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Ahh Wario.  He is the first major SMB villain made other than Bowser.  He has all of the makings of a great bad guy.  He is mean, twisted, and crazy.  However a question that can be asked about Wario is who is he?  Where did he come from?  Well we here at Mario mysteries intend to find out.

Clue 1 - What we know:
All that we know about Wario is that he has a past of some sort with Mario.  Another thing is that jealousy of Mario's fame made him twisted(which makes you wonder why Luigi never turned on Mario yet).

Who is Wario?  Is he Mario's evil twin brother?  Cousin?  Clone?  Here is what you thought:

NAME: Imakuni
thoughts: I definitly think I'm cuter than Pikachu.
oh, um, uh, I don't know who he is. I just wanted to say that.
But I will guess. Maybe he's a clone Bowser made to nag at Mario.
who knows?

EMail: NAME: Caleb Winters thoughts: Wario is not related to Mario in any way.You see Mario and Wario were childhood playmates(read Super Mario Adventures comic:Mario vs. Wario).Wario hate's Mario because he believes Mario was a bully and picked on him when Mario didn't mean to be mean.Wario has always tried to get back at Mario but hasn't ever successfully done so.Wario is not Mario's Brother because he never appeared in the SMB games or any other major Mario game. One final note.Luigi would never turn on Mario.They're brothers and best friends,and they both love each other very much.

EMail: NAME: Rml42078? thoughts: Wario is a clone created by bowser in much the same way Wily created Bass. He was infused with a mental makeup of lots of intelligence and a hatred for mario. Like bass. He also had greed. Problem is he did not have advanced cloning so he let some people adopt it. Wario met Mario and Mario kinda annoyed Wario alot. See SMB comics by Nintendo. THis made Wario very evil. He never knew he was created by bowser. Or maybe he is just a cousin that got jeaulos + circumstances explained in SMB comics by nintendo

EMail: NAME: Joey thoughts: I think Wario is like Marios evil twin brother and got jealous of Marios fame and fortune and he turned twisted and he think if he can get rid of Mario he would have all the fame and fortune.

EMail: NAME: Nick thoughts: Wario was Marios friend in marios Childhood,,H e got kidnapped by kamek. He is now evil

EMail: Nintenfreak NAME: thoughts: Mario's Brother that was mad because he wasn't in Doki Doki Panic. Gooms are really that Conker @$$hole and Dangerous Duck are some sorta attraction at Dizney Wurld's Brother's roommate's cousin's father's bestest best friend.

EMail: who cares NAME: Blue Kirby thoughts: I just saw while I was playing Jap. Mario Tennis which my Aunt translated that a new character named Waluigi. He and Luigi are enemies. I guess when Mario Luigi Wario Waluigi were children they loooked like eachother so they fought to see who was better. THE END

EMail: NAME: Mario thoughts: As it says in the story Mario meets Wario and they become friends. Maybe the stork that was delivering Mario and Luigi was also carrying Wario and when Kamek took Mario and Luigi Wario fell in to a forest and was raised by animals. Later he got a disease that made him fat and grumpy. When Mario started becoming famous the disease struck and Wario went mad. Maybe Wario is a clone. Maybe the parents of Mario and Luigi wanted to Marios. So they made a clone of the original Mario. Then a clumsy idiot, that was drunk on Russian Vodka, switched the M on Warios name tag to W makinh his name Wario. Later they guy that did that was so drunk he jumped off a cliff. Who knows who Wario is. Hey this should be on Xfilies.

thoughts: As it says in the story, Mario meets Wario and become friends. It is possible there was one more baby the stork was carring besides Mario and Luigi,possibly to anthor mother, and then when Kamek came to get Mario and Luigi, Wario fell and landed some where he was raised by animals. Later Wario gets a disease making him fat and grumpy. When he meets Mario and Mario starts getting famous, Warios disease strikes and makes him mad. Maybe he was a clone. Maybe his name was Mario. Maybe some clumsy idiot turns the M on Warios name tag to W in the hospital and his name turnes out to be Wario. Maybe the real parents of MArio wanted anthor Mario and it turned out to be Wario. Who knows???

