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They are creepy.  They are Kooky.  They are bowser's offspring.  They are Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy & Lugwig, the Koopalings!  Who are they?  And where did they come from.  Lets look at our clues: 

Clue 1 - The origions:

In 1989 Nintendo indtroduced the Koopalings. In Super Mario Bros. 3 they then made an appearance in Super Mario World.

Clue 2 - Their age

Clearly most of the Koopalings seem to be in their teens.  So they were probably born long before the first SMB game

Clue 3 - The disappearance

Where are the Koopalings in Super Mario 64.  Are they at home watching cartoons.

What are the Koopaling's orgins?  Here is what you thought:

I believe there are 3 theories to the origon of the Koopa Kids:

1.   Bowser had a girlfriend, and they got to know each other too well.

2.   Bowser had a wife, and after giving him 7 little monsters to worry about, he ordered Kamek to change her into a, uh, goomba! Yeah...

3.   Bowser, like Godzilla, is asexual, which means you can reproduce without, uh, "mating." Which means, HE ISN'T REALLY A GUY!

As for their disapperance, in SMW each of the Koopaling's defeated message hinted at the fact that they were dead.
- Joey

I know exactly where we came from. Before the games, there was a Mrs. Koopa. After the eggs hatched and the youngest Koopa (Bowser Morton Koopa Jr.) was one year old she was in a battle against the Mushrooms. She and Wendy were battling the Mushrooms when the battle led to Barrel Volcano. Everyone in the battle fell in, except Wendy who mysteriously escaped.

- Prince Lemmy Koopa

I think the Koopalings originated from my "sister" Peach. When Bowser kidnapped her the second time, he secretly raped her! Now that is MY thought per se.  And where did the Koopalings go during Supa' Mario 64?  They were sent to a Juvinile detention center because they burned down Kins Dad's castle with a couple Tiki Torches and Russian Vodka! THAT is where they wil stay. That concludes my Koopa observation. 

- Princess Aeris Toadstool

My opinion is that there at least was, at one point a Mrs. Koopa. However, Bowser and her probably had disagreements on how to raise the kids, and Bowser got rid of her, one way or another

- Steven Reich

Maybe before Mario came to Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser kidnapped Peach and "abused" her.  Hey, why do you think he kept going after Peach anyway. Probably because he trying to get the old relation going.

- Will Catherus

I think the Koopalings are actually grown up Koopa Troopas. Or maybe they are Team Rocket's Squirtles.

- Thomas Holmes

i think that bowser never considered the koopa kids a serious fighting force until the time of SMB3. but when he tried them against the mario bros. in SMB3, SMW, and YS, he saw that they were worthless and so he stopped using them against the bros.

- Zack

I think that in the early games, the Koopalings were too young, or honing their skills. Then they fight Mario in SMB3 and...well get beat! And Bowser was too busy too revive them, so they are
dead, or their dad thinks after their failure, they aren't good enough to fight yet, so he's saving them for later,in another game perhaps?

- Red

I think the koopalings originated before SMB.They did not make thair appearance in SMB as they were still learning evil tactics from their father Bowzer and they were also seeing Mario's tactics.They did not appear in Mario64 as they were totally scared of Mario and were out of ideas in order to finish Mario!!!

- Sudhir

I think that they spawned from a chemical experiment gone wrong. It was Bowser's expirement, trying to create the perfect creature, with Bowser's strength and evilness, combined with Mario's speed and intelligence. They had combined genetics, causing their recombinant DNA to age quickly. That is why they were older in the first game, and then, in Mario 64, they were too old and
weak to battle.

- Nate Livingston

I think Super Mario 64, took place before Super Mario World, and the reason Bowser decided not to use them against Mario is because he thought they weren´t ready to fight. (Or maybe 
that, since Mario decided not to bring Luigi to his adventure, Bowser decided he could fight alone.) The only thing I can't figure out is why Yoshi, being Mario's friend, didn't help him until it was too late... 

- Ryouji Kadji

Well, I think this is a matter of usefulness!!

