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In Super Mario Bros. 3 we were intoduced with ghosts that haunted castles and other dark places.  The question is What do they want?  And what are they doing helping bowser.

Clue 1 - What we know:
The ghost haunt castles, ghost houses, and(in SMrpg) sewers.  They also hide in fear when ever someone looks at them.

What do the boos want?  Here is what you thought:

visitor_name: joshua cortese
form_type: existing
thoughts: ithink they just want to be alone because if they wanted to 
scare people i reckon they would get out of their ghost houses to do it 
but they dont! its just a thought

visitor_name: Anthony form_type: existing thoughts: They are the restless spirts of Gombas, Koopa Troopas, and all other enemys that the Mario Bros. have defeated over the years and various games.

visitor_name: Butchmander form_type: existing thoughts: They're probably just a bunch of Koopa's minions that were killed by Mario in previous games. Seeing as how mario usually just kills any of his foes without giving them much of a chance to attack back, they're probably mentally traumatized at the point of death that their soul becomes restless. Hence the turning into ghosts bit. Still being clumsy ol' Koopa baddies, they're probably stupid enough to believe if they can't see you,then you can't see them. Therefore they cover their fac e when you look at em' in hopes that you won't notice them. The only reason they attack you and haunt you is cause "you" Killed them in the past and they're just trying to get even. As to why they can be killed only by hammers is another mystery entirely.

visitor_name: Alex form_type: existing thoughts: I beleive that the boos are killed off koopas and goombas. The ghosts elisted under bowser to get revenge at mario. But they are ashamed that they were defeated once before, so they try not to let mario see their face. So they hide their faces. And you think i'm insane NOW... you should see me in crazy taxi

visitor_name: Poop form_type: existing thoughts: I feel the Boos were created because the people of Nintendo were over their heads with disgust over the creation of the Koopa Brothers. They needed something to back it up. SOmething that actually hada point.

visitor_name: mario milax form_type: existing thoughts: boos are marios worst ghostly enemys but they do have a origin bowser was working on a revivle potion to bring troops back to life when suddenly (complicated) he mixed anti boom elixer with smrt soce and boom instead of bringimg life he created boos! thus they haunted castles and other dark places trying to catch mario because bowser informed them to do so.

visitor_name: picklebutt form_type: existing thoughts: I think that boos came in to existance when interdimentional time portal. They were origenaly a high tech specius of pickles. but one day when Mario was walking by and ate all of them. So they died and turned into boos. They joined Bowser to take revengene on Mario. Their plot is to suck Mario's soul so they can become those funkyJapanesepoorlydrawnhappykiddyghost. They shy away when Mario looks at them because its well kept secret that Mario has laser eye vision.

visitor_name: robageejammin! form_type: existing thoughts: Well, did you ever once wonder what happened to those poor, defenseless goombas Mario stomps on without any care? Well, after you KILL the poor things, they don't just stay all squashed saying "Hey, could I get some help here!", they turn into ghosts, better known as Boos. I guess that explains why they still follow Bowser. As the Boos scout out for Mario, they remember that dreadful moment where they saw a big shoe hitting their face, and when they look face to face with him, they g e t scared of it happening again, so they panic and hide until he turns his back again. Very recently though, Boos seem to be finding the courage to fight back no matter what the circumstances are. I guess theyr'e sick of waiting around all the time.Big Boos are just little Boos combined to scare Mario. As far as koopa troopas go, they are basically impenetrable when they hide in their shell. So, after a long period of time, they just deteriorate, and turn to bones, better known as Dry Bones.

visitor_name: Jake Jay Jiles form_type: existing thoughts: I don't think the boos want anything well every game has to have a ghost it just would not be mario with out the boos and I also think that they are not working for Bowser I think they are just ghosts from some dead koopas. Well thats what I think bye. Jake

visitor_name: Marcin Rojek form_type: existing thoughts: I think bowser promises the ghosts to bring them back to the living only if they get rid of Mario and his crew.

visitor_name: washuu form_type: existing thoughts: Well, most enemies were just bowser's henchmen. Like goombas and koopas, they were just standard enemies, even though they showed off some pretty cool powers. Then, in super mario 64, there was BIG BOO who was obviously defending the house that bowser gave him. When mario party and paper mario came, boos were not enemies anymore, but allies to mario, such as Lady Bow, and the boo on the gameboards in mario party. In short, they're just boos. They are really in charge, though, and hav e ALOT more brains than the other enemies.

visitor_name: Raheel Ahmad form_type: existing thoughts: The Boos are trying to either scare you or piss you off. They scare you because obviously the game doesn't want you to beat it and they piss you off because every time you go near them and you touch it, you lose power.

visitor_name: The kid who still sits in his room all day form_type: existing thoughts: Thousands of years ago, on the planet Earth, there were over 50,000,000,000,000 people, as well as much more land for them to live on. Bowser, still not happy with only Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and the Spinys, Fighter Flies, and Crabs he had found in the sewer when he got back from the Mushroom Land, saw another possible ally: Humans. He tried to bring some humans into the Mushroom World, after all, it had worked for Mario and Luigi. However, Mario and Luigi only LOOKED like humans. I n reality, they were Mushroom People who were sent to Earth when they were young, and had never gotten their Mushroom Caps. When REAL humans tried to go into the Mushroom World, they were killed instantly. This was even better! However, all of the people who became Boos loved Mario games, and only chased him because they wanted his autograph. However, they were deadly to the touch, and to keep the others from knowing this, he made the Boos blind, but still left just enough of their sight to fin d Mario and Luigi. And the reason they stop and hide when Mario or Luigi turn around is because they're naked.