EMail: NAME: Shadow Wario thoughts: What I think Wario was Mario's Brother like Luigi.Mario's mom never liked him at all,so she set him up for adoption.A sad couple who had a son named Waluigi wanted another son.He hates Mario cuz he didn't go to his first birthday party.Wario and Mario's mother were good friends.Waluigi found out that Wario hated Mario so he decided to hate Luigi for no reason.So they found 2 bueatiful girls and Wario got Married not Mario.

Name: Would'nt you like to know thoughts: I just think that Wario is an evil plmber who did'nt like Mario. I think that Wario has no relation to Mario and he is'nt a clone.

NAME: Bunnie thoughts: I dunno. Maybe he is so rotten because he's had that nasty cold that makes his nose purple.

EMail: NAME: MasterRPGer thoughts: Wario a past crime fighter received no fame due to the lack of heroics feats in which he thought were important although mario whom has performed real heroic featS has received fame. Wario angry at the world for not reconizing him becomes evil. First to gain reputation he become a near replica of mario probaly in hopes that people will notice him as mario and at some point get them mixed up in order to belive mario is really bad. Wario bacome more jealous as time goes on and deciedes the person whom he should be mad at is mario himself. Until know mario nor the rest of the world had any idea wario existed. Wario probaly from mushroom kingdom( not New york) observed mario and driven by he physcotic ways became him. Ever since wario a interupption in the story a has been a meer sidetrack for mario along his way to defeating bowser and or king koopa what ever the case maybe.( my belife on that is king koopa was KILLED in SWB 1 for things were more seroius back then. The! y became more goofy and cartoonish through the years.)So wario just a normal guy with a mental problem who likes to louse things up for mario just like koops but out of jealousy and although the two are enemies with him they happen to like racing and golfing with mario and his pals.

EMail: NAME: Rory thoughts: I think that Wario is an evil clone of Mario, made by Bowser. Bowser made Wario to match Mario's speed and strength, but failed cause Mario still kicks his butt. Bowser felf sorry for Wario and sent him out on his own, thus the Warioland adventures. Now Bowser is trying again in Mario Tennis 64 with Luwario, Luigi's evil clone.

EMail: NAME: Knight thoughts: Here's my idea on the origins of Wario Let's start at the beginning: In the beginning there was nothing and the Earth was without form and void. Ok, let's start a bit further along then that. It was a dark and stormy night at Bowser's castle and little nerdy koopas worked day and night to create the ultimate soldier, unfortunately all they could get was a fat little punk that ha a thing for the letter

NAME: Bowser's buddy thoughts: I think that Wario is a mario wantabe he looks like him (lord knows he dosent act like him) but still i think that he is jealous thats why he stole marios castle and stuff. Why would you whant to look like your enemy's.

EMail: NAME: Christian thoughts: i think that waroi is marios alter egowho somehow turned to another human during marios dream. he does not like mario because he is the side that gets all the atention even though he had bad thoughts in his mind wich answers the question that noone is of pure heart

EMail: NAME: Lady Kira thoughts: Maybe in Wario's past, he Luigi and Mario were triplets. They all went out fighting crime or whatever, and Wario broke his leg and couldn't fight. Mario and Luigi beat the bad guy and became famous. Wario was happy for them, but since he looked so much like Mario, people mistook him for his brother. Wario was so tired of this, he got into several fights. Mario and Luigi kicked him out of their family because he made them look bad. Wario was angry, and set out to get even with Mario.

EMail: NAME: Max thoughts: Wario amd Mario's familys were at compotion for years. Wario just went to far.

EMail: NAME: Orlando thoughts: Wario has something to do with Mario in the past as we know it.It`s probably because Mario bullied Wario in the past.

EMail: NAME: Dimitry Pompee thoughts: He's a cousin.Don't ask me how I know. I just do. Go to to find out about Wario's brother, Waluigi.

EMail: NAME: Nick thoughts: Wario is Marios former freind. At least until Kamek kidnapped Wario. Thats when Wario became jealous.

EMail: NAME: Cris64 thoughts: I think that when Mario and Wario were little, they were friend's, when they grew up. Wario was bad to the bone, he must of gotten jealous at Mario for somthing.(Like when Anikan Skywalker turned into Darth Vader)

EMail: NAME: jimmy williams thoughts: Bowser was tring to think of a way to get another enemy to join him.He came up with a brilliant he made a machine that would get marios bad side to work with him. He loured mario in by making a fake princess and showing it to him (hey it was too realistic you would be fooled too). Once mario was in Bowser put it at FULL POWER.BAM! Wario was created only he didn't join Bowser or anyone he worked for his self. Wario came from Bowser WA LA Case Closed.

