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Thanks to Mariorox for sending in this mystery.

Many similarities have been found between the Mario Universe & the Mega Man Universe.  Could these two series be linked together in some way?  Here is a few parallels that have been found:

Clue 1 - Neglected Brothers:

  Mario & MegaMan both have a brother who are often forgotten by their creators.  Luigi & ProtoMan are usually found in a few cameos.  Luigi is lucky to be playable in most games.  So far, Proto Man has only been playable in MegaMan Soccer.  Fans of both neglected characters have high hopes for them to appear in their own starring role.

Clue 2 - Past Grudges

Wario & Bass share similarities.  They are angry with their nemesis.  Wario is upset with Mario due to something with their past.  Same with Bass against MegaMan.  These two guys are true parallels.

Clue 3 - Helpful pets

Yoshi & Rush also serve the same purpose. They help the heroes by getting them around and defeating foes.

Clue 4 - Helpful Friends

Toad & Flip-Top serve as item givers.

Clue 5 - Henchmen

Koopa Troopas & Hard Hats have many similarities.  First, they are the main basic foe of the heroes.  They have many different official names(Koopa Troopa have been called Shell Creepers, Noku Noku(Japan), and been shortened to Koopa.  Hard Hats have been known to be Mets(in the MM1 manuel), and Metools(a longer versian of Met).  They also have had many different tactics.  Koopa Troopas have taken on Giant-sized koopas, Parakoopas, Hammer Bros. & many more.  Hard Hats have been found in water, able to spin, astronaunt suited, & many more.

Clue 6 - Mascot Mania

The two characters(Mario & Mega) are mascots of their respected companies.  They have also appeared in games that are not considered their regular format(Action-Platform).

Clue 7 - Total Domination

Bowser & Wily have the same goal: World domination(Bowser wants the Mushroom Kingdom & Wily wants the real world).

Are these coincidences, or have been made purposely for some reason?  Does this have some meaning?  Here is what you thought:

1. Can't really explain this one. Maybe Shigeru Miyamoto had to do with the Megaman series.

2. All games have to have a demented foe.

3. Well, as far as I'm concerned, Rush was in Megaman 1, which was released before Yoshi's first apperance in SMW.

4. Item givers. Need items! Can't have a game without someone to give an item.

5. Every series has a trademark enemy. Zelda has its Octorocks, Kirby has his Waddle Dees and many other series have trademark enimies.

6. What can I say? If games are popular, then they come out with other genres of games for the series.

7. Every game has a boss bent on world domination.

- Shadow Luigi

I think Capcom watched the popularity of the mario and Luigi games, so they wanted to make a game with a similar goal and storyline. duh.

- shorty1k

Do these have significance? No. The similarities you described are essential parts of many video games. In fact, Mega Man probably has more to do with Metroid than Mario.

- Steven Reich

Well I guess that explains it all(People should really start using their imaginations - see below).  S.K.

I think that was on purpose,because any thing could of happened in the past that the creators of Mario and Mega Man don't want us to know!  The creators of them could of teamed up on Mario&Mega Man's past,they could of been separated at birth as the Mega Mario Bros.!

- larncio

The similarities are driven by culture and marketing. Each competing company produced what is and was popular at the time: Side scrolling action games with a standard plot.

The characters added simply add a small portion of varity and interest through the succession of games. The similarity in choice orginates from culture. Which is a mesh of Japanese and American culture. Most heroes have a sidekick (Yoshi and Rush). And so on. 

However, One major difference is MegaMan doesn't have a princess to snuggle with.

- Pickle Me Smelmo

Hi I'm new here and I would like to solve these problems the best way I can, I dn't intend to use swear words. Mega Man can shoot with his gun the M.Buster, and Mario can shoot with a Fire Flower. I've never really played Mega Man games too much but I think the Hard Hats look alot like Goombas if you ask me. In Mega Man games there are some kind of baddies that blow up on Mega Man, and then for Mario theres Bo-Bombs I think thats how you spell it.And about those Koopa Kids and I kow I can't answer that now but they're at home somewhere.  Koopa Troopa

- Koopa Troopa

I did not see any swear words.  S.K.

