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A debate around is who is the princess.  She just appeared as a damsel in distress but her real origin is unknown.  Lets take a look. 

Clue 1 - The Name game:

The princess had name is many names in the games:

  • Princess Toadstool
  • Princess Daisy
  • Princess Peach
Well 2 things are confirmed.  Peach is just Princess Toadstools first name. Also if you look in the instruction booklet NES Open Tournament Golf you will see clearly that Princess Daisy is a totally different person.

Clue 2 - Hair Rasing experience

You will notice that over the years the princesses hair turned from Brown to Blonde.  Why?

Clue 3 - Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom??

The princess is human.  Then why does she rule the Mushroom Kingdom.  Think about that.

Where did the princess come from?  Why does a human rule a world of mushrooms?   Here is what you thought:

1. Why is she princess? Millennia ago, a small group of humans warped into the Mushroom Kingdom, where they were made rulers.

2. Does it bother anyone else that we seem to have a lot of video game characters with only one parent/gaurdaun? Here's a "short" list:

  • Princess Toadstool (Father)
  • Zelda (Father)
  • Link (Mother, Zelda V)
  • Link (Uncle, Zelda III)
  • Malon (Father, Zelda V)
  • Marin (Father Zelda IV)
  • Marle (Chrono Trigger, Father)
  • Crono ("             ", Mother)
  • The Koopa Kids (Father....wait, forget I mentioned them)
  • Ash (Mother)
  • Brock (Father)
  • Gaz (That kid in rose town, Mother)
  • King Koopa (Mother)
...and that's just off the top of my head!

- Steven Reich

1. Her name is Pricess Peach Toadstool. You know her name is Peach because in the letter in SM64 she signs her first name peach.

2. Princess Daisy is Luigi's girlfriend.

3. So she would have a different hair color than Mario to make her more unique, and so she stuck out when next to Mario or kissing him (heheh), and blonde looks better with pink.

4. She is the tallest and most dignified. Her dad is King Toadstool, Toadstool being another name for Mushroom. Her dad might have a uncle who is Mushroomian.

- SuperStarKirby

She is either:

1. A more evolved form of the mushroom people she leads, which would explain the unwavering adoration of her people.

2. She fell into the Kingdom as a child and was adopted by the Royal Family.

3. (This is the most far-fetched) The original Princess was actually a mad scientist bent who worked with Bowser. When she was cast out for her attempts at dominating the Koopa Clan, she struck out on her own, and set about creating her own Kingdom. For this purpose, she needed absolutely loyal servants, hence the Mushroom people (who all look the same, mind you). However, mentally and physically, her depravities began to take its toll on her, and she began to age faster than normal. Determined to keep ruling the kingdom, she confided her problem to one Mushroom named Toad and enlisted his help in creating a new body for her. When it was done, it looked almost the same as her old body, but due to the lack of prime genetic tissue, the hair was a slightly lighter color. But she gladly transferred her memories into this new body. 

    All was well for some time, but now that Bowser had heard of the Princess' achievements,
wanted to use her cloning abilities for his own reasons, so he abducted her. The Mushroom people fought valiantly, but she had designed them for subservience, not for fighting, and they easily overwhelmed.

- Skyrax


You pretty much solved that part of the case already.  The princess that you see most of the time is Princess Peach Toadstool.  The other one, the one rarely seen, is Princess Daisy (no last name given.)


My theory is that Peach, being a woman that wants to change her styles, has just kept dying her hair over the years until now.  She now has decided to go with her natural blonde hair color.


OK, this theory of mine is a little screwy, so bear with me.  I believe that around WW2, some American and Japanese humans decided to look for a new world to inhabit.  Eventually, one of them found the pipe that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom and inhabited there.  When they entered, the found out that the kingdoms that are now the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland were at war with each other.  The humans helped to stop the war and make the 2 sides make peace with each other.  In honor of their help, the Mushroom people apointed a human king, who 
is Peach's Grandfather.  And that's why Peach is a human ruling over Mushroom people.

- Chris Waters

ok this is what i think.  first of all about the hair thing maybe she died her hair. lots people do that.  next mybe the princess came from earth just like mario and the mushrooms needed a better leeder than that toad guy.