visitor_name: Vortan Koopa (Charlie Wise) form_type: existing thoughts: I believe that evil Boos are recently deceased Koopa Troopas or another of Bowser's minions that never became Dry Bones (Skeleton Koopas for people who dont know that.) Mario has never killed anyone, and neither has anyone in Mushroom Kingdom (even Bowser) as far as I know. Evil Boos hang out in dark places that are on Mario's path to Bowser's Castle, such as haunted ships or houses. They have no real offense against Mario, since he never killed them when they died, so they sneak up o n him but do not attack him when they are faced, giving Mario a slight chance. And it could be Bowser's fault they are dead probably, like while they were alive in some building Bowser ordered them to stay in to stop Mario, the building might have collapsed and they died with it, but their Dry Bones form couldnt get out of the ruins so they became Boos. That could be why they give Mario the small advantage, cause they still have a grudge against Bowser, and they want Mario to teach Bowser a le s son. Good Boos haunt anyone in general, but they dont exactly attack, they just get their ugly faces ready. That is what I believe about Boos. Sincerely Yours, Vortan Koopa (Not apart of Bowser's Koopa Troop.)

visitor_name: Caped Mario, the Great form_type: existing thoughts: Hmm... tough question, I'm not sure but I'll try. A. These are ghost who want revenge because Mario stomped on them when they were alive. B. Maybe Stephen King took over Nintendo. C. Bowser is satical. D. Kamek awoke evil spirits to help Bowser. E. Because Nintendo felt like. The answer is most likley B.

visitor_name: Essie Thomas form_type: existing thoughts: Paper Mario the boo princess, Lady Bow, says that they´re here to just scare people. And to keep Tubba Blubba from eating them.

visitor_name: Alex form_type: existing thoughts: I beleive the ghosts are killed off Koopas, Gombas, ect. They want revenge at mario. But they are extemely shy because they already lost to him once before. You think I'm crazy...

visitor_name: Chris form_type: existing thoughts: WEll according to my games that i have played the boos usually are in groups but some of their old characteristics have changed a little. B4 in Super Mario World boos are very shy when u look at them but in Luigi's Mansion for Gamecube the boos dont seem any way shy if Luigi looks at them. THey only are afraid of the vacum and light. Probably the boos are just bored or dont have anything better to do. I dont really kno. thats quite a mystery.

visitor_name: Darkside form_type: existing thoughts: I think Boos only want to kill people but when they turn aroun,the get scared and vanish.

visitor_name: Jhon Doe form_type: existing thoughts: Boos' are really blood sucking fineds who want Mario's soul!!

visitor_name: Greg form_type: existing thoughts: Boos just want to kill you. They are broggin, froggin, shnoggin, bonjuiced ideots. I think since they dont follow you when u look strait at them and they only follow u when u look away, i think the just want A PIECE OF MARIOS ASS!!! They are freakin salkers. Thats sick. Except the fact that they are cartoon charactors. They only work for Bowser by getting a piece of his ass too. Then are have to find mario. But they betray Bowser and try to get Marios ass. The only reason yo u get hurt or die is beacause what the ghosts do to ur ass. And they aren't hiding in fear when you look at them, they just dont like looking at that side. Well thats what my opinion...soon to be a fact is about he ghosts they "try to kill" Mario. BUT ON the other hand...why would they hurt you? they ARE GHOSTS. I THOUGHT GHOSTS WERE INVISIBLE? WHATEVER. SUPER MARIO WORLD FOR SNES AND SUPER MARIO BROS 3 ARE THE BEST GAMES EVER!!!!!!!!!

visitor_name: coool form_type: existing thoughts: My theory is simple but reasonable. They (Boo's, silly) first appeared in SMB3, no? Well, my idea is that at the end of SMB1, there were numerous dead Koopa's and Goombas. Buy SMB3, they turned into Ghosts. Since Mario and Luigi were the ones who killed them, they're now scared stiff of their faces, and don't want Mario/Luigi to see them, so they hide. They're still loyal to Bowser.

visitor_name: ahhh the boos are ugly!!! form_type: existing thoughts: they want their lil shack to become the cheese capital of the world, which was in mario world and some how mario tricked them into giving luigi all their cheese supply by pretending to be a phyciatric theripist and told them that cheese was unhealty for their bashful complexion. now they want their REVENGE!!!!!!!! that's what i thinky^_^

visitor_name: ??? form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are just ghost that dont like people. and they only help Bowser in Luigis mansion, and in mario rpg they would attack bowser if he was in ur party, so i think the r evil ghost dudes that just wanna be left alone...

visitor_name: YoshiSatotoshi form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are ghost. Which means they must have died and now are dead, hense, you can't kill em. I believe that Boos are dead shyguys. The shyguys worked for bowser. That explains why they go after Mario(he most likely kill them). Since they are shyguys, they must be shy. Thats why when you look at them they try to hide behind there hands. They like dark areas cause, well, there ghost. Case solved!