Yes, they could born a before first SMB chapter, but they were useless when Mario and Luigi arrove at Mushroomland! Why? Everybody knows that in th first SMB the Koopa troop personifies Bowser in every castle, Mario only realizes that till he kill 'em and finally at the castle number eight Mario reaches the real one!!!

SMB3 is made for them, maybe Bowser thought that Mario was hard guy and a real problem for the Koopa Troop, so his blood could make a better work kicking Mario's ass. Obviously he got wrong, but at least made things difficultier, same way in SMW, but for example, what need to use his fucking and bothering children in SM64? Is a single castle! a really big one, but still one!!! SMKarts? There are enough bothering racers and still more!?!.

I saw once a cartoon made by Nintendo (yes, no fanfic, it was Nintendo production) I didn't dream it!!!, it was Bowser with his female bizarre thing, as uglier as him, as stupid as him, and as bad as him!!! Well, TV give us the answer, she is the mother of the Koopalings. The mystery now is what happened with her? 

- Ivan Gonzalez

I think after their defeat in Super Mario World, they decided to go back to "bad school" and learn more tricks so they can come back and do some damage when they get older. When other Mario games are made, they will then come out of hiding and show us what they have learned.

- Corey Pinkston

I stated this theory once before, but I'll state it again right now. I believe that between Super Mario Bros. and SMB3, Bowser and an anonamous female Koopa (another mystery, the mother of the Koopalings) did a mating dance and had 6 children  Larry, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig.  As for Morton Jr. (notice the name, a junior when his believed father is named Bowser), I
think that he is the son of Bowser's brother, Morton Sr., who Bowser killed off before the first attack on the Mushroom Kingdom.  He saw great potentional in Morton Jr. and took him in as a son.  For the ages, I have one word for ya KAMEK!

- Chris Waters

This is a VERY controversal subject!  I always like to take a different variable on this mystery than most other people.

Now, answering your questions:
Who are they?
I think the Koopalings are actually King Koopa's kids. GASP!  Yes, I think that Bowser and King Koopa are two different people (I mean, why would Morton be Morton Koopa JR.???)
Where did they come from?
For all we know, King Koopa probably had a wife at some point.  During the NES decade, Nintendo didn't shed much light on the lives of their characters.

Why aren't they in Super Mario 64?

Maybe since Bowser's not their dad, they really didn't want to help.  But, who knows?  Maybe we'll see them again someday!  Let's hope so!!!

- Elana Kritikos

Simple. While mario was taking on wart, wario, and tatanga, bowser was busy looking for a life. he found a female koopa, very rare, and had dinner with her...

well, you know the rest...

anyway, after that moment, she laid eggs.

if she hadnt fallen into that goomba pen, she'd still be here today... 

- Avery H.

I think that Bowser was married at some time, but, after the last Koopaling was born, he killed her, as he wanted no more children.

- Peach

I think what happened was long before Mario and Luigi got caught up with Koopa, Koopa had some kind of life and got married to a Princess of the same species as him.

They had many kids and the kids lived with their mother in another land until King Koopa won custody of them in SMB3. King Koopa is most likely divorced so maybe Nintendo didn't  want to open up that can of worms in a kids show.

- Dan

Well.. you know how Bowser is always kidnapping Peach? Maybe one time they got a little bored while waiting for Mario and decided to have some.. er.. 'fun'. <Gasp!> They're Bowser and Peach's illegitimate children! Notice how Wendy's outfit is similar in color and style to Peach's. Coincidence? I think not. =P

- Marvin

Obviously the koopalings came from bowser's fort and were born there since that is where Bowser hangs out. 

- Andrew Ruchames

I think Koopa probably just made them with some kind of magic. that's what I always thought back when I was a Mario fan.

- Soneec the Hedgehog

My theory is that Bowser once had a wife, but she died long before Mario entered the mushroom kingdom. They had 7 babies. The kooplings wern't in SM64 beacause they were watching Nickelodeon or something. I think they are in thier teens or 20's. (Maybe not all of them were Bowser's offspring, like maybe one or two of them were his Nephew/niese or younger cousion.)