- kevin

I think the princess is actually another plumber (like the Marios)and one day while riding her chocobo to her next plumbing job she got sucked down into a dimensional portal. Her chocobo got sucked to one dimension (where a certain Buster sword weilding ex-SOLDIER lives) and the "Princess" got sucked to the mushroom kingdom. Mario, (worked with Daisy at the circus and saved her from the evil donkey kong), heard about her dissapearence and rushed to find her. along the way he stumbled upon some gold chocobo feathers and a wrench which seemed rather lost. knowing that she was the only plumbing gal in town who owned a gold chocobo. jumped down into the portal and ended up in the same dimension as Daisy (now renamed "Toadstool" by the inhabitants). scinse Daisy was the most evolved being in the mushroom kingdom, the mushroom people quickly crowned her Princess of the land (the king" was bowser koopa untill the mushroom people, toadstool, and mario massed a rebelion and !dethroned the evil koopa). The name "Peach" is just a little pet name Mario has givin to Daisy... er Toadstool.

- Solid Snake
Hey.  Wasn't it Pauline who Mario saved from the "evil" Donkey Kong???  S.K.

King Toadstool (her father) marries a human from the "real world" and out pops the Princess.Her father of course is insane beacause her mother died and the Princess must rule over these little mushrooms people. Her name is Peach toadstool and diasy is from a parralel universe in which super mario land is based.And her hair Is just died blonde.

- Woody Stix (not a joke)

To me, the answers to all these mysteries are purely "technical". First off, the name: The Princess has always been named Peach in Japan, but her name was changed in the American and European versions (I don't know about the other versions), presumably to link her better with The Mushroom Kingdom using "Toadstool". However, this contradiction was later cleared by making Peach her first and Toadstool her last name. But why didn't the Japanese want to link The Princess with the mushroom people like that in the first place? I'll get to that later... Now, the hair. The same reason why Mario was drawn so simplistic from the beginning is why The Princess's hair is darker in the first games: limited capacities of the NES console. Her golden-colored hair couldn't have been seen well in contrast to similar-colored backgrounds, since there really wasn't that big color palette to use, and the backgrounds were usually quite bright, at least in Mario games. You've probably also noted other characters having non-regular colors in the NES Mario games. ALSO: In all the instruction manuals where The Princess appears, including NES ones, her hair is always colored golden. That's the color they meant to give to her all the time. And now, finally, the race question: Purely a matter of Japanese anime influence. A typical anime (or manga) stars humans in all the major "goody" roles (Mario, Luigi and The Princess), both humans and hideous monsters in many of the "baddie" roles (Wario and Bowser) and humorous and cute little creatures as comic relief (the mushroom people). I don't think I need to explain this any further... This is probably the most detailed answer anyone will give about this topic already...

- Panu Vihavainen
Since when has Wario been a hideous monser??   He is just a human with mean eyes, a big red nose and a twisted moustache.  S.K.

Maybe the princess comes from Brooklyn like Mario and she got sucked into her toilet which leads to a Warp Pipe. The Mushroom guys noticed her last name was Toadstool so they all signed a petition to have the King adopt her!

- Thomas Holmes
You know the toilet thing is not at far off as you may think.  In the SMB Cartoon the Mario Bros. got suck down a bathtub to get to the mushroom kingdom.  S.K.

Ok well, I think That Peach and Daisy are cousins. As for the hair, well I think nintendo had always ment for it to be blond. It's probably just the low amount of colors that the NES could desplay. And why does she rule the Mushroom Kingdom? Well I think that their are two things that could have happened here: either she had a human mother that died or we just dont see or 
maybe her dad(the Chancellor)wished for her to be a human. 

- Super Mario

Maybe she was found by the people of the kingdom and thought maybe she was a god because she was different from them.

- Alex Strader

Well, I think that the Princess was a little girl(middle ages) in the real world, and while walking in the woods one day in the woods, fell into an interdimensional portal and ended up in the mushroom kingdom. She was later found by the little toad, thingies (mushrooms I think) and was taken in. Seeing she was special, they made her princess. As she grew older she forgot she came from Earth and though she was a mushroom person. Given power by the mushroom people, the turtle race, koopa, began to be suspicious she was like "god" or something and could give him power. Bowser then started to capture her but never suceeded in finding out her secrets because she had forgotton. As time went on, she died her hair lighter, hoping that Bowser was dumb enough to think she had 
died. But he wasn't that dumb. The fight will continue until the princess is old and dead. As for the Mario movie, I don't think that was based on the game at all and was just to make money.