visitor_name: carlos form_type: existing thoughts: I think bowser just stole boo property and they think mario is going to call ghostbusters or someone and they're just protecting their property.

visitor_name: Blackbelt form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are the ghosts of those who were loyal to the koopa empire. They appeared in SMB3 because of all of the losses to the Koopa Troop expierienced in SMB1.

visitor_name: Luis Miguel Vargas form_type: existing thoughts: My theory is that Bowser found the spirit of his dead friends who also wanted to kill Mario. He decided to make many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many copies to get Mario. But when someone sees them, they hide in fear because either they don't want to be identified or they want to attack without anybody seeing them.

visitor_name: Danielle form_type: existing thoughts: i think that they were jelous of mario, so they joined bowser and annoyed mario a lot. {me too} or mabye they are ghosts of dead goombas,kopas or stuff like that. the big boo maybe a second form of bowser. you never know!

visitor_name: Caped Mario, the Great(not really) form_type: existing thoughts: Hmm... tough question... Well there ghost so there dead maybe there was a strike in Hevan and they needec some place to work so they signed a contract with Bowser... or maybe Nintendo just felt like having ghost. Wait maybe these games take place after Luigi's Mansion and the ghost hate Mario and Luigi for that. But then why would they want revenge in Luigi's Mansion! I'M CONFUSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

visitor_name: Tim Jackson form_type: existing thoughts: One day, Dr Mario got some ghost eggs from a guy's hair when he was brought in, after being tortured by Wart. Apparently, ghosts inhabit wart's lair, and laid eggs on the guy's head (i think he's a longlost brother of daisy) which hatched and evolved to be the smaller, less fearsome boo we see today. The ghosts laid eggs before being destroyed by Dr Mario's megavitamins, (the eggs are indestructable) so Dr Mario had to send them somewhere remote before they hatched and made more egg s That was when they were sent to Bowser's castle and they hatched and eat Bowser's hair. Bowser used to have long, long hair (longer than Peach's) and the Boos acted like hair cutters, munching on his hair so it's fashioned like a supersaiyan's. (see. dragonball) To pay for bowser's hospitality, the Boos gaurd his castle and follow and disgusting, filthy plumbers invading the castle. Of course, they are still shy, but recently, Bowser has been breeding a new kind of boo, one that's stare res i stant. Beware, Mario!

visitor_name: I'm not revealin my name over net. that would be dangerous. form_type: existing thoughts: The Boos are creatures who take delight in scaring and killing people.They are very cowardly creatures who will hide wherever they could even if it means hiding behind their own hands so you do not try to kill them yourself.

visitor_name: King Boo form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are the ghosts of all the baddies Mario killed.They want revenge on Mario.Since they were all so bad they have to look the same so when a boo goes like "hey Joe" the other boo goes like "I'm not Joe I'm Paul" and God is laughing at them. When Mario turns around the boos disapear because there afraid of his wrath. Im King boo so believe me or I'll haunt you.I just wish the boos were like there brothers in luigis mansion.

visitor_name: Alex Synovec form_type: existing thoughts: The Boos are hungry!I figured out this one a long time ago.The Boos attack Mario and Luigi because they're leaders don't feed them unless they do!

visitor_name: Allan form_type: existing thoughts: Maybe they are looking for something to do. When your a dead and a ghost you really don't have alot tp keep you occupied.

visitor_name: Tom form_type: existing thoughts: I think Boos Are: 1.Past Bowser Creations killed trying to stop Mario, Luigi, and other heroes 2.Dead Goombas or Koopas 3.Lost, Dead Bowser kids still trying to carry out their fathers orders of killing Mario

visitor_name: Nick V. form_type: existing thoughts: They are the ghosts of dead goobas. Goombas are the zombies of toads. Thats simple to find out.

visitor_name: Markysparky form_type: existing thoughts: I think boos are all of the souls of every bad guy Mario has killed,plus if is wasn't that who would like to kill Mario if they were dead?Sonic?(couldn't take the fact his games were crap and killed himslef?)BUT in Paper Mario the boos don't try to kill Mario,those boos could be the souls of dead mushroom people.Other than that they could be made by Bowser to scare people away?

visitor_name: Yoshi282 form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are probably merely the ghosts of dead koopas, goombas, Lakitus and the other enemies in the SMB games that died against mario. I cannot guess why they cower in fear when you look at them or why they turn transparent when they do so. However, Boos do seem to have gotten over that habit in Luigi's Mansion, although it will remain a mystery until Shigeru Miyamoto hopefully someday tells why.

visitor_name: fee form_type: existing thoughts: it seems that the boos just delight in scaring people. but in yoishi's island, mario and yoshi didn't show fear towards the boos when they looked at them. on top of that,he and yoshi defeated the big boo, which must have been humiliating. (they got beat up by a baby and YOSHI!!!) maybe the boos hold a grudge torwards mario for their humiliating defeat and ruining their rep with the koopa kingdom. henceforth the boos teamed up with bowser to restore their reputation.

visitor_name: wiser guy form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are probably ghosts sommoned by Browser. However, only boos defeated by Mario are loyal to Browser,though. In Paper Mario, they are a little bit friendly, and even one joins your party! It would be safe to say that boos are afraid of Mario because they disappear and freeze at the sight of him since Mario brought their death and they don't want to die again.