- Nev Zehr

Ah... the eternal question. Where did the Koopa kids come from? Or was the eternal question something else? Perhaps it was how many lumps do you want. If you said none, then you're smart. But I'm rambling.

Okay, I have some theories. Do you care to hear them? Well, I don't think you have much of a choice, so here goes.

First of all, I believe that Ludwig is adopted. You heard me, adopted. It is clear that he is quite different from the rest of them, y'know, that weird cheap Austrian accent. Or was it some other accent? Does it matter? I suppose not.

Also, bear in mind that I think that Bowser was married twice. And I have an order of Koopa kids that I have. It might not be the "right" order, but, anyway...

First, Bowser adopts Ludwig. Then he gets married. Does the unlucky lass have a name? Probably. Let's call her Lolita. Anyway, they have a roll in the hay. Along comes Morton. Lolita settles down, but Bowser... anyway, he cheats on her, and that explains Roy, the bastard son of Bowser and... um, I need a name... Martha Ann Bellfrank! Whew! Needless to say, Lolita is upset by this and files for a divorce. And thus they part ways. However, Martha Ann doesn't want to take care of a child, so poor Bowser is now stuck with both Morton and Roy.

Then, one night in a steamy nightclub on the dark side of town, he meets another lady of his life: Ophelia! (Aw yeah! I'm doin' great!) Unlike the previous two females, though, Ophelia stays around for a while, giving Bowser Iggy, Lemmy, Wendy, and Larry. Later on, she realizes what a pathetic idgit Bowser is(though funny). She gets into 2 am scream-fests with him, and she leaves.

Thus, Bowser is stuck with seven children.

Their ages don't really matter, but I said what I think the order is.

As for their absence in SM64, well... the real reason probably was because Nintendo didn't feel like programming them in, but we can say for story's sake that Bowser didn't want them screwing his plans up again.

I like the Koopa kids...

Man! I'm good at this! =D

- Colonel Zippo Kanaza

I think that Bowser had a wife and had kids... the Koopalings! then the Princesses father killed Bowsers wife.  So now Bowser is trying to avenge her death by kidnapping the Princess and killing her.

- Cassidy Volk

Of course they are Bowser's "King Koopa" kids. Him and his wife had children.

- Samuel

After his humiliating defeat in SMB (The Lost Levels), Bowser took a vacation. While there, he met a female Koopa named Salina. They fell in love and got married. Then they had the Koopa Kids. (I think you know what went on in between). Anyway, after having Larry and Ludwig, they hatched Roy and Morton a couple years later. Wendy was hatched the next year, then the twins were hatched three years later. Bowser waited until Larry reached the age of 19 before allowing any of them to make any serious mischief. They took over the Mushroom Worlds, but were stomped out by the Mario Bros.  In SMW, they each took one of Yoshi's friends, but were again defeated.  They were beaten again in Yoshi's Safari, but who knows what they were doing to be defeated. Right now, they are gearing up for another appearance in a game, so look out. You never know wat will happen... When Koopalings Attack!

- John R. Jones II

You familiar with Greek Mythology?  Well, Athena just popped out of Zeus' head one day.  So, I guess it's possible that all 7 of these guys jumped out of Bowser's.

- John Moore
You know.  This is the most outragess one here.  S.K.

One thing that strikes me is, they don't even look like and skin (scale?) tones turn
out different colors, body shapes are radically different, even the teeth are all unique. I guess the simplilist explination would be, considering thier physical dissimilarity, and since there is no mention of them earlier or apparent mother, they must have been adopted or created artificialy. They also all seem to be on drugs... I mean look at thier expressions! Look at the hair on Iggy and Lemmy! So, maybe Bowser picked thesse little adicts of the street. "Hey kiddies, come work for me, I'll get you a fix!". Perhaps that's why they all dissapeared...they all o.d'd. Poor koopalings!