NAME: Blue Kirby thoughts: Wario is Mario's clone because they wanted a Purple Mario brother for a NEW MASCOT KIRBY but right before the clone Mario got a bag of money and got sick so that is why Wario looks so nasty and is GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY§ Blue Kirby PS press cdown on SSB for Kirby and become Blue Kirby!!

EMail: NAME: Luigi Nolastname thoughts: Even I'm not sure about this one, but I think Wario is actually the evil, dark part of Mario that he has kept buried throughout his life, not wanting to release his hatred or anger upon the world, until he couldn't hold it back anymore and it escaped in the form of Wario. Wario now wants to destroy his creator, and do all the evil things Mario wouldn't let himself do, like be greedy, be a bully, laugh at the misfortune of others, and so on. If this is true, then it's unfortunate that Mario has been so apathetic to his existence, letting him join in on the Mario Party and golf and race with us, but I think if Wario was put in the wrong position, he could be a much greater threat to Mario's livelihood than Bowser has been.

NAME: Mario of Steel Jr thoughts: Wario has always been the deranged freak that we all love, he even has his own 3 games, but who is he really? I have thought of a number of answers. 1) Wario was an average guy who knew Mario before his fame started. They got together for a few beers, a game of ping pong, an so forth. But when Mario became famous, he never saw Wario again. Wario took up some low paying jobs, like a carpinter, a guard, a hairstylist, but he couldn't overcome his rage for Mario. He woke up one morning looked at himself in the mirror and thought of a plan. He copied Mario's costume except in his favorite color yellow and with a W and went to find Mario. He has been batteling Mario in Mario Kart, Golf, Party 1 and 2, and now his popularity is rising. 2) Luigi, one simple word. Luigi has been alone for so long. No games of his own except for lousy Mario is Missing. He thought of a plan. He cleverly made a copy of himself using clay to replace him in a few games, Mario Kart, Party 1 and 2, and made himself a constume. But what would he call himself. He look at Mario's hat in the closet. If he turned that M upside down he would be WARIO. Luigi ate a lot so he could gain wait to be as fat as his brother, made a yellow costume, changed the look of his beard, and was ready to start a life of fame and fortune of the rip off of Mario, Wario. 3) Mario in some sick way could also be Wario. In Smash Brothers his costume can change so he looks just like Wario. 4) Vincent Valentine. That guy in Final Fantasy VII that can morph into creatures when he gets pissed. Well Wario can turn into a lot of creatures in his latest games just like Vincent. 5) Wario is a freaky robot created by Nintendo to have as much fame as Mario and giving people an extra character to use. 6) Mario and Luigi's long lost brother. He looks like them, with their overalls and caps and mustaches, he fits in perfectly, I mean Mario and Luigi don't have parents, so Wario has no excuse not to be a part of the family. Well that's all I could think of. But here's another question. Why if The Bros. have black mustaches and eyebrows, do the have brown sideburns?

EMail: NAME: Jocie thoughts: I think that Mario and Wario grew up together as friends. They would always play together, eat together, and share everything. Mabye when Mario became famous, he just forgot about Wario. Wario went bonkers and probally sweared that he would get back at Mario for forgettig him.

EMail: NAME: Cloud Strife thoughts: i think that waria/wario? came from peach.......... she had a relationship with mario and made wario. then, mario wanted some compotition because luigi was just a green alien..(its true, its true...) and so he gave wario about 54153 mushrooms a day and made him big...........................................................or he is just a pokemon and thats that because i asked waria herself!

EMail: NAME: matt thoughts: He is the third twin(triplet) who the stork was carrying and when kamek hit the stork he probaly thougt wario laned in the ocean but he did't

EMail: NAME: jonny fiamma thoughts: well, maybe they knew each other growing up in brooklyn (if that is where they truely originated), and wario couldn't get a decent job or anything. he somehow ended up in the mushroom kingdom and, hearing of bowser's villainy, decides to get back at mario for forgetting his pal. watcha think?

