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Bill the Extra Guy

Bill the Extra Guy Bio Part II

Wow, it's been quite a while since I ended the first part to Bill the Extra Guy's Bio. It's just so hard to finish these NC Biographies now a days with all of the other stuff I have to do at NC. But finish this bio I must. And so now, here is the rest of the story behind Bill the Extra Guy.

As we last left our pidgety friend, he had just escaped from the jaws of Sub-con and was now free to roam around the "real world" or in this case, the Mushroom Kingdom. Looking around this new and strange world, Bill was filled with curiosity and surprise. Or was that just surprise. Wait, it wasn't surprise at all. It was complete and total fear! It was...MARIO! None other then the red devil himself! Bill still had nightmares to that day of the red beast killing him over and over and over in that blasted Sub-con. Every time Mario would come up to him in that horrible level Bill wanted to jump out and bite Mario or something. But every time Mario would just jump on his head, pick him up, and throw him into the deep. If it wasn't Mario, it was one of Mario's blasted friends. Although, now that he thought about it, he didn't really care much about Luigi, Toad or Peach one way or the other. It was Mario who was their leader. It was his fault for making Sub-con the horrible place it was.

While Bill was thinking about all of these past events, Mario had spotted him and was looking at the Pidget rather strangely. Apparently Mario had forgotten all about the time he had in Sub-con and completely forgot about all of those times he killed Bill. Lucky for Bill, he was on his carpet, and so he had a slight height advantage over Mario. While Mario just stood there, pondering over this little bird, Bill realized that this was his chance to get his revenge on Mario! This was his chance to get back for everything that Mario had done to him. Bill leaped off of his carpet with all of his might, aiming his beak at Mario. But then...Mario said something.

"Oh look, something-a-shiny."

With that, Mario turned in the direction of some shiny object and sprinted off. Bill missed Mario completely and landed with a thud. Stupid Mario, Bill thought, after brushing himself off. Oh well. It's not like he can hate someone who was so stupid. And so Bill put his hatred of Mario behind him. Today, he was a new Pidget. He would start his life anew. And one goal he had for his new life was to be stronger and more powerful. Back there, Mario could have pushed Bill around all day if he wanted too. Before that, Wart pushed around Bill all the time. Bill didn't want to be pushed around anymore.

Using the little gold that he brought with him from Sub-con, he spent most of it on a meal and a place to say for the night. He picked a small hotel in the Mushroom Kingdom called the "1-up Mushroom." After finding his room, Bill put away his carpet and turned on the TV. It was almost as if fate was watching along side of him.

An annoucer on TV was ranting. "Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to have the skill and moves needed to take down larger opponents? Do you want that Extra Power? Well now you can! Few have the will to finish our difficult program, but if you follow along with our one year program, we will turn you into a lean mean Bowser fighting machine! Watch "The Extra Show" every weekday on the Discovery Channel!"

Hm, the Extra Show, Bill thought. It kinda had a nice ring to it. He wondered why he never heard of it before. He would have to watch that sometime, just to see what it was like. However, it was already getting late and Bill was quite tired. Bill turned in and went to sleep.

Bill woke up early that day and decided to check out the free breakfast that the hotel was offering. On his way down to the food however, he bumped into a large, well, bug.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" the bug said.

"Er, sorry," responded Bill. He looked down into the bug's hands and saw that the bug was carrying a large quantity of the hotel's food. "Hey, I didn't see you check in yesterday. And it doesn't look like you work here. Are you causing trouble?"

The bug looked down into his hands in alarm, then looked one way and then the other. The bug looked a bit nervious. "OK, look," the bug said, "I'm pulling a big scam at this hotel here. You seem like a quiet and honest guy, so I'll let you in on the details. I'm going to eat all of this hotel food, see, then I'm going to sue the hotel for millions of gold coins when I get food poisoning! It's fool proof!"

Bill looked at the bug doubtfully. "That sounds like a pretty stupid plan."

The bug got upset. "Grr! Well, do you have a better plan, Mr... Mr... Hey! What's your name so I can mock it!"

Bill sighed. "Bill."

The bug looked suspicious. "Just Bill? You have to have a longer name then that. Bill what?"

Bill thought for a second. "Well, I've only been known as Bill all my life."

"That's no way to live, you need a longer name. A cool sounding name. Give it a shot."

Bill thought again. The TV ad for that show on the Discovery Channel came to mind. "I guess you can call me Bill the Extra Guy."

The bug contemplated. "Hey, that sounds pretty cool. Well, nice to mean you, Bill the Extra Guy. I'm Fred the Spanyard."

