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    Just when you thought we had listed everything, we go and make a move list. Mario has had a huge ammonut of moves over the years, and this is an atempt to chroncile them. Currently all moves from SMB1-3, SML1-2, SMW, YI, SM64, and YS are up. I may add moves from minor games later. Enjoy!

Current Move Count: 32

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Name: Games Mario could do this move in
     Description: What the move does
     How to do it: The buttons needed to perform the move on various systems
     Usefulness rating: Out of 5, with explanation
     Further Info.: Interesting facts
     Related moves: Other moves to look into

Moves seen for the first time in Super Mario Bros.
Dash: SMB1-3, SMW, YI, SM64, SML1-2
     NES/GB: B button Left or Right
    SNES: Y button + Left or Right
    N64: Analog stick (Full strength)
     Mario runs fast
     Useful for getting out of danger or beating time limit.
     Y Button not needed in YI. About twice as fast as walking. Luigi's is harder to stop in SMB2(j). You can dash over 1-block wide gaps without jumping.
     Also see: Dash Jump

Dash Jump: SMB1-3, SMW, YI, SM64, SML1-2
     NES: B + Left or Right + A
    SNES: Y + Left or Right + B
    N64: Analog Stick (Full strength) + A
     A running jump
     Used to cross pits, jump on enemies, get ?-blocks, etc.
     Height varies with speed
     Also see: Dash, Jump, Spin Jump

Duck: SMB1-3, SMW, YI, SM64, SML1-2
     NES/SNES/GB: Down
    N64: Z button
     Mario squats down to half his Super size
     Good for avoiding Bullet Bills, etc.
     Need to be "big" to use it in games before SMW and SML1-2. Use after Dash to slide under low passages.
     Also see: None

Fireball/Superball shoot: SMB1-3, SMW, SML, SML2
     NES/GB: B button
    SNES: Y button
     Mario shoots a bouncing fireball from his hand. In SML, he shoots a superball.
     Very good attack, puts you in minimal danger. Good against Spinies
     Enemies like Buzzy Beetle are immune to it. In SMW, enemies turn to coins when hit with it. Fire Flower required
     Also see: Spin Jump

Jump: SMB1-3, SMW, YI, SM64, SML1-2
     NES/N64/GB: A button
    SNES: B button
     Mario jumps straight up
     Can be used to kill enemies without spiked tops or to break blocks.
     Jump gets much higher in games after SMB. One of the only moves in EVERY major Mario game. Hit Up as you do it to jump out of water.
     Also see: Walking Jump, Running Jump, Spin Jump

Kick: SMB1-3, SMW, SM64
     NES/SNES: Left or Right (Walk into a shell)
    N64: B + B + B button or Z button + B button
     Mario kicks whatever's in his hands or in his path (usually a shell). In SM64, Mario can kick in mid-air.
     Good for clearing a path in front of you. Watch for the bounce back.
     Hit enough enemies with one shell to get a 1-up. In SM64, can be used on any enemy. In SMW, hold up to kick the item upward.
     Also see: Hold

Swim: SMB1, SMB3, SMW, SM64
     NES/N64: A button
    SNES: B button
     Mario flaps his arm and floats upward. In SM64, floats forward
     Needed to move through water. Much faster than underwater walking
     Two speeds in SM64 (Hold down A for slow speed). Frog suit (SMB3) lets you swim in any direction much faster. Use Left and Right to affect direction.
     Also see: None

Walk: DK, MB, SMB1-3, SMW, YI, SM64, SML1-2
     NES/GB: Left or Right
    SNES: Left or Right
    N64: Analog stick (1/2 strength)
     Mario walks. Yawn!
     Only useful if run button is broken, or if you don't wanna wake up a pirhana in SM64.
     In games after SMB3, speed is affected by slope of ground. One of the only moves in EVERY major Mario game.
     Also see: Run

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Moves seen for the first time in Super Mario Bros. 2
Climb: SMB2, SMW, SM64
     NES/SNES: Up while next to a vine/pole/ladder
     Mario climbs upward
     Needed to get to some bonus areas
     Automatic when you touch a vine in SMB. In SMW, you can kick a shell upward, and catch it as you climb.
     Also see: None

Dig: SMB2
     NES: Hit B button while standing on dirt.
     Mario digs down the dirt.
     Necessary to progress. Useful for getting around Phanto
     Toad is faster than Mario, who is faster than Luigi and Peach.
     Also see: Lift

