy Bio finished because its bothering me since its not finished. I don't want to leave you guys hanging. So here we go, the conclusion to the life of Daisy.

Lets see. I last left Daisy flying off to some unknown island. This island was inhabited by a bunch of moronic creatures who could only speak "Pika" and "Chu". Daisy named these critters Chupikas but because se was so freaked out by rats she was terrified of these huge yellow ones. They got off on the wrong foot and so Daisy had to fight for her life on this island all alone surrounded by Chupikas. With little experience in Combat Training, Daisy had a hard time. But she soon learned that the little twerps were easy to deal with if you sprayed them with water. So after 3 weeks the entire island was finally eradicated of Chupikas and Daisy could live in peace. For about a decade Daisy lived off of the land. She didn't get very lonly, most of her memoried from human civilization were bad ones. So she was happy to be alone for a change.

And then the trouble came

It all began when an interdementional telportaion whole opened up right above the island. Then out popped everyone's favortie space freak-Tatanga. Flying out followed by his great army, he took control of the island just because he felt like it. Daisy, asleep at the time, awoke to find herself tied up, gaged and locked up in a cell. Tatanga felt that he had everything going great for him. He had his own island, a princess, soon he would conquer the univerce, and no one could stop him. Apparently this guy never heard of Tubby, I mean Mario. Anyway, over on the other side of the world, Mario was cleaning things up in the Mushroom Kingdom. He defeated Bowser, saved the Big-Headed Princess, and was vasking in mushroom glory. So, feeling great about himself, he decided to take a vacation. Peach didn't want to go anywhere since she was afraid of flying and Mario forgot if he had a brother or not. So he decided to go to some island called...I don't know I forgot...just because he was board. So yadda yadda yadda, he finds that this island is a little wierd. Funny explocive turtles, goombas, and all sorts of freaks. While taking the castle tour one day, Mario accidentally strayed away from the rest of the group (he saw something shiny) and found himself in the dungeon. There he met Daisy and was instantly in love...with the corn and coleslaw that she was forced to eat as a prisoner. Unable to comtrol himself Mario busted into the cell, knocked Daisy onto the floor and ate her supper. At first, Daisy was shocked to find some freak eating her food, but at second glace this freak looked like her only way out. Yes, this looked like just the sucker to help her defeat Tatanga and bring peace back to her island. So Daisy put on her "helpless princess" act. "Oh Mario, you have to help me!", "Oh Mario, you're so brave!" and all of the stuff that heros like Mario just love to hear. So Mario wen't off, while Daisy waited patiently in her cell. It wasn't long before Tatanga was toast and Daisy had her peace back. And yet there was still one problem...

Mario wouldn't leave.

For some reason Mario had fallen deeply in love with Daisy. She figured it must of been his short attencion span and being away from Peach for just a few weeks caused him to forget her. So Daisy came up with the quickest way to get Mario off of her island and out of her life. She druged him with a tranquilizer, packed him onto a plane, and never saw him again. Finally, Daisy was at peace. At least until the Chupikas returned with some of their friends. The End.