- doczombie

You see long ago, the Mushroom Kingdom was peacful. Or so Princess Toadstool thought, then out of the sky comes bowser, in his Doom Ship. He swooped down and kidnapped the Princess, then that little Fungus Toad went into the real world to get some very courageous adventures, that was the Mario Bros. Well anyway, back at Bowser Koopa's castle, the princess was enjoying a 
Chardonnay while getting a nice back rub by some Goomba's. "Maybe Koopa isnt that bad after all, actually he's kinda cute." thought the Princess, Well yeah i know what your thinking, but remember, shes drunker than Boris Yeltson, you know that dumb ass who can't walk or stand. Anyway Toadstool had...IMPURE THOUGHTS... about Koopa and she started to undress, getting horny Koopa laid down and slipped out of his scales. Then they made love for 5 hours straight.Well naturally she had kids, those brat the Kooplings. But lets not forget Toad, he went around looking for the Mario Bros. when the princess returned...

Part 2

The Return of the Princess
Angry and furious, Toadstool kicked a pipe, ouch. Then she spoke to Toad, "Damn  it, that asshole Koopa, i got pregnant with Septuplets and he asks me to have an Abortion! The nerve! Well if it an abortion he wants, he'll get, i'm aborting my relationship with that..thing!", Screamed the Princess. You see Koopa didnt want to have to take care of the kids, but he was wrong, Princess returned with a Court Order, stating that Bowser Koopa, the father of the Septuplets, is heby serviced with Child support and daily care. But as punishment, Koopa killed the lawyer and never told his kids that the Princess was their mother. Then Toad interupted her thoughts as he was accompanied by two fat stupid plumbers.

The End

- Sean Herrington

Bowser told Magikoopa to age the kids with his magic so they weren't born before SMB.

- Matthew Williams

It's obious that while Bowser , had Big Bertha open a whore house and Bowser had some fun there!!!!!The whore house was later shut down by the Mushroom Kingdom Police who ate Big Bertha for dinner!!!!!!!

- Jacob

Most people who try to explain the Mario games' background and how they are tied togheter often forget that the Koopa Kids were NOT born between SMB and SMB3. In the SMB3 instruction manual, the story was that "Bowser has returned, and this time with his children", or something similar - those probably weren't the exact words. Everything about them was said in a way which left the impression that they already existed during the previous adventures, but simply weren't with Bowser on his first conquest. As for their actual origin, I've never considered that as a very mysterious thing. After all, we're never learned anything about Bowser's personal life, and we didn't know about his Koopa Kids until the third game. It is a likely possibility that he has, or had, a wife in the Koopa Kingdom.

- Panu Vihavainen

I think During the time Bowser temporarily gave world Domination He got married and had the Koopalings But He Divorced his Wife and Had Kamek age the Koopalings a little bit so They can help him Take over the world. 

- Roger North

The answer lies in the name of the second youngest Koopaling. Is he Bowser Koopa, Jr.? No... he's MORTON Koopa, Jr. Which means his father was named Morton as well... so he must have been adopted.What about the rest? Well, if Bowser had some ladyfriend who was fertile enough 
to give him six other children, why would he bother adopting just one? He wouldn't... hence, the rest are adopted as well. Even despotic turtle kings don't live forever, and Bowser wanted someone to carry on in his absence... and evidently, he was taking NO chances. As for their current whereabouts... remember how Bowser "kidnapped the princess while you were running around"? Whaddya want to bet that after Mario and Peach finished that cake she made, they received a note that said, "Yo! We all took over Mushroom World while you were messing around at home! Dad knew that if he was keeping you busy, we'd have the freedom to do whatever we pleased! Ha ha! Oh, and we kidnapped Luigi, too! And Mallow, just for the heck of it!" Etc.

- Playground Psychotic

The Koopalings are not real Bowser's kids.  They were really adopted by Bowser and now are looking for their real parent's, that why they were not in SM64.

- Tylite

Well, let's see here.  Bowser had a wife.  Her name was Peach Toadstool.  They lived happily together long before the Mario Bros. showed up.  Peach and Bowser had seven kids, all who turned out to be Koopas instead of humans.  Peach became very frustrated, and she and Bowser had a HUGE fight.  Well, to make a long story short, they divorced.  Yet Bowser still loved her, so he tried everything he could to get her back, including kidnapping.

