The League of Not So Ordinary Gentlemen

DKC will make you miss an adventure, Part 1
HERE IT IS!!!  The first every Super Mario Mysteries Serial!  Sorry in advance if this part is seems all talk and no action.  I have to set up the story you know.  I'll make it up to you in part two.


Hello and welcome to the running commentary for part one of "The League of Not Sot Ordinary Gentlemen."  This is Sean Kelly.

The "Super Mario Mysteries" Presents frames are inspired by the "NC Presents" frames from Jay's NC comix.  I was thinking of adding an edited 20th Century Fox logo (like the New Line logo for LOTW), but I didn't know what to edit it into.

I'm guessing that this story is taking place sometime around October 1995.

You should know that the "Ultra 64" was delayed for many months (it was supposed to come out in 1995) and it ended up never being released under that name (maybe if it did, the PlayStation wouldn't have taken over :P).

I edited the Nintendo in Jay's "Mario House" backgroud to feature a shrunken screenshot from DKC (those games are still fun to play).  Notice how the controller has gone from an "NES" look to an "SNES" look.  Also, the TV is slightly taller.

I think Jay would like the little NC jokes I entered into this story.  I find this one funny, since Mario now likes DK, because he now has his own game.

You can probably guess that "Ni6" is a play from "Mi6" from the James Bond movies.

I needed a way to "eliminate" Mario from the story.

I originally was going to have Luigi lock Mario in the basement, but in the end, I thought having Mario being addicted to DKC would be a much more funny way (plus it would allow me to insert a bit of "period humour" to the story).

I was searching all over for good backgrounds.  This one really caught my eye.

I think some more backgrounds from this game will appear in future parts.

I considered putting a no smoking disclaimer, for the next two frames. :)

If you are wondering, the words on the screen are just lines and lines of "Blah Blah Blah" (at a very small font size)

The name "Lou" is based on the character's real name, which is "Lupin"

Lou's text was orginally red, however it hurt my eyes.  I had to go through the entire comic to change Lou's text to grey (it was pretty hard in the later frames.

I liked the line "This is a freakin' cabin in the woods."  It sounds so "Al Pacino" (or at least "Dr Evil")

I find this frame is a little out of place with the other intro frames.

Just presume that Luigi and Link are already good friends.

I had a hard time finding the sprite to play "S."

In the end, I thought this Grim Reaperish sprite (from the SNES game "Ghoul Patrol") would do.

A little anti-PlayStation humour there.  It's all tounge-in-cheek you PlayStation fans out there.

He He. "The Pretty Gosh Darn Skinny Man"

He is, of course, named for "The Thin Man" from "Charlie's Angels."

The sprite is from an arcade game called "Rolling Thunder"

I do find "S's" text slightly hard to read, but it was nothing like what Lou's text used to be.

A little Canadian reference there.

Also there's that "Freakin' Cabin" line again.

Lou gets hurt the first time.

All cars in these comix are from the unreleased F-Zero 2 game for SNES.

I wonder.  Is the "Blue Thunder" the actual name or the Japanese name for "Blue Falcon"

I found this frame quite funny.

If I had more room I would have made it longer.

Look for more of the same in future parts.

Lou gets hurt for the second time.

Lou gets hurt for the third time.

If I didn't include Dr. Donez, I would probably have Lou get up (only to get hit with the other car at the end of the part)

In the end, it is funnier that Lou stays down (plus the ceiling would have been too heavy anyway).

Oh no!  Dr Donez is standing on Lou!

The obligatory Dr. Donez closeup

Will the NC guys participate in the adventure?

Will "S" be stopped?

Check us out next time. Same Mysteries time, same Mysteries Channel


Poor Lou.

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