visitor_name: CodieKitty form_type: existing thoughts: According to the Super Mario Adventures comic, the Big Boo got his lunch money stolen then stuffed in his locker when he was a kid. They probably don't like humans because of that and will attack mercelessly upon seeing one.

visitor_name: Danny Kaizer form_type: existing thoughts: What I think is, that Kamek learned the black arts and manipulated the souls of dead enemies to fight Mario.

visitor_name: Anna form_type: existing thoughts: I think that they are the ghosts of the creatures Mario has killed and they want revenge on Mario. Sneaky and devilish they are, so they probably think that if they come out in dark spooky areas they will be able to attack better.

visitor_name: Paul form_type: existing thoughts: Isn't it obvious? These guys are pervets. Once someone dies, their soul can go on to three forms of existence in the Mario world. Heaven, hell, or just roaming around like a ghost. While in this sort of limbo, the soul in question goes crazy from all the naked exposure to people. It can view them in the shower, changing, or even getting it on. However these ghosts retain some of their human characteristics, and don't want to be recognized if you look at them. Which is why they hide. In exchange for bases of operation they provide loyal troops to Bowser. They cannot be hurt by most anything and he pays them nothing. All they require is to indulge their fantasies by goosing and licking unsuspecting people. Lock and load ghostbusters. The sickos need to be taken out.

visitor_name: Farrell form_type: existing thoughts: When you first think about what a boo wants, ya have to think like a boo. To me, the boo's are very shy but love to have to fun. They're way of having fun is scaring people. Although when they first appeared in Boom Booms Fortress in Super Mario Bros. 3, I think they were just put in the situation of : Hey here comes someone lets scare them by chasing them. Over the years boo's have evolved from dwelling in dark places to having their own city in Paper Mario. In this game you get the interpretation of the fun loving Prank pulling Boos, who only want to do their Jobs as ghosts and scare people.

visitor_name: ??????? form_type: existing thoughts: Easy, they're dead enemies Mario and Luigi killed and want to destroy him. The ones that turn into blocks were ones Bowser killed and want to help Mario and Luigi.

visitor_name: Eugene Karasz form_type: existing thoughts: Well, In Luigi's Mansion, Boos captured mario for the first time. Their leader, King boo, has a crown and released fifty boos in every room. I have no idea. But if Luigi caught all fifty boos, a yellow diamond pops out.

visitor_name: Falcon form_type: existing thoughts: I don,t think they really work for Bowser. They could be just nightmares from the dream factory(see case 1). And why do they blush when Marios looks at them, they could just be takeing the saying "What you can't see can't hurt you" a little to seriously . And no one better be putting thoes "S.K" captions

visitor_name: Phil form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are Bowser's dead helpers who have unfinished business with Mario and Bowser. Also they just like to haunt people for fun.

visitor_name: Knuckles form_type: existing thoughts: Well, this certainly is interesting. Boos are really sapce aliens from the planet WRNJKSJHKSL. Wait, no I'm kidding. The Boos just want to have fun. It says so in Luigi's Mansion. Mario wants to help the Boos, so he uses magic powder to send them to the Boo Happy Land. They are not really helping Bowser because he is the one who put tarter sauce in their fish. (Boos are extremely allergic to tarter sauce.) They are forced to live in the castles by the Grim Reaper. However he was forc e d to send the Boos to old places by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. (Oooh boy, I'm running out of ideas.) They hide in fear because they are embarressed to show their faces, unless someone plays a game with them. The Boos need all the help they can get. So if you have Mario Brand Magic Powder, help them out. Oh yes, on another note. The Boos are really dead Goombas and (dare I say it?) Koopas. When they die, they become the childish Boos you know and love today. I think that covers everyth i ng. Wait, I almost forgot. The Boos have evolved. I should know. In Sonic Adventure 2, I fought King Boom Boo, a firespewin' heckuva Boo. There that about does it. Uhh I guess I better sign off now. Shoot, now which button does that? Uhh this one "BOOMM!!" Um nope. Oops I think I blew up the database. Now things are going to go nuts!! Quic$ fin# a m#chanic b$fore it'^ too l$te!! AAAAAHHHH!!!! Look at the size of that......................................"fizzle fizzle" Uh bye bye.

visitor_name: Ludwig the third. form_type: existing thoughts: (Now this is using my best possible imagination.) Ok this is where those creepy guys came from. A long long time ago..... in a galaxy far far away........ A inportant boo was gathering up forces to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. At the time, Bowser's great uncle was ruler. AN epic battel took place, pitting evil v.s. evil. King Boo was degeated. Also boos used to be HUGE! Powser (bowser's great uncle) had a massive army. Boswer's army is not even come close to this army and will never.Anyway the reason that the boos haunt the castles, ghost houses, and(in SMrpg) sewers is that the are using the mechanical parts in those particular places to build a ray gun to make them there actaul sizes! Then they will be unstopable! FWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yes my idea is far fetched but i believe it. And after they control mushrooom kingdom, than they will rule THIS WORLD!Believe you me. it is coming. bye bye