Bill asked the first question to pop into his head. "What the heck is a Spanyard?"

"Someone from Span! Give me a break!" Fred shouted. "Anyway, OK, I agree with you, my plan is pretty stupid. But what else am I suppose to do with all of this food I took?"

Just then, Mario was walking outside past the hotel. A lightbulb lit up over Bill's head. Metaphorically of course. I mean, why would a real lightbulb light up over Bill's head? I mean, Bill had a plan. And so I use a metaphor of a lightbulb to represent it. It's really simple. Oh, nevermind. Back to the story.

"I have an idea. Lets give it to that guy out there."

Fred looked outside. "You mean Mario? You know him?"

"Lets just say we have a history. Anyway, we give Mario the food, then tell the hotel security that Mario stole it. Then we beat up Mario and take the reward!"

Fred thought about the plan a second. "Hey! That's a great idea! Lets go for it."

To spare Mario the humiliation, we'll just skip over what happened next. Let's just say that it ended up with Mario in a lot of pain and in the Mushroom Jail for the night. It also ended up with Bill and Fred a hundred gold coins richer.

"Well Bill my pal, we did it." Fred was saying. "Haha, it's always fun to beat up on that Mario character."

Bill stopped. Fred had called him "pal". No one had ever called Bill a pal before. It seemed that life in the Mushroom Kingdom was really looking up. He would be able to fit in here.

"Thanks, Fred. So, where are we off to now to spend our hundred coins?" Bill asked.

"Bill," Fred began, "I'm going to take you to the greatest land in all of the Mushroom Kingdom. It's a little place that we like to call Neglected Characters."

On that day, a bond of friendship between Bill and Fred was forged. It was a bond that was never to be broken. Bill and Fred used their teamwork to go on many adventures and journeys after that, always looking for some treasure to find or some evil mastermind to foil. Bill continued to watch the Discovery Channel every day and grew in his skills as an "Extra Guy". Bill made a lot other good friends in NC Land, who all shared his backround of neglect. He became so popular as a matter of fact, that he was elected President of NC. Bill, who started out as just a neglected Pidget in Sub-con, was able to become President Bill the Extra Guy in the Mushroom Kingdom, and much much more.

Recently, Bill has had a number of other appearences in video games (which may or may not have been a result of his fame in Neglected Characters). The first two are the two remakes of Super Mario Bros. 2 in the forms of Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario Advanced. In Super Mario All Stars, Bill can even be seen on the title. And more recently, Bill can be found in Super Smash Bros. Melee in the Super Mario Bros. 2 level and as a trophy.

Now, like Fred the Spanyard, Bill is not really a Nintendo character. Like Fred the Spanyard, Bill the Extra Guy is a character that I created by myself. Where Fred started out as a character in my comix, Bill's creation is a bit more accidental. If you remember, In NC Comix #2, There is one one character, a Pidget, who's name was Bill. And he was extra. That was Bill's only part in The Evil-Luigi story. He wasn't even a character in my mind at that time, just someone extra. It was all completely random. I just randomly used a Pidget and I randomly called him Bill. The character didn't mean any more to me. When Evil-Luigi was over, Bill's life as a character was over. I completely forgot about him. The Mushroom Wars started with Fred the Spanyard but no Bill. However, when I came to The Mushroom Wars Part 14, if you remember, I had a "secret" spy why I had following Luigi around the entire series. To be honest, I had no idea who the "secret" spy was myself up until that point. I was originally playing around with the idea for the spy to be Toad, but that was too simple. So, looking through my old comix, I came accross Bill. The idea clicked in my head. I just had to use Bill once again. So I put Bill in the end of the Mushroom Wars as the spy and I called him Bill the Extra Guy, because, afterall, he was just extra. At this moment, Bill the Extra Guy was truely born. With that, Bill's popularity skyrocketed. People wanted to see more of Bill. And so Bill the Extra Guy became a character at NC just like Fred the Spanyard. Bill and Fred's Quazi-Mediocre Adventure soon followed. So it is quite amazing that Bill the Extra Guy is even here today. If I had never brought him back at the end of the Mushroom Wars, Bill and Fred's Quazi-Mediocre Adventure would have never been made. Who knows how long NC would have lasted without the Quazi-Mediocre Adventure. Bill is truely one of the coolest characters that I have come up with, if I say so myself. He has brought me a lot of humor and I've grown to like him as a character. And it's all due to the fact of how accidental and "extra" he really is.