That's where the Koopa Kids came from.  Now, as for their two (three if you want to count Mario is Missing).  The Koopa Kids, like it stated in one of the cases, may have been teenagers.  Well, they were.  They were all strong enough to fight with their dad, so whenever Bowser kidnapped his ex-wife, his kids would keep her from the Mario Brothers.  Well, they grew up to be young adults, and they had big dreams of becoming very smart and making big bucks and the like.  Thus, all seven Koopa Kids went to college and became more intelligent than their father, and they are CEOs of their own companies even as we speak.

Too wierd??  Maybe it is, but maybe it isn't.

- Chris Williams

I think Bowser married someone then she left him with the kids.

- Orlando Vega

I think that Bowser had a wife 10 years before Super Mario for NES. Before Mario for NES came out, the wife bitched and nagged about Bowser fighting. He slit the bitches throat and thats that.

- NobodyLovesLuigi
Sorry about that graphic description.  S.K.


- Salomon

Um...  Uh...  Maybe there was a Queen Koopa before Mario came to the mushroom kingdom. They made lots of babies, but now they're divorced because Bowser was cheating on her with other princesses (Possibly Peach??). Or maybe "Mrs. Bowser Koopa" got a heart attack eating from too much McDonald's.  That could explain why Bowser is too busy kidnapping Princess Peach.  HAS IT EVER OCCURED TO ANYONE THAT MAYBE THE KOOPALINGS WERE KILLED IN SMW?!?!?!?!?! 

- Adam Reitemeier

I think that that Koopalings originated in a swamp somewhere in the African jungle.  King Koopa might not be the father of these kids.  He could've stole the eggs and then raised them as his own.  We will never known, until the person who thought about having them in a cartoon tells us themselves.

- Jennifer Scrimenti

Obviously these Koopa-lings are not in fact sons and daughters of Bowser. They are his Brothers. 
Bowser is the son of an older gentleman we have not met yet. The Koopalings are mutant Koopas, like Bowser. They have been in training for years, so they did not appear until SMB 3. Whoever is in charge of Bowser decided not to send these minions into SM 64 because they needed more training. In fact, they might just all be clones. Think about it, who could survive so many deaths? The only game In which Bowser didn't die is SM 64. 
SM 3: He fell to his death. 
SMW: Struck by lightning.
SM 1: There were 8 of him? All fell to their deaths in lava?
The only real bowsers have been in SM 64 and YI where they survived. All the others have been clones that just weren't quite as good.

- Wario the III
Actually in SMW Bowser's Koopa-Kopter spun out of control so he didn't die(There is also no proof that he dies in the other games).  S.K.

Perhaps, Bowser was disappointed that the Koopalings did such a poor job of fighting Mario in SMB3, he sent them to their rooms from the time between SMB3 and SMW. After that, he decided to give them a second chance (see SMW). 
   But they failed then too. So Bowser either ate them up for dinner, or they died after falling into the lava, or they burst after Mario defeated them in SMW. Or perhaps Bowser just sent them to their rooms again like before, which would open up a possibility of the Koopalings appearing in another Mario game on the N64 or beyond... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
   On another note, (perhaps the next - and most difficult yet - Mario Unsolved Mystery), how did Bowser get the kids in the first place? WHERE IS MRS. KOOPA? Are these kids adopted? Is Bowser a hermaphrodite(see episode 202 of South Park)? Are they test tube babies? Maybe one day we'll find out, but in the mean time, keep watching the skies. The Truth Is Out There...

- Mac
Didn't this guy know that the mystery was about where the koopalings came from?  Sheesh.  S.K.

I think that The Koopaling was died from SuperMarioBros 3 because Super Mario kills them=) but Bowser Revives them with some Fenix Down [=)]and they come to life to SuperMarioWorld and SMario kill them again and  Destroy their castles with them inside!! Logically in Super Mario 64 they are in "Suspended Animation" in any place of the  Bowser's castle, and they won't be 
resuscitated for their previous failures. Maybe in another Super mario GAME they can be Useful

Good BYE  ^_^    :^)    ¬¬¡

- Sergio Fernando Cebrián Aguirre

Okay, so maybe they were too young to help him overthrough the mushroom kingdom in the original game, and that's why they weren't around until part 3... why weren't they in SM64?  Easy.  While Mario was trying to get his piece of "cake" from the princess, Luigi (also absent from SM64) was saving the rest of the mushroom kingdom from the koopalings... tada!