Lift/Pick Up: SMB2-3, SMW, YI, SM64, SML2
     NES/GB: Hold down B button while next to a shell, P-switch, key, etc.
    SNES: Hold down Y while next to a shell, P-switch, key, etc.
    N64: Hit B to punch while next to the object
     Mario picks up the object. From here he can throw or kick it.
     Useful for carrying items or weapons. Very important in SMB2
     In SMB2, slows down all characters but Toad.
     Also see: Throw, Kick

Super Jump: SMB2
     NES: Down for 3 seconds + A
     Mario jumps very high
     Necessary for getting to some high places.
     Can be used to make unintended shortcuts
     Also see: Jump, Dash Jump

Throw: SMB2
     NES: Hit B button when holding an item.
     Mario throws whatever item he's holding. It goes farther if he's running with it.
     Your main means of killing enemies.
     Replaced with Kick in subsequent games.
     Also see: Kick, Lift

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Moves seen for the first time in Super Mario Bros. 3
Bounce Jump: SMB3, SMW, YI, SM64
     NES/N64: Hold down A button after jumping on an enemy
    SNES: Hold down B button after jumping on an enemy
     mario bounces off the enemies back, higher than usual.
     Good for chaining jumps together and for getting more air time.
     Can be used to get more points or 1-ups if you jump on enough enemies without landing.
     Also see: Jump

Float: SMB3, SMW, SML2
     NES/GB: B button repeatedly in air
    SNES: Hold down Y button in air
     Mario floats down gently instead of falling
     Helps you avoid pits or enemies, or string together jumps.
     Raccoon Leaf, P-wing, Tanooki Suit needed to perform in SMB3, Feather needed in SMW, Carrot needed in SML2.
     Also see: None

Fly: SMB3, SMW
     NES: Dash + A button repeatedly
    SNES: Dash + B button
     Mario flies high in the air
     Let's Mario reach hidden areas or get over tricky parts. Plus it's just COOL!
     Raccoon Leaf, P-wing, or Tanooki Suit needed to perform in SMB3, Feather needed in SMW. Can be extended uing Left and Right in SMW
     Also see: None

Slide: SMB3, SMW, SM64
     NES/SNES:Down while on a hill
    N64: Run, then B button
     Mario slides down a hill killing all in his path
     Good for clearing many enemies and just plain fun
     If there's a ramp at the end of the hill, Mario will do a flying jump.
     Also see: Dash

Statue/Statue Smash: SMB3
     NES: Down + B button (in air for smash)
     Mario turns into a statue, smashing enemies below him and being unoticed by those walknig by.
     Marginally useful, as an attack and enemy avoidance
     Tanooki Suit necessary.
     Also see: None

Tail Attack: SMB3
     NES: B button
     Mario spins around 360 degrees, attacking with his tail.
     Not very good for attacking, but needed to get many ground ?-blocks
     Raccoon Leaf, P-wing, or Tanooki Suit needed to perform attack.
     Also see: Cape Spin

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Moves seen for the first time in Super Mario World
Cape Spin: SMW
     SNES: Y button
     Mario spins in place, hitting surounding enemies and objects with his cape.
     Good for getting ground ?-blocks or plowing through enemies.
     Cape needed to perform attack
     Also see: Jump

Lick: SMW, YI, YS
     SNES: Y button
    N64: Y button
     Yoshi sticks out his toungue and licks up whatever he can reach
     Gets rid of enemies, goes through walls, and can give Yoshi power ups.
     In SMW, swallowing shells lets Yoshi fly (blue shell, B button), spit fire (red shell, Y button), or make earthquakes (Yellow shell, jump). In YI, Yoshi can either spit enemy (Y button), or swallow to make an egg (Down button). In SMW and YS, Yoshi automatically swallows all but shells. In YI and YS, lick can go in many directions.
     Also see: None

Punch: SMW, SM64
     SNES: Y button
    N64: B button
     Mario does a straight jab at the enemy
     Most of the time it's less dangerous to jump on the enemy.
     Can only be performed on fences in SMW.
     Also see: Kick

Spin Jump: SMW, SML2
     SNES: A button
    GB: Down + A button
     Mario does a small jump while spinning
     Kills turtles and other enemies outright, and breaks blocks.
     Mario shoots fireballs in mid-jump if he has the fire flower.
     Also see: Jump

Spit: SMW, YI
     SNES: Y button
     Yoshi spits out whatever is in his mouth
     Usually I'd rather havean egg. Good with turtle shells
     Yoshi can spit enemies, shells, items, seeds, fire, and ice. In SMW, hold Down to lay contents gently on ground. In YI, hold Up to spit enemy higher.
     Also see: Lick

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Moves seen for the first time in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Egg Shoot: YI, YS
     SNES: A button to aim, then Y button