Put your intuitive skills to the test with "Whodunit??"  Read the scenario and guess whodunit.

All scenerios will be split into 3 sections:
  1. The Crime - A description of the crime that's taken place.
  2. The Suspects - A list of 3 suspects, with their alibis.
  3. Whodunit - A place where you can vote on whodunit.
If you have an idea for a future "Whodunit??" scenerio drop me a line.


SCENERIO # 3 - Luigi Kidnapped.

Mario and Luigi was going in the pasta store. Then before they could enter, a brick landed on their head, causing them to get knocked out. When Mario got up, Luigi was gone!

Bowser: He is evil, and he does hate the Mario Brothers. Comment: "I didn't! I would kidnapped the Princess instead!"

Daisy: Certainly, she is like the Princess, but likes Luigi instead. Comment: "I would never in my whole life kidnapped Mario! Luigi? I like him, but I wouldn't kidnapped him!

Waluigi: He is Luigi's enemy, so it must be him. He hates Mario also. Comment: "I hate Luigi, but I don't want to kidnapped him right now. In fact, I didn't thought of it yet!

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