visitor_name: jigglypuffer form_type: existing thoughts: I think that the first Goombas that died turned into ghosts and changed their name from Goomba to Boo (think Boomba). But after about 30 decayings they just died. The Goombas that now were Boos could still be in Bowser´s army. The Boos invaded Peach´s backyard and built a Goomba tomb surrounded by a fountain. The Goombas now had new abilities and could live almost as before they died. They could even get childs and a big family of Boos started to grow. They also built a lot of houses on Yoshi´s Island and the biggest (actually smallest) of the houses were built in a cage and one of the Boo´s got to guard it. If anyone would touch the outside of the cages he/she would shrink, enter the cage and see an illusion of a dark world outside the cage instead of Peach´s beautiful castle. Everyone didn´t move into the Ghost Houses though, others moved to different places on Mushroom Kingdom and Yoshi´s Island. Some of them were very big and they held a competition about who that would be the Boo´s king. One of them won and became the king in one of the ghost houses on Yoshi´s Island. The others were just ordinary Boos but bigger. However, when Mario met Big Boo for the first time, he defeated him, then he moved to the caged house and still lives there. The Boos continued to haunt in their homes and one year, one of them were included in a tennis competiton in Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi´s Island and DK Island. Were the first deceased Goombas came from goes to the Goomba mystery.

visitor_name: Jay Knows Me As FFnut form_type: existing thoughts: The Boos are actually a race of ghostlike creatures, not ghosts. They live only to scare people.

visitor_name: Born to be the next Miyamoto form_type: existing thoughts: I don't personally think that Boos are paranormal creatures. They simply seem like lifeforms who have bin partially created from some kind of ectoplasma. The boos were probably banished from Mushroom kingdom at a time a long with many villains (like Bowser's family for instance) and when Bowser began his attack on Mushroom kingdom (well his second anyway) the boos saw their chanse to get back what was once their own.

visitor_name: Capt Snarf form_type: existing thoughts: Boos? Help Bowser? Ridiculious, they just happen to be haunting ordinary spooky locales, and Bowser must like spooky places to hide stuff. (probably so Luigi won't find it..) Besides, a Boo teamed up with Mario once, so they're not all bad, just preserving themselves. As for what they want, is obvious. Boos are known Phobiavores (read: Fear Eaters), and thrive on the emotion of fear to live. This explains why the Boos living over on Gusty Gulch began to 'die' out once deprived of someone to scare. (Of course, Tubba Blubba's being a Spiritvore may be related, too) So Boos have a simple purpose. To live on fear, and to get a blast of fun while doing it. And even though living in areas even after they've been declared 'haunted' may repel visitors, those who do appear are more than likely already afraid. Of course, the amount of Fear Energy the Boos got once Luigi had to exorcise his mansion probably will feed the Boos for years on end, so don't expect to see them anytime soon.

visitor_name: Sean form_type: existing thoughts: The Boos are like the Ghost Pokémon in that episode of Pokémon, "The Tower of Terror". I believe that they are lonely spirits who just want to have a friend. Take note of the Boos in Paper Mario's Gusty Gulch and Boo's Mansion: they welcomed Mario greatly (altough all they wanted, really, was for him to beat up Tubba Blubba). The Boos appear terrifying, but appearances can be deceiving: Peach looks like a wuss, but she managed to get a spot as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Melee ( Although, how can she be that good when she's getting kidnapped by Bowser all the time?). The Boos, 'tis true, turn away when Mario looks at them, but they may be just shy. Maybe they are only helping Bowser because they are too scared of him to refuse. (After all, Tubba Blubba EATS ghosts. Maybe Tubba Blubba was a creation of Bowser's, possibly made while Mario was in SubCon battling Wart, but he did not introduce him until Paper Mario.) Maybe if Mario extends the hand of friendship to these unique spirits, (Luigi won't, he's scared of ghosts, see Luigi's diary in Paper Mario) he will find some great allies against that giant turtle.

visitor_name: danielle form_type: existing thoughts: i think they're dead neglected characters. or stuff that mario annoyed so much that they just died. i think they just want to annoy people.

visitor_name: Matthew Hardaway form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are obviously out for revenge. This agrees with the widelyaccepted "Boos Are Dead Goomba" theory. The theory was disproved with the addition of Big Boos, until Luigi's Mansion showed us that Big Boos are just a lot of Boos joined together.

visitor_name: Darkstar form_type: existing thoughts: I think Boos are a kind of "demon" in the mushroom universe, probably summoned by magikoopas.

visitor_name: Dex form_type: existing thoughts: I think boos are actually Bowserfaithful people when they've died. They sold their soul to Bowser, and when they die, they are still owned by Bowser. Eeries, though, I think are Yoshi ghosts. And big boos are like leautenants to Bowser. Something like that, anyway. The fishing boos, were probably Lakitus in life, and those big green orbs were probably big green ords in life. See my reasoning?

visitor_name: Kevin form_type: existing thoughts: I think that the boos were created from the haunted souls of what Bowser killed. They could be anything from dead dogs to another orange turtle. Also they could of been created from the dream machine in SMB2 but I don't think they appeared there. You can really tell now I haven't played a lot of Mario games.