- Kevin

I think Bowser got married, had koopalings, and their mom died!

- Jacob Andrews

My thoughts are:
 I think how the Koopalings were born is that Bowser met some female Koopa that was just like him. Bowser had made the girl Koopa,(let's just call her Bewser), believe that he had love at first sight. But acculaly, he just wanted some henchkoopas so he wodn't have to dress goompas,koopa troopas,etc. as himself or use Wart to do his dirtywork. So, Bewser and Bowser got merried. After Bewser had 7 koopalings,he lead his spose into her demise. Why? He's Bowser, he's gotta be mean. The koopalings were at Bowser's castle during SM64 beacause of their failiature,they were grounded intill they could prove that they could suceed.
      Thank you.

- Brett Warcken

They are the children of Bowser and a unknown koopa

- john

I think Bowser got married to a female koopa and the female had kids.

- Dylan Polk

First off, we must realise the theory of alternate universes presented by some scientists too explain the theoretical consiquences of reverse-time travel and faster than light motion, which deal with changing events as they are now. Basically, any event that changes the past, creates a NEW
present that exists independantly from the one we live in now, an "alternate universe" if you will. (source, some late night thinking over tha Back To the Future series).

Bowser, in his mid fourties, was going through a mid life-crisis.  He realised that in the busy rush to build an army and take over mushroom kingdom, he forgot to stop and smell the roses.  He wished he'd become a family dragon.  So he had one of the hammer brothers read some H.G. Wells and bang together a time machine.

Back in time, he was confused by the popularity of games such as Pong and Pac-Man and Space Invaders.  In a state of confusion, he fell deeply in love with a somewhat hefty girl named Wart.  They were quickly married.

Try as they might, they could not conceive children.  So the tearful Wart went in for fertility treatment.  Nine months, and a lot of mass media hype later, the Koopalings, or Koopa Kids, were born.  The first set of reptilian-amphibian septuplets.  The Scientific community was rightly terrified.

Bowser became a house husband a-la John Lennon, and Mrs.Wart Koopa took over the megalomania biz.  Throwing our heros into a parallel dimention, the dimention of sub-con, in which the Mario squad took on Wart instead of Bowser, and Warts gang of meanies instead of the goombas and koopas. Other things were different in the dimention of sub-con as well; Rev. Jessie Jackson won the '84 presidential race.

Here's where it gets weird.  After his mom was defeated by the mario team (Toad ultimately did her in) Ludvig Van Koopa, in his angry adolescense hit the drugs and hit them hard. He composed some bad 60's style acid songs that were largely responsible for the truly bizarre lands of Yoshi's Island, but more importanly they merged the seperated dimentions.

In this hybrid dimention, aspects of the two dimentions were combined.  Mario remained the same as allways.  The Princessand Toad became the passive people they were in the first dimention (from here on out the dimention of SMB is #1, the dimention of SMB2 is #2 and the dimention of SMB3 is #3 -- Nintendo new of this dimentional shifting and hence the numbering of the games, Super Mario world is still in #3, hence no new number.  Yoshi's island is also in #3.  The bizarre twists and turns that lead from the jump from dimention #3 to dimention #64 are beyond the scope of this message).  Luigi and the Koopa Kids were both present, but the trip had worn them down and neither would remain around for long.  Wart was still depressed by her defeat, she now stays in a mental clinic, where Bowser visits her every Sunday.  Bowser was ready to avenge his wife.  Some of Warts friends were also in the angry spirit, showing up again to take out Mario et al.

There you have it.  The current locations of Luigi and the Koopa Kids is unknown.  Luigi is rumored to have appeared in several racing games and even a fighting game, but we here at the mario research institute think thats just a bunch of BS, if you want to know our scientific opinion on things, which you clearly do, having read this drivel.  Congradulations, you wasted 10 minutes of your life.

- colmore
Whew.  This wins longest submission hands down.  S.K.

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