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Neglected Mario Chracter Name Game Answers

Thanks to everyone who has played the Name Game. Since there is no more Hall of Fame, you can cheat as much as you want, I don't really care.
Name Game #1 Answers
-Answer: Beezo! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Birdo or Ostro! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Sidestepper! Game:MB
-Answer: Ninja! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Pidget! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Shy-Guy! Game:SMB2
Name Game #2 Answers
-Answer: Eerie! Game:SMW
-Answer: The Mushroom King from World 1! Game:SMB3
-Answer: Koopa Paratroopa! Game:SMB
-Answer: Larry! Game:SMB3
-Answer: Lava Lotus! Game:SMB3
-Answer: Paragoomba! Game:SMB3
-Answer: Rotodisk! Game:SMB3
Name Game #3 Answers
-Answer: Bandit! Game:YI
-Answer: Fire Snake! Game:SMW
-Answer: Fly Guy! Game:YI
-Answer: Flying Wiggler! Game:YI
-Answer: Gusty! Game:YI
-Answer: Hothead! Game:SMW
-Answer: Thwimp! Game:SMW
Name Game #4 Answers
-Answer: Autobomb! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Bullet Bill! Game:SMB
-Answer: Blooper! Game:SMB
-Answer: Boshi! Game:MaRPGio
-Answer: Cobrat! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Porkupo! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Spiny Egg! Game:SMB
-Answer: Trouter! Game:SMB2
Name Game #5 Answers
-Answer: FireBar! Game:SMB
-Answer: Albotros! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Dragonzuma! Game:SML
-Answer: Hot Foot! Game:SMB3
-Answer: Ostro! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Panzer Game:SMB2
-Answer: Patooie! Game:SMB3
-Answer: Spike! Game:SMB3
Name Game #6 Answers
-Answer: Broksomehtingorother(I don't really care)! Game:SML
-Answer: Croco! Game:MaRPGio
-Answer: Goonie! Game:YI
-Answer: Kamek! Game:YI
-Answer: Mukumuku! Game:MaRPGio
-Answer: Toadie! Game:YI
Name Game #7 Answers
-Answer: Flurry! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Frogfucius! Game:MaRPGio
-Answer: Fuzzy! Game:YI
-Answer: Nepenuts! Game:YI
-Answer: Pokey! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Tatanga! Game:SML
-Answer: Wooster! Game:The Super Mario Bros Comics!
Name Game #8 Answers
-Answer: BoomBoom! Game:SMB3
-Answer: The Angry Sun! Game:SMB3
-Answer: Chain Chomp's chain! Game:SMB3
-Answer: Fred the Spanyard! Game:None
-Answer: Mario's foot! Game:Come on, he's Mario
-Answer: Goomba's eyes Game:SMB
-Answer: Shyguy's feet! Game:SMB2
-Answer: Wart's crown! Game:SMB2
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