visitor_name: Super Sayjin Chrono form_type: existing thoughts: Don't you wonder what happens when those poor creatures go when you stomp, crush, punch, flambe, and overall KILL!!! Them?!?!?!!?! Well it's simple they turn into boo's!!!! (You saw THAT coming didn't ya"?) When you look at them Iv" got 2 theories on that (1) They don't want to be seen by the person that killed them cause' they forget that there immotal. (2) Just cause' they don't have noses doesn't mean that they can't smell. I mean when was the last time mario showered????? Whew just thinking about it make me almost pass out. Woah... Light headed....*Thud*..... ow.

visitor_name: Sydney form_type: existing thoughts: I think that boos are the souls of the enemies Mario killed before. They probably want revenge on Mario because he killed them. Let's see, they are probably the souls of Goombas, Koopas and Cheep Cheeps/Blurps.

visitor_name: dan^ form_type: existing thoughts: OK, here is what I thought: the boos are the ghosts of the enemies mario has killed over the years, and they want revenge.

visitor_name: Woddler form_type: existing thoughts: Well, let´s take a look at the facts. 1:They want to kill Mario. 2:They are afraid of Mario. 3:They are ghosts. Do we know anyone else that wants to kill Mario and is afraid of him? YES! Bowser´s troops! The boos must be some of bowsers troops that Mario has killed. Then, they became ghosts, and wanted to avenge them selfs. But, they were still afraid of Mario. The mystery is solved!

Visitor_name: Zach form_type: existing thoughts: I think that Boos are the sprits of dead goombas,toads,koopas,and lakitus because most Boos are near graveyards

visitor_name: Zach form_type: existing thoughts: I know that Boo's don't like to be capured and be put in a vaccumn cleaner(off Luigi's Manson)And I defintly know they HATE light

visitor_name: Luigi's Only fan form_type: existing thoughts: The answer to this is simple, the boos are the spirits of all the food that fat plumber Mario has eaten back for revenge.

visitor_name: Nintendo The Freak Junior form_type: existing thoughts: They just want to kill Mario. Can't we let them have their heart's desire?

visitor_name: Brandy Ann form_type: existing thoughts: I think that Boo's are evil burp clouds from Koopa. They follow you to try to "inhale" you, and they turn away when you look at them because they don't want you to smell them....or Koopas bad breath!

visitor_name: Alan form_type: existing thoughts: Other people might think that Boos have some agenda against the Mario Bros., or that they're part of Bowser's army, but I don't. Boos don't go after the Mario Bros., they go after the Boos! They're the ones who break into the ghost houses! THEY'RE the ones who barge into the haunted cstles. And who in their right mind would go into a sewer system?! (Besides plumbers, so maybe I can't count that against them.) And now, after all these years of breakins and barging, King Boo has finally decided to get his revenge. (Luigi's Mansion) So maybe the Boos are attacking the Mario Bros. NOW, but Mario and Luigi started it. Now then, as far as Bowser is concerned, I think that Bowser may help the Boos every once in a while, (Maybe he helped out King Boo in the final battle in Luigi's Mansion, but I wont mention how.) and the Boos might return the favor because Bowser's going after the Bros., but I think they're just allies at best. Bowser and Boo were partners in Mario Tennis, so I think that proves my point.

visitor_name: layfo form_type: existing thoughts: well i think they are just there because they are souls abandoned and they are not helping bowser they haunt every one not just mario

visitor_name: Anthony form_type: existing thoughts: The Boos are actually a race, not the ghosts of people. Their only pleasure is to scare people for laughs.

visitor_name: David Wurzel form_type: existing thoughts: Hmmm, I've been studying Boos for the past 5 years and I've come to the conclusion that the Boos have an astonishing array of emotional problems. To understand the Boos behavior one would to have to understand the Boos general emotional stability. As with any spirit, the Boos have gone through great emotional turmoil immediately following their departure from life, but it's how these Boos deal with that anguish that is unique, and inherently characteristic. A Boo, in life, is known to generally be more empathetic than most beings, with a knack for understanding and accepting those around them. However, upon death these Boos take on apparent ectoplasmic qualities such is death. And naturally, humans fear what they don't understand, and assuredly ectoplasmic beings fall under this category. In turn, humans fear Boos, in some cases resent them. And it is through this rejection that Boos have become resentful themselves, jaded ghosts, if you will. The empression on a human's face upon looking at a Boo is too much for one to take, they simply cannot look thus they close their eyes. Naturally, resentful spirits feel the need to brood, hence the hence the habitual mansion haunting. Deep down, though, Boos just want to be loved, and it is this dichotomy that spurns most Boos, causing mental and emotional anguish that translates into immediate confusion, and for the most part, scaring the piss out of human beings. I just thought as a celebrated supernatural researcher, you'd appreciate my two cents. Thank You.

visitor_name: aj carrillo form_type: existing thoughts: Boos haunt the castles too. But I think their favorite thing is to disapper in the darkness to scare Mario. I think that they also are scared of Mario because he beats bowser all the time. Much between that here is a list of boos: (1 Fishing lakitu boo (2 Big boo (3 Circle boo (4 Line boos It so scarey where you find them. In forests,mansions and even undergroud! Mabey Mario will kill them!

