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Quick Facts
Name Sprite First Appeared Origin of Name Is Really First Line
Dr. Crackle
Dr. Crackle LMK Mysteries #1 A mix of crab and Dr Jekyll. A Sidestepper
"My name is Dr. Crackle, and I need your help"
Mr. Cryde
MR CRYDE! LMK Mysteries #1 A mix of crab and Mr Hyde.
A Sidestepper "Hi.  How's it going?"
Boogore BOOGORE!! LMK Mysteries #1 A mix of Boo and Igor. A Boo Diddley
Jason Voorhees
JASON!!!!! Short #2
Ask the person who made the movie. Jason Voorhees...duh!
Never talks.
Short for the character's real name of "Lupin" Lupin the III
"I Know"
The Pretty Gosh Darn Skinny Man
The Thin Man from "Charlie's Angels" The Hero from Rolling Thunder
"I don't find anything wrong with the PlayStation."

Quick Bio
Name In A Nutshell
Dr Crackle and Mr Cryde
One day Dr. Crackle created a potion that changed him in the evil Mr. Cryde.  The story made all the headlines and was adapted by Robert Lewis Stephenson as "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde."  Dr. Crackle was so upset that humans replaced him in his life story, he went into seclusion, in his Spooky Castle, for over 100 years (he invented an immortality potion as well :) ).  Then he got bored...
Boogore Boogore was alone in his Spooky Castle.  One day, a guy named "Dr Crackle" showed up on his doorstep.  They've been roomies ever since.  He has excellent culinary skills.
Jason Voorhees
For over 20 years, Jason Voorhees has been terrorizing the campers of Camp Crystal Lake.  Shortly after his first big rampage, Jason ran into Mr Cryde.  Cryde liked what he saw.  He brought Jason home to the Spooky Castle, where Jason acts as a henchman.  Jason only leaves the castle to wreak more havoc at Camp Crystal Lake.
Lou is the Head Agent from Nintendo Intelligence. His goal is to put a stop any and all threats to Nintendo's well-being. Lou it also prone to getting hurt a lot.
The Pretty Gosh Darn Skinny Man
The Skinny Man is the younger brother of Lou. While Lou chose the path of good and joined Nintendo Intelligence, The Skinny Man decided that it would be more fun to be a hitman. The Skinny Man is hired by various evil-doers to do their dirty work, and is then payed a decent sum for doing so.

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