- Lvink
Talking about the movie this is about the exact opposite as the princesses origin in the movie(where she forget that she came from the Mushroom Kingdom after living on Earth for most of her life). S.K. 

Peach was born in Brooklyn just like Mario & Luigi, belive it or not. She was sucked into a pipe about a week before Donkey Kong. She fell into the Mushroom Kingdom and was presented the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Why Bowser wants her is toatally unknown to me.

- Mew007

Hmm... Interesting case. I have noticed the Princess's hair coloring changing. Very odd... I'll also have to agree with Nintendo saying Daisy is an entirely different person. In Super Mario Land 2, however, there is a stage with very large mountains, very similar to some stages in Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3, Tall, Tall Mountain in Super Mario 64, and a stage in Super Smash Bros.. Well, that's it. Oh yeah, one more thing: it takes 147 licks to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

- Dylan Polk
It all depends on how long it take you to bite the Tootsie Pop and the length of your lick. S.K.

I like the Princess.  I always picked her in SML2, Mario Party, Mario Golf, And both Mario Karts.  (And for a lil fact. Mario Golf for the 64 is the first time that her highness is showing some leg. roar ;) lol)  Anyway, the Princess was probably given to the rule the Mushroom kingdom after her father.  Somewhat related to the failure of the Super Mario bros movie. and yet not.  I say she was born into it, she's one of those woman who would probably lead the feminsts crack movements now adays (no offense ladies) :)  And All I'm waiting for right now is for the Princess and Mario to get down and dirty so the two slackers can have a kid.  It'll happen, you watch.  Nintendo will make a game starring Mario's kid. Anyway, POWER to PRINCESS, PeACe to Mario, and Don't end up in the RUbber Room Luigi.

- Just Peachy
I believe this guy has a better chance than Luigi at going to the Rubber Room.  S.K.

The princess is a princess of Mushrooms. Her father was a great king of Mushrooms. Boswer captured her to try and harness the powers of the shroom (hey its a japanese game) Plues Princess is human becuase; what kind of plot would it be for mario to resuce a shroom? what kind of incentive is that? Mario gotta resuce a beautful princess, not some ugly fungus that grows out of your week old pizza. SHe turned from brown to blod, becuase japs are into white 
blonds.(no offense with the generalizations, I myself am asain) but thats the general notion i get when my fellow japanese friends tell me about the type of girls they like. So there are my therios, there is no real story behind the princess, she is just there becuase, why else would mario put himself though all the truble to go though all the levels for a shroom? see, needed something to say, 
and that something is the princess

- Andrew
Who wouldn't be into white blonds? S.K.

My Guess is That Princess Toadstool was adopted by The Mushroom People and She Became The Princess Because She was the only one who could undo the Spell That Bowser Put on The Mushroom People.

- Roger North

There is my answer. 

Long time ago), another group of human was living where about the mystery piple. They family was a 5 memnbers, two mothers, a teenager named Paulie, and a badyy. A dangerous earthquake happen both in the Mushroom Kindgom and Earth. 

Now, the earthqauke broken the baby's crimb and drop her down the legendly pipe. 

Here, a Queen Toadstoal, the ruler of all Mushroom, had a problem. She and the King couldn't have a baby, they didn't fill like adopting a baby. One day after a short argument with King Thomas Koopa (Browser's father), about how pretty his son looks. (Baby Bowser) She finds a young human baby and takes it home, and annouce to the Mushroom Kindgom that she's the new Princess Toadstoal.

But as she was growning up, she try a magic spell that make a mess of things, maked Light Land (Thomas's World) inot Dark Land, and he started a war which killed the Queen and King Toadstell as well as Thomas Koopa, leaving only a 60% of a mushroom Kindgom, which wasn't turn into Goomas. When she was teenage, she tryed to return her father from the dead, but it didn't work, become the zombie was moronite fool. (The Super Mario Comics). So after she return from Dino Land, she stop the spell. 

I hope that explains why Princess is human and why she is always behind kidnapped by own Bowser.

- Dr. Thinker
Why would Bowser's father be named Thomas???  S.K.