Well, Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury...I Find this an open and shut case...this isn't a coincidence, this isn't an odd mishap...this, my friends, is a conspiracy...conjured up by those kooky characters from the big N (a.k.a. Nintendo).

     First, let me explain the brothers...Luigi and Protoman are the same person...yes friends...the same person...after being neglected by his older brother, Mario Mario, Luigi Mario slapped on a cape and helmet, and hopped into a warp pipe. Where should he wide up but in MEGA MAN 3?? In Mega Man 3, he's respected by many people including Mega, Wily, and from what I understand, he had a little fling with local minion of Wily's. Anyway...Maintaining his two identities, Luigi dealt with the anguish caused by his older (and fatter) sibling.

    Second, Wario and Bass are actually good friends from the Moose Lodge (hence the funky hats) and they each have weird greedy tendencies often associated with semi-super villains. 

    Moving on...Third, Pets...Yoshi isn't a pet, Yoshi is a rounded and versatile character, who stars in a game of his connection between Yoshi and Rush.

    Fourth, Toad and Eddie are partners in crime, currently hiding from "The Man" for knocking over a large warehouse of mushrooms, flowers, and energy tanks. The Names Toad and Eddie are just cover-ups. they're real names are Jimmy Hoffa, and Waldo (e.g., Where's Waldo?). Apparently someone caught they had to move...the only way to clear they're names is to split up, and get rid of the evidence by "harmlessly giving it away to unsuspecting heroes."

     Fifth, The enemies...can't's just another part of the conspiracy caused by the big N.

     Sixth, Bowser and Wily are Leaders at the Local moose Lodge (hence Wily's hair, and Bowser's Horns) The only reason they are leaders is because they are immortal. Try as you may, you can't kill them, they keep on coming back...along with they're good friend Dr. Robotnik, they sit around and think up ways to overthrow the earth...although in their spare time they kidnap princesses, reprogram robots, and robotisize small woodland creatures. 

    Finally, the big mystery...what do Mario and Mega Man have directly in common?? Not much...although DR Light created the Blaster with extracts from a fire flower. But the truth is that the Big N has a plan to send in Mega Man to the other systems (e.g., Playstation and Sega) to juice out information so Nintendo can wipe out the competition in one swift blow. That's why Mega hasn't been on the 64. He's to busy scoping out the Playstation, and working his way inside the Dreamcast. Mega and Mario are good friends. so it works out, Mega goes and checks out the competition, and Mario cranks out enough games for both of them...and nobody is the wiser. 

    In Closing, ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, Mega Man and Mario are part of a tight knit interlocked gang incorporated by the big N. the rest of the Mega and Mario universe are on they're own...they don't even know what's going on. Toad and Eddie are laying low...Wario and Bass and enjoying the greedy psycho compulsions often found in semi-super villains. Luigi is dealing with his 
identity crisis (and I understand he's taken up a drag queen alias, using the name Monica Lewinsky.) and Dr. Wily, Dr. Robotnik, and Bowser are deciding ways to come back in yet another sequel. But remember the most important fact of this case...Yoshi is his own character who springboarded from Mario, and he deserves a lot more respect.

- Superfly Pete Frye

I think that these similarities were caused by Spies from Capcom.Capcom is ill though so maybe Megaman trained with Mario as his teacher.

- Ramon

Huh??  I had know idea that Capcom was a person.  S.K.

I think nintendo just ran out of ideas.  They figured lets just change mario a little bit.  They do it all the time.  They take an old game and just change it around 

- Spooky

Final note from Sean Kelly:
As you can see this is not the best mystery that I had at the site.  Hopefully all the future mysteries will be much better.

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