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Mario Party 2

Vital Stats
System(s): N64
U.S. Release Date: January 24, 2000
Current street price: $49.99
Save: Battery Back-up
Size: 6 characters, 5 available boards + 1 hidden, 64 minigames (+3 hidden)
Players: 4 simultaneous
ESRB Rating: E (Mild Animated Violence)

In a Nutshell
Save Mario Land from Bowser by beating 5 game boards full of competitive mini-games

Note: This story comes straight from the MP2 instruction booklet.
Mario and Luigi, Wario and Peach,
DK and Yoshi all gathered in speech,
Sharing their wishes for all they had seen,
Saying "Let's make a world based on our dreams!"
Combining their talents, the sweated and strained,
Completing that world, Mario Land by name...

Alas, but Wario stepped forth and said,
"This world should be named for a Super Star, instead.
"Wario Land is a far better name!"
And so they all argued the depth of their fame,
"Peach Land is better!" and "My name is best!"
Toad could not believe the words of the rest!

But as they debated who was more grand,
Bowser invaded that Mario Land!!!
"There's no time to argue and no time to fight!
"The task is before is," Toad said with a fright.
"This land shall be named for the Super Star who
"Defeats evil Bowser and saves us all, too!"

So Mario and friends took on this new quest,
To defeat the King Koopa and prove who's the best!
They went deep into space, met ghosts and Pirates,
But always on Bowser their keen sights were set.
No adventure more trying, no reward more grand...
So speaks the legend of Mario Land!

Gameplay Overview
Just like Mario Party, MP2 offers good control, fast responses, and more fun than Mario Party. Again you and 3 other characters (computer or humans) walk around a board game, playing mini-games after every turn in the pursuit of coins and stars. There are a few difference this time around. Your stars are converted to coins at the end of the game, which are used to buy mini-games to play whenever you want (no items to buy like inthe original). Another good thing is no more sorepalms! There is absolutely no mini-game in which you have to rotate the Control Stick super fast. So you won't have to bust up your controllers to play. The six characters availablefor play are the same:

The play modes are numerous. There's a minigame land, made of several islands. There, you can purchase mini-games to play in the park. This eventually leads to two surprise modes to be found. There's lots of stuff to do.

What's the Big Deal?
The little things:
OK, so for the most part, Mario Party 2 is Mario Party all over again. But the little twists they add to the game make it more than that. The new boards are nice, and standard for any sequel, but the little costumes add that little cute touch that make the boards seem extra-unique. The four player interaction is still great but the solitary experience has been (arguably) improved with the one-player quest to collect all the mini-games. All that and over 40 completely new mini-games (none of which have the annoying rotating sticks) make this much more than Mario Party 1.5. Oh, did I mention the improved story and the tons of new items, including cool ones like the Bowser Bomb and Golden Mushroom? The little things make this game a great sequel.

Notes of Interest
Some old mini-games come back with new twists (Bobsled run)
Computer earnings contribute to the bank (great for one player, stars are worth 50 coins!)
The characters dress up to fit the theme on each board (how cute).
Bowser Suit is the first suit since SMB3 (Tanooki/Frog/Hammer Bros. Suits)
All the annoying voices from the original Mario Party are back (grumble...)

"Ugh! I've been corked!"
-Bowser, Western Land, upon being corked

After the cast of characters is shown, the ending is pretty much like the first one, with a backdrop and characters floating across the screen. I don't think highly of it, though. After the credits, you see Toad in the middle of the screen while "See Ya!" appears under him. I'll have to admit, Mario Land doesn't look too bad at night.

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