EMail: NAME: Josh thoughts: I think Wario is Mario's twin brother(in SMW2Yoshi's Island the story shows that Luigi and Mario are twins but Mario is actually Luigi's older brother),anyway when they were kids Mario was the favorite between the two(Mario and Wario),and this angered Wario and he has always wanted to get back at Mario, so what better way than to make Mario look like a loser on one of his own video games, so there is the past grudge between the two.And this thing with why Luigi hasn't turned on Mario yet, because Mario has made it so BIG, I don't know maybe Luigi is just dumb and he doesn't know the concept of favoritism and not being wanted in anymore of his big brother's games.

EMail: NAME: Rhodri Williams thoughts: It's simple! In the first Super Mario Land you always have to rescue Daisy, but then she turns into a spider or something like that. Then you never see her again in any other game. When Mario took Daisy home, Daisy turned into a spider and Mario had to use some of his DNA to turn her back into a human, and that is why she looks a bit like Mario. Unfortunately, Mario forgot to get rid of the evil spider DNA so this evil creature called itself Wario and took over the castle with the help of nearby monsters.

EMail: NAME: James Ludden thoughts: Wario may be a cousin of Mario and Luigi. In the past, Wario decided to make his own plumbing company, which didn't do quite as well as Mario and Luigi's did. After the Mario Bros. stumbled into the Mushroom Kingdom and became famous, it left Wario back in NY with is lousy company. This made him really really angry, thus he became a psycho villan. Why has't Luigi turned yet? Well, based on the cartoons, Luigi's just happy if he can relax from time to time. Personally, I think it's been too long. Mario deserves a Luigistyle beatdown.

EMail: NAME: Larry thoughts: I think that in the the past when Wario & Mario was kid they was the bestest friends ever. But soon they begun to grow lesser and lesser friends, because when they played cowboys and indians Wario always had to be the indian. Also they would pull plants and Wario would alays pull a piranha plant out of the ground and get chomped on. As far as where he came from I can't answer that.

EMail: NAME: Indiana thoughts: I think he is just some poor shmuck who went to school with Mario and is P.Oed because he got higher SAT scores than Mario and that Mario ammounted to more than him.

EMail: NAME: Gerardo thoughts: My thought about Wario, first that because i have the comic from the nintendo power mag, that it currently said that Wario is in fact, IN FACT, Mario's cousin. The comic discribes how bad Mario treated wario when they was young.

EMail: NAME: Yoshi64 thoughts: I Dunno, They Are Brothers, But Wario Could Be A Cousin, Or A Twin

EMail: NAME: Mariorox thoughts: Here's a theory on Wario's origin. Mario was battling one of Bowser's minions. Possibly a ShyGuy or a Hammer Bro. During this battle, Mario got wounded. One of the bad guys took some of this blood to Bowser. Bowser didn't know too much, so he gave it Ludwig von Koopa to see if this blood could be useful. Ludwig has been studying genetic engineering since SMW(that's why he & the other kids weren't in GameBoy games & later). Ludwig eventually used the DNA to create a clone. However, some strands were lost. They used Koopa & Goomba DNA to patch it up. This is where Wario's evil & greed comes from. After about a year or so of research & lab work, Wario was created. But he acted like a crybaby. He was brainwashed into thinking that Mario was a big bully and was greedy. This is where the conflict originates. So while Mario was saving Daisy, Ludwig was creating Wario. The rest as they say, is history. Another possibility is that Wario is actually a character from the Sonic or Crash series that is acting out as a spy.

EMail: NAME: Joseph thoughts: I personnally believe that Wario was Mario's older brother, and that their parents named Mario, Mario, because of their lost son Wario, plust the fact that they wanted one of their sons to have a double name: Mario Mario. Wario had run away, and came back to town to see Mario and Luigi born, and envy comes upon him, as they get older, he pretends to be a local friend, adopted son of a neigborhood barren mother. They eventually end up in several successive fights, just what Wario wanted, and the two part to never see eachother again, until the fateful day when Mario and Luigi fall into the Mushroom Land. Now what I want to know is, why did the stork deliver the Mario brothers to a mushroom hut at the end of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island?