visitor_name: Bob Harold form_type: existing thoughts: I think that the boos are really nice ghosts that Bowser possessed. I base this opinion on the fact that the boos cover their faces when Mario or Luigi looks at them. Deep down they really don't want to hurt them, and when they make eye contact they get held back by their own spirits.

visitor_name: Wachita Waru, the Golden Blazer form_type: existing thoughts: The ghosts of the Mushroom Kingdom are probably restless spirits of Koopa's army. In life, Koopa, or perhaps some other evil doer (maybe Kameck) used magic to enslave the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. Like your typical minions, many were probably killed while battling heroes and armies who resisted them. Because of the Black Magic the koopa tribe used on them, they're spirits who couldn't rest and are doomed to wander the Mushroom Kingdom attacking innocent victims. This c urse as Koopa's evil still taints they're soul. It's possible they hide their faces when people look because they are ashamed of their curse and become mortified at the idea that someone might recognize them as the person they used to be and thus fear ridicule and rejection. This shame overcomes their innate desire to attack, but when they know no one is looking, their curse takes control again and they fly off to attack.

visitor_name: The Death Adder a.k.a Adder Moray form_type: existing thoughts: When Mario went on his first adventure bowser attacked the town. Half of the toad people died cowering in fear. Bowser took the bodies. When ghosts came Bowser inslaved them. So now they hide in shame of Mario because of what they had become.

visitor_name: Toadbot3000 form_type: existing thoughts: What are the boos? Where did they come from? What do they want? This age old question will be answered, plus more. So here it is, the answer you've all been waiting for:The History of the Boos! The boos are robots with the amazing abilities to turn invisible, go through walls, and are nearly impossible to kill. They were made by Dr. Wily(not Bowser) to destroy Mega Man. Only they have a horrible sense of direction so on their way to accomplish their mission, they went strait into an a tomic bomb testing site. You can just guess what happens next.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! The explosion warped them into Dimension M(mushroom). The raidiation of the bomb then destroied their memory, so they didn't know anything. Meanwhile Bowser was being beaten up by Mario again and got blown up by a fire flower and then flew out the roof. When he eventualy landed he found a bunch of white things on the ground(the boos)so he picked them up and took them to the castle to study them(he's not as dumb as he acts). So when he found out they were robots he came up with an evil plan. He then jumpstarted them and they came to. They woke up to see bowser so they automaticly thought he created them. Then he created Big Boo for them to follow. Then Bowser sent them to different castles to first scare the !@#$ out of Mario, then kill him. T h e only problem though was they were slow since Mega Man is slow, but Mario's fast. Then later Mario could kill them with the Hammer Bros. suit. Then once Mario won again Bowser upgraded the boos, made more Big Boos, and destroied all the suits(he didn't want to take any chances). All of that is true. ALL OF IT.

visitor_name: Bob Grocer (that Game Ideas guy at form_type: existing thoughts: All the Boos want is to kill Mario. Why do they want to kill Mario? Because they're dead and have nothing else to do. That makes plenty nuff sense to me I reckon. I'm gonna learn you some respect if you don't recognise! You best recognise! FOO!!!

visitor_name: gomamon form_type: existing thoughts: I think they like Mario and when he turns around they blush. I don't know why this is. They just follow him because Bowser ordered them to.

visitor_name: Randy form_type: existing thoughts: boos are ghosts of creatures mario has killed. since they were loyal till death bowser gave them homes. ghost houses mario world, and big boos are ghosts of bosses, NOT THE KOOPALINGS!!!!!!. andthe mansion in mario 64 is another ghost house. BOO!

visitor_name: Ludwig Von Koopas's clone form_type: existing thoughts: well the boos are out to rule the world but bowser is and he doesnt no that they want to. they came close in a epic batel before SMB. and bowser won.the boos lost all there power and they are secretly building a grow gun so they can rule the world!!! and the mechanical pieces they need mechanical parts from castles, ghost houses, and(in SMrpg) sewers. bowser is not aware but soon they will rule the world!!! and mario cant destroy them because they transparent!fwahahahahahahahaha. Er.

visitor_name: MeLo form_type: existing thoughts: Boos want to suck our Marios blood! And make him into Vampire Mario!

visitor_name: Albert Barbieri form_type: existing thoughts: 1Bowser Sight Even if Bowser is so comic, he scared the boo's to has an vengance of Mario, but what want's the boo's? 2Scary Feelings Boo's with luck trap Mario,but they want an old, big and haunted mansion, but wich Mansion? 3Luigi is in trouble Yes, Luigi's Mansion, what can do Luigi to save Mario and capture all boo's, but what and what they want!?! 4The Definition Now here is what the boo's want... TO SCARE THE WORLD!!!!!

visitor_name: Brandon form_type: existing thoughts: I think Boos want to kiss Mario (lame I know but makes sense!) they are undead so mario gets hurt, they blush cause they're shy.

