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Bowser Bio.

King Bowser Koopa
Part 2

So, where did I leave off, oh yes, Super Mario Bros 3. Bowser was able to conquer the Mushroom World with his huge army and his 7 sinister kids. Because they were just kids, and stupid ones at that, Mario and his much cooler brother Luigi were able the re-take the Mushroom lands, and restore Monarchy throughout the land. Once the kings re-gained their power, the mushroom council got together to figure out what to do with the captive Bowser. They couldn't let him run loose in the Mushroom World, for he could easily re-gain his power. So because the Mushrooms are a merciful bunch, they decided to ship Bowser to the nearest planet using the latest in Mushroom Interspace Technology (MIT). This planet happened to be, you know, Dinosaur World. They sent just Bowser, for they felt if they sent all of his baddies, he could create trouble there (and Mushroom Spaceships aren't cheap you know).

The exile out of his home world still didn't stop Bowser. When he reached Dinosaur World, he was able to locate a small group of rejected dinosaurs. Feeling the same pain he felt at home, he helped the dinosaurs rebel against the local government-the Yoshi's (which I can best guess is an oligarchy). The war lasted many years, and for a time, Bowser was losing. So he was able to contact Wart back on Planet Mushroom, to send his army and his children to help. The Mushroom Government would not allow this, but by the time they noticed the spaceships were in the air, it was too late to counter attack (mushroom technology stinks). So they did the next best thing, they sent the Mario Bros to go stop Bowser yet again. Bowser was furious. No matter where he went those meddling plumbers were always there to clog his pipes. So he decided to sit back and hide out in his vast undersea Kingdom (which was a Dictatorship). But, yet again, those plumbers were able to stop him for controlling Dinosaur World, even though he had that cool clown copter.

Now, Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island is a hard one. I think what Nintendo was trying to go with this was that Bowser really was born and grew up on Dinosaur World. There his character of being bad was being molded by Kamek. The stork (come on, I think the audience is old enough to figure out where babies come from) I guess flew by both the Mushroom World and Dinosaur World to get to Earth. On the way, Kamek, using his super future reading goggles, was able to learn that these brothers would be the reason for Bowser's downfall. So he kidnapped one, and the other was able to stop Kamek along with the help of the Yoshi's once again. I guess sometime during his childhood he was sent to the Mushroom Planet. (Maybe by Kamek -Kyle)

Anyway, back to after Super Mario World. I'm stumped to what happened here. Maybe to end Bowser for good, they sent him to the farthest reaches of space. But halfway on his trip, a meteor hit his craft and he was sent back to the Mushroom World (can you come up with a better tie in to Super Mario 64?). There he took over the Mushroom Palace and was defeated by Mario (sorry for the slim details, I don't have a N64, because Super Nintendo is cool enough for me now and I waiting for the Nintendo Hyper 128. Plus I still need to get Super MaRPGio. (inside jokes)).

Now, one may wonder, why does Bowser try to control the Mushroom World? Last week I already explained the political reasoning (no, he did not have a grudge against the monarch form of government, it was because he believed his people were abused by the mushrooms). But is there any other reason why he tries to take over the mushrooms only to be defeated by Mario? Is it because he is a power hungry tyrant? Is it because of some rich mineral in the mushroom Kingdom that he wants? Is it because he has nothing else better to do? Is it because he likes mushrooms on his pizza? Is it because of the lack of a story development team at Nintendo headquarters???!!!??? OK, I'm going to stop now so I won't get any nasty e-mails from some Mario Maniac (or company) who looks at the last sentence and comes up with some bizarre conclusion like "Jay Resop hates Nintendo." Anyway, you get the idea, the only way we can learn more about Bowser is if Nintendo sheds some more light on this big lug's story. Thank you.