I don´t think the mushrooms ARE mushrooms. They´re just dressed like that because they are the royal family´s servants (the mushroom people are just normal human beings in a kingdom full of mushrooms)! Peach is taller than them because they are handpicked dwarf servants by some reason I cannot guess. And, of course, Peach loves to be in fashion, so she colors her hair from time to time.

- Johnny B-spank
You know, he has a point there.  There is even an episode of the SMB3 cartoon which features toad removing his mushroom like hat.  S.K.

Well you answered the first mystery so let's go on.  With the hair raising experience, she dyed her hair!  DUHHHH!!!!!!!  The reason she rules over mushrooms is the king probably got drunk and had sex with a human.

- Curtis
Uh-huh and where exactly was this human in a world full of mushroom?  S.K.

Well, first things first. She is Princess Peach Toadstool, wife of Mario. Her sister is Princess Daisy Toadstool, wife of Luigi. The truth about the Princess lies in the secret of the Mushroom People. The Mushroom People are very much human! They are normal people with Mushroom/Toadstool turbans! King Toadstool wears a crown instead of a hat, so he looks human. He is the true ruler os MushroomLand, while his daughter Peach rules the Mushroom Kingdom, and his other daughter Daisy rules Sarasaland (wherever that is. Hey! That could be a good Mario mystery!). And, Peach's hair has always been blonde but in some games the graphics make her hair look brown. So, there you have it. Oh, and also, the MushroomLand is only called MushroomLand cause it has an abudent resource--Mushrooms.

- Adam Neikirk

You see there are actually 3 princesses(did I spell that right?)  Each one is meant for a different character Mario was suppose to get daisy  and I get princess toadstool.  But selfish mario wanted mine too.  So he kidnapped her.  Mario kidnapped her so many times she confused him and now she thinks I am kidnapping her when I bring her home to the keep. As for Daisy he gave her back 
to DK and he has her locked in a cage peeling banana's.  Peach is actually Princess Toadstool.  She is wearing a mushroom on her head because she figured out that she looked a lot better when she took the mushroom off and had her hair showing.  It went from brown to blonde because everytime Mario got her back he made her wear the mushroom on her head which bleached her hair.

- Bowser

Many, many centuries ago in the land which was to be called the Mushroom Kingdom, the current mushroom inhabitants were just that: mushrooms. A band of human settlers had dwelled there then, and had made a very prosperous and advanced civilization for themselves in that land. Among their technology they had developed the Teleportation Pipeline System, the Easy-storage Block and, eventually, genetic technology (as in cloning) which produced ever-increasing numbers of genetic humans in the civilization. Eventually, however, the technology that they had forged began to take their toll on them, with Iota radiation killing the majority of them. The few survivors left placed their remaining clones into deep, preserved slumber before the civilization died out completely.

This Iota radiation also had a miraculous side-effect: it helped the mushroom inhabitants of the land evolve into semi-human forms (don't ask me how...thinking Pokemon evolution would be a good bet). Eventually, the semi-human mushroom inhabitant population grew, and from the ruins of their former 'creators' the mushrooms began building their 'ideal world'. All this time, the few remaining human clones kept sleeping in cryogenic preservation, unknown to the world above and unaware of it.

Centuries passed. Eventually the great mushroom explorer, by the name of Shroom N. Shiitake, explored where the civilization used to be and came upon these genetic clones. Of the ten or so preserved, Shroom only found one to be still alive --- a baby girl --- and promptly took this baby back to the Mushroom Kingdom. The inhabitants who took a mere look at the baby realized that she must be one of their past 'creators', and to them she was like an actual God. That's what they eventually treated her as, and the baby was promptly raised as one of the Royal Family's own, with the family name of 'Toadstool'. Thus, from ever on, she was to be known as Princess Toadstool, and a scion of the Royal Family alongside her cousin Daisy.

She soon grew into a beautiful young lady, as seen above with BROWN hair, but something else was to happen to her. As the SMB games rolled around the miniscule amounts of Iota radiation that had killed her kind remaining in her body had began to change her genetic makeup --- luckily the amount was so small it did little damage, the only thing it did being changing her hair color to blond.

It was shortly before the SM64 game that fragments of Toadstool's memory began to return to her...the only thing she remembered from before cryosleep was that her parents used to call her 'Peach'. During a party she held, she accidentally blurted it out, and the name stuck with her ever since...

- OmegaZeroX91
This is the most exagerated thought I heard.   What exactly is Iota radiation?  S.K.

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