EMail: NAME: Steve thoughts: I've always thought of him as Mario's big brother. He bullies him, you can tell by looks that he's older, and the names sound alike.

EMail: NAME: Behonkiss thoughts: Well, in the instruction manual for SML2, it said Wario was his cousin. Then again, I read the manual years ago and don't have it anymore, so I could be wrong. Still, it's my opinion Wario's Mario and Luigis' longlost cousin who turned to evil and decided to get rid of the cousins he had been jealous of so long ago.

EMail: NAME: Orlando thoughts: I think Wario want`s Mario`s fame

EMail: NAME: John Harrison thoughts: I think that Wario is Mario's evil brother.

EMail: NAME: Sephiroth thoughts: Wario is Mario's childhood

EMail: NAME: Andreas Vilén thoughts: He was a friend to Mario when they were young. I've read that in several game magazines when SML2 came out.

NAME: Kamek thoughts: Money for one. But other than that childhood. When they were children Mario and him were always getting into fights. Wario was madly in love with Pauline. Pauline loved Mario. Mario and Pauline went out together so Wario thought I shold get my revenge. Wario tried many times but never could. Games like SML2 WL WL2. He later found out that he was born in the Mushroom Kingdom. He also found out that Mario was a 2nd cousin so he stopped bothering Mario and went after Captain Syrup and the Sphere Men.

EMail: NAME: Avi Lapidus thoughts: One day, Bowser was up to it again! This time, he was trying to make an evil clone of Mario. But there was a malfunction in the machine! Bowser didn't know what to do, so he fiddled around with the controls. He accidentally changed the color to yellow and made him even more evil than Bowser, himself! Once he finally came out, Bowser named him Wario (because a W is an M upsidedown). But Wario ran away to kill Mario. Wario is a machine from Bowser to kill Mario

NAME: Impact thoughts: Wario is really a brother a Mario who was raised by Kamkek, he eventully though decided to join Mario.

EMail: NAME: Chris Butcher thoughts: Wario Is the other plumbing company(Spumelly???)The one who didnt turn into a monkey(the monkey is DK)He wanted revenge after Mario turned HIS BROTHER into an ape....

EMail: NAME: Zip the Koopa thoughts: Does anyone else own the Super Mario Adventures comic book? I have the book copy. The last issue was Mario VS Wario. If you read it, it turns out Mario and Wario were best friends. The only problem was that Mario was mean and picked on Wario. Wario, becoming a lonely, bitter, perverted, fat, greedy man, lived in an abandoned castle surviving by reading old Reader's Digest articles; looking at old porn; eating that strange green mold that grows on the floor; and forking rats only to eat them later. One day, Wario invited Mario over to his castle. Well, Mario evaded all of Wario's minion's attacks and made it to the castle. Wario, wearing an inflatable suit, made himself look huge. Well, Mario popped the suit and explained to Wario that he should let by gones be by gones. Just then, being the fat ass retard that he is, Mario starts picking on Wario again, driving Wario to fall on the floor and curl up into a fetal position. Mario then laughed and set the castle on fire! . Now, Wario is a poor hobo living near the Mushroom Village Train Station and he needs your help. So, if you have any cash, please help poor, little Wario. Then he can buy some bigass guns and blow Mario to bits. Okay, Okay, so that wasn't what really happened in the comic, but pretty close.

EMail: NAME: Brian thoughts: I remember the commercial for SML 2 saying that Wario was his evil cousin.

EMail: NAME: tracey turpin thoughts: Wario is Mario's cousin.

EMail: NAME: Mike thoughts: He was employed by bowser to destroy the mario bros. He was one of triplets that the luigi and marios parents gave to an orphnage because he was so twisted.He has had a vendetta ever since.

EMail: NAME: elric thoughts: I found out why: While Mario was in Super Mario Land,Bowser was ticked at the fact that noone could stop Mario.So while Mario was gone,Bowser created an exact form of Mario,except that he made him fatter and meaner.Then he decided that Mario should remember him,so he made wario smaller and retunred him to mario's past.That explains why he was in that mario comic.Then he made it so he could take over.....did'nt work out.However,Wario had a secret feeling.So that also explains why they get along case closed

EMail: NAME: Black Yoshi thoughts: It may not be much, but I believe he is the evil twin of Mario...and has spent far too much time at Booster's Tower.

