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Bill the Extra Guy

Bill the Extra Guy Bio

Vital Stats:
Race: Um...lets just say he's a pidget
Job: An Extra Guy
Gender: Male
Height: 3 Feet 3 Inches
Weight: 100 Pounds
Age: ?
Status: Alive
Number of gold medals won in the 1980 summer Olympics: 0 (He did however win a silver in the shot put).

Like his pal Fred the Spanyard, Bill the Extra Guy has a dark and mysterious past. In fact, his background history is such a secret that even his creator, Jay, knows very little of it. Very little is known of Bill at all for that matter. So that is why I, Jay, will take this oppertunity to reveal the past behind this strange character. And whatever I don't know I'll just make up. Sound fair?

Like most pidgets in the Mario universe, Bill first made his mark in Super Mario Bros. 2. He had a small role, but an important one. Remember that first pidget that you encounter in the game? The one in level 1-2? Whose carpet you steal in order to continue the game? Well guess what. That was Bill.

Quite sadly however, Super Mario Bros. 2 was the first, last and only game that Bill was to appear in. Because of the terrible ratings it recieved throughout the United States, Nintendo perclaimed it a flop. Then, after Super Mario Bros. 3 was such a huge hit, they decided to put Super Mario Bros. 2 behind them for good and destroy all existance of it. So they locked all of the Super Mario Bros. 2 characters inside Sub-con in hopes that they would never see the light of day again. Bill, along with all of the other bad guys from the game, were stuck in the world of dreams forever.

Simply put, life in Sub-con was boring as hell. All people did was walk...and walk...and sometimes eat veggies. There wasn't even a TV station! Not only that, but Bill was a shy pidget, he didn't have any friends and most people tried to avoid him. He didn't have any family, any parents, any siblings, no nothing. In fact Bill could hardly remember what happened before Super Mario Bros. 2, it was like he was born just a year ago. Alone in a boring world, Bill decided that he had to do something. So Bill had a idea that seemed like the only thing he could do with his seemingly pathetic life. He decided to escape from Sub-con and venture out into the outside world. Now, a few characters like the Shy-guys were able to get a free ride out when Nintendo wanted to use them for games. Other characters like Wart and an unknown tweeter named Donez (who had not yet gotten his PhD) had somehow found out their own way to get out of Sub-con. Since there seemed little hope that Nintendo would ever use him for another game, Bill decided to take the more dangerous road and try to break out.

Bill's first idea was to dig a large, underground tunnel that would lead him strait out of his Sub-conian prison. He worked hard, digging every day and every night for two months. Finnally, he started to hear noises comming from outside the tunnel. Had Bill finnaly dug his way out of Sub-con? Could the noises he heard be the sound of freedom? Was he only a few inches from the outside world??? Filled with energy, Bill plowed through the last few inches of dirt to find himself in...a small, dark room. Hm...Bill thought, the outside world was much smaller then he originally believed. He looked around the room, which was hard to do because of how dark it was, and found a door at one end. Slowly...Bill approached the door. When he got close enough, he heard voices come from the other side. Slowly...Bill opened the door just a crack...

"Hit me!"

A voice yelled from the other side. Not only was the voice loud, but it scared Bill half to death. He waited to see what would happen next...

"Hit me!"

Bill gasped in horror. Someone was being attacked in there! Apparently the outside world was full of evil people who wanted to start fights! Before he could do anything though, he finnally recognized one of the voices. It was Mouser. And apparently, he was with some other familiar characters.

"Dang, I'm busted"

"Hey, I think Triclide is cheating!'

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Well, Clawgrip has been cheating all night also!"

"Shoot! I'm all out of money!"

Sighing, Bill finally realized that he had dug himself a tunnel into Mouser's house and that he was apparently in the middle of a Blackjack game with some of the other bosses of Sub-con. With his hopes of freedom fading away, Bill turned back trowards his tunnel, trowards his home. The whole way back, however, Bill started to think of some other plans for how to breakout of Sub-con.

For his next plan, Bill jumped onto his carpet, and started to fly as fast and as high as he possibly could. Maybe he could just fly right out of Sub-con. Higher, higher, he couldn't even see the ground anymore. Maybe he made it! He was free from Sub-con, free to begin his life again, free to...BANG! All of a sudden Bill noticed that his head really hurt. Not only that...but he wasn't getting higher anymore. He was falling. Apparently he had hit a huge glass barrier that surrounded all of Sub-con. He even noticed a large "You Are Property of Nintendo" sign on the glass as he fell all the way back down. Of course, this only gave him more time to think of another plan...

Months passed. Bill tried time after time to find a way out of Sub-con but nothing seemed to work. He seemed to be stuck in his little house without any friends forever. Then one day...he snapped.

Going back to Mouser's house using the tunnel, he snuck into Mouser's bomb storage and stole as many bombs as he could carry. Filling his house with high explosives, in a burst of insanity Bill lit a match and BOOM! He blew up his house. Sure, he was still stuck in Sub-con, but for some reason burning everything he owned felt pretty good. (Note by Jay, please do not blow up your house like Bill. That would be very bad.)

When Bill finally regained his sanity, he noticed something were his house had been. Or at least, what was left of it. Apparently when he blew up his house, he also blew up the hill that his house was on. And sitting there, inside that huge hole in the ground that Bill made where his house had been, was an ordinary warp-pipe. A warp-pipe that simply said "Exit." Sucsess! Bill had finnaly found the way out of Sub-con! And it was under him the entire time! His tunnel must of went right by it. Without giving it any more thought, Bill ran to the warp-pipe, went down it, and entered the outside world...

To Be Continued...

On the next (and probably final) part of the Bill Bio, Jay explains-
-Where did Bill get his title "The Extra Guy"? and
-Where did he meet his best friend Fred?

All of that and more on the life of Bill the Extra guy soon!