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Bowser Bio.

King Bowser Koopa

Vital Stats:
Gender- Turtle, Male
Height- Huge
Weight- Broke the scale
Age- I don't want to be the one to ask him.
Status- Alive, currently coming up with his plan for SM64 2. (Let me guess, kidnap the princess, take over the castle. WOW! With plots this great I should work for Nintendo!)
Number of years working as the Post Master General- 6 (Retired to take up job in evil.) (Don't ask me -Kyle)

The Super Mario Brothers have been a hit since the 1980's. Together, they have been fighting the forces of evil to protect a small community from destruction. Time after time they beat back King Koopa, the leader of a band of turtles and other kooky stuff. But for ten years, we the players never wondered what was inside Bowser's head when he was beaten time and time again. What are his goals? What is so important about the Mushroom kingdom that he won't give up even though he knows he will never win. I, Jay Resop The 1st (<----- isn't he pretentious -Kyle), will attempt to uncover these mysteries. Well, here I go. Remember, if you don't like it, write your own.

The Mushroom World was a peaceful place for many years. Mushrooms lived in harmony with all the other creatures of the land. They, of course, got special privileges for being the most advanced race. They lived in their nicely built cities, drove around in their nice cars, and spent their nice money. The Mushroom Government controlled all of the land. For many years there was peace. The Mushrooms stayed in their rich towns while the other creatures of the land lived in the wild. They too had their own way of life. About the time of the era of Princess Toadstool, mushrooms started to get nervous when there was rumor that the other creatures were starting to ally and aid each other. The mushrooms were worried that the other creatures would advance as much as they had.

Well, they were right because in the middle of the wild, a Dictator named Bowser Koopa had risen into power. He was furious that the Mushrooms had such a great way of life, and his people were stuck in the middle of nowhere without any care or support. He believed that the mushrooms didn't care that the turtles, and shy-guys, and the many other neglected creatures of the land even existed. So slowly he started to rise his army of turtles and neglected mushrooms, also called goombas. All over the world creatures were allying themselves with the great revolutionary, King Koopa. With his power, Bowser was able to seize control of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mushrooms fled everywhere, but Bowser was first able to kidnap the Princess and Toad. Then the Mario Bros. came along and stopped him. After the Mushroom government got back in order, they exiled Bowser out of the Mushroom Kingdom. (Note-The Mushroom Kingdom is the large area that holds the Mushroom Palace and is the center of the Mushroom Government-the setting for SMB. The Mushroom World is the entire world, which holds many mushroom settlements and states-the setting for SMB3.)

The exile did not put Bowser down. For a couple of years he kept low, building up his army again. During this time he sent his second in command-Wart, to continue the pressure on the Mushroom Kingdom. Wart was defeated by the Mario Bros. After hearing this terrible news (Bowser, to Wart: "Why didn't you tell me you were allergic to vegetables!!!!" -Kyle), Bowser finally began to act again. With the aid of his sinister children (created by himself and Mrs. Bowser during the time of exile?), he was about to control all of the governments in the entire Mushroom World. The mushrooms were no match for his huge army. He kidnaps the princess, this time hoping to win over her love. Bad luck with Mrs. Bowser? Maybe, but also if he was able to marry one of the higher ranking leaders in the Mushroom Government, THINK OF THE POWER!!! Then along came the Mario Bros. and defeated him yet again. See a trend forming?

You know, Bowser's story takes a LONG time to write out. Sorry, but I'm going to have to stop here. Tune in next week when I tell Bowser's story from Super Mario World to the present, along with more reasons on why Bowser is what he is!