visitor_name: Steve form_type: existing thoughts: The Mystery of the Boos As a long time fan of the SMB Universe, I have pondered the very same question myself. I believe Boos to be the freed spirits of Bowser's minions (Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles, and the like). Once Mario or Luigi stomps a minion, hits it with a fireball, or just in general "destroys" it, its once captured spirit is set free, becoming a Boo. Bowser, being the evil king he is, cared not for the newly released Boos despite their excellent “Mariodestroying” potential. Because of this, he dismisses any Boos that approach him to such places as Ghost Houses, Castles, and Sewers. Basically, any place one would not want to go. (However, the Bros. must go to such places in order to complete their adventures.) What most don't know about the Boos is that they are, in fact, actually trying to HELP the Super Mario Brothers. You see, their limited mental capacities do not allow the Boos to speak. Otherwise they would simply let the Bros. know they are on "their side." All the Boos want is a way out of their entrapment within the Ghost Houses, Castles, etc. But they know the only way to do that is to follow those who enter and are looking for an exit. Bowser knew this to be true. Which is why he specific a lly banished them to places, as stated earlier, individuals do NOT want to go in to. So when Mario or Luigi enter one these places, the Boos know that they have to do, follow them! However, they can only follow when a person's back is turned. Why? Because Boos know they are frightening to outsiders. To follow an individual when they are facing a Boo would yield no help, just complete shock and trembling fear from that person. So they continue their search for a way out of the places Bowser so selfishly confined them to. The Bros. are the only ones brave enough to enter these places. This is why some of them make strange faces, they're excited for an outsider to come in and "show" them the way out. Some make it, most do not. Thus, Boos continue to pour into their lonely houses, castles, and sewers with every new adventure the Bros. go on. Perhaps one day, a brave wanderer will lift the curse on these lost spirits allowing them to roam freely. And perhaps, they all will unite to destroy Bowser once and for all. Until then, the Boos’ situation remains unchanged. Oh, and for the record, the Boos do have the ability to move through walls, so they could easily do this to escape. But like I said, their mental capacity is very limited. They haven't figured this would work, and more then likely never will.

visitor_name: Skwerl form_type: existing thoughts: Well in SMB3, when the boos first appeared, before you encounter them for the first time Peach (Princess Toadstool then) gives you the "P" Wing. I think that they are after that. And because Mario used it in SMB3 and it hasn't been in any other games they just stayed because they never got what they wanted.

visitor_name: Gooch form_type: existing thoughts: Boos are just like all evil ghosts, they just want to scare people. But they all assume that if they help Bowser in eliminating Mario. They can cause chaos in the Mushroom Kingdom without fear of they more well know Mario bros. Luigi can't stop them because it's obvious he's afraid of ghosts in Luigi's Mansion.

visitor_name: Koushiro Star form_type: existing thoughts: From Observing the Boos closely, I have discovered that most of them carry lists of people to terrorize. My hypothesis is this: THE BOOS WANT TO CONDEMN US TO A LIFE OF MISERY AND TORMENT! WE'RE DOOMED! DOOMED, I TELL YOU! They all laughed when I thought the earth would suffer a cruel fate! Well, WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

visitor_name: Nathan form_type: existing thoughts: What do the boos want? I'll tell you! two words: butterscotch pudding. That's right. They want pudding. where boos are, they have none! no pudding! they are working for it for bowser. and so they...okay, okay, you may not believe me, but it's true! you see, they are obbsessed with pudding. if they see some, they will dive into it head first. when they come out though, they have a little pudding on their nose. this is why they hide when mario sees them, cause they're embarrassed. see, their short stubby little arms can't reach their nose to wipe it off, so they just hide. if mario were to carry around pudding, they wouldn't hurt him, but he doesn't! so there is no way to prove my theory wrong. I rest my case. they're after pudding. either that, or I'm hungry for pudding. speaking of which, why am I even here when I could be doing something getting some pudding!

visitor_name: John form_type: existing thoughts: I think they are the ghosts of all the bad guys that Mario ever killed. That would explain why we see more in SMWorld than in SMB3. They are shy because they don't want to be recognized by Mario. They think seeing them again will piss him off. Abviously, they are here for sweet, black revenge.

visitor_name: Tyler Watson form_type: existing thoughts: The Boos help Bowser because they are the ghosts of Koopa Troopas of the past seeking revenge against their killers, Mario and Luigi.

visitor_name: FlameWarz form_type: existing thoughts: Big revelations will be revealed in LM, but... they are just like all ghost. They shall avenge their death. Who are they? Dead bad guys. Simple as that. Goombas Koopas Betals Anybody.

visitor_name: Ivan Afulitch form_type: existing thoughts: the boos are actually marshmellows (no,not kirby related) that have been captured by bowser and gone through some machine or another. they like being ghosts (since it beats sitting on a shelf waiting to get roasted and eaten) but whenever Mario looks at them, they get stage fright, since they think that they are not scarey enough.

visitor_name: Nikolas form_type: existing thoughts: I think the boos want Mario's autograph,but when Mario turns around and looks at them they blush because they think Mario is so beautifully handsome.

visitor_name: Johnny "The Doom Demon"O`Hern form_type: existing thoughts: This is kinda like one of those horror stories . Like Earth had a medieval time so dd the Mushroom World. There was a giant attack on The Mushroom Worlds,Dinosuar land,and any other continent that had ghost monster sitings in Mario games.They attacked ships,houses,and towns by sending a nuclear bomg from a wizard who opened a time portal to our time.And also attacked towns that burned towns and catsle`s and haunted houses [from games]got haunted by their spirits.And for revenge since they had no clue who did it they though it was the people under attack.But the people who live now are from survivo r s of the attcks.

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