NAME: Anonymous thoughts: Wario is a selfish wierdo that saw how Mario is famous, and wanted to be like him just to be famous. Have you ever noticed how most of the bad things that he's ever done are caused by his selfishness? That's probably the cause of this.

EMail: NAME: Mario Mario thoughts: well, according to the Super Mario Land 2 manual, Wario and Mario grew up together and Wario was just always jealous of his popularity and dressed like him in order to try and be popular. It would make sense that he went into hiding to lie in wait for his chance. as is proven in Wario Land and Wario Land 2, he is in constant competition with Mario to get more money and riches than he has. but of course, if Bowser is a communist dictator(which he isthe Bowser Revolution in Mario Party 1 and 2 gave all players equeal money which is a part of communism along with the fact that he bares a slight resemblence to the Communist leader Vladimir Lenin if ya look at them for a long time) the Wario would represent either Hitler of Germany, Hirohito of Japan, or Mussolini of Italy. however, Wario was never hated and killed like Musollini was, he hasn't commited suicide or exterminated Jews like Hitler, rather he's become more accepted as a friend to Mario and crew. this wou! ld mean that Wario represents Hirohito. So there's your answerWario is the reincarnation of Emperor Hirohito of World War IIera Japan.

EMail: NAME: Warui ,Son of Wario thoughts: Wario is my dad. He always said that Mario was his half brother. Grandma was an lady from sarasaland. Straight outta sarasaland dogg. And my Mom? Cap'n Syrup made up w\ dad

EMail: NAME: ERic Marrs thoughts: He's the jerk across the street.

NAME: Patrick thoughts: Luigi's Mario's nice twin brother, Stanley is Mario's cousin and Wario is Mario's EVIL twin brother.

EMail: NAME: WingCap Tower Carer thoughts: I think the Ms. Mario gaver birth to two boys but one was Wario but disappeared and Bowser cared for him and made him MMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EMail: NAME: derek m thoughts: contrary to popular belief, i think wario is mario's mother

EMail: NAME: Luigi thoughts: I think ROBOT! Bowser created him, and he sent it out. It started up in games. Nintendo tried to hide this, but I know! I KNOOOOOW! I KNOW..........that I'm insane. Why's he look like a human? Ummm.....I'll get back to you.

EMail: NAME: Alex Strader thoughts: I read your reviews all the time (Wario) and you have them all wrong! (well smbhq's)! 1.) That little Fairy in Mario & Wario her name is WANDA!!! 2.) Wario comes from Broklyn,NY (wierd looking kid!) and he is trying to get Mario for what he did to Wario when he was a kid (know body knows what)! 3.) Did you know that Wario means

EMail: NAME: Roger North thoughts: I Think that Wario is an Evil Clone of Mario's. At Least That's What I thought But Now a days It's hard to tell whether He is good or evil.

EMail: NAME: Andy Ryan thoughts: Wario was born and the first thing he saw was a picture of a coin.He became in love with money and he wanted to become rich and rule a moderatlysized kingdom. Then Mario came along and took all of Wario's fame and glory away.Wario then became insaner than before he dressed in the opposite colors of Mario And is plotting revenge as we speak

EMail: NAME: Mario* thoughts: Wario according to Nintendo is Mario's former friend that got jeolous!

EMail: NAME: Prince Lemmy Koopa thoughts: Okay, it's a little farfetch'd, but here goes: Luigi got jealous of Mario over the years and while Mario was resculing princess Daisy, Luigi built a revesrse cloning machine. Luigi took DNA from Mario's dirty underwear and put it into the machine. The clone was a success, but a little stupid. Mario's clone wanted to fight Mario, and once took over Mario Land. Eventually, Wario turned good and became a close friend of Mario and Luigi.

EMail: NAME: Tom thoughts: Wario might be the result of a Bowser experiment gone wild. He tried to create a perfect clone of Mario that would kidnap the Princess and put Mario in jail! But he accidentally added Chemical W instead of Chemical M and POOF! Wario! Then he ran off to capture his former self's castle, and that's where SML2 comes in...

EMail: NAME: bob thoughts: I think that wario is mario's evil twin. I think so because wario and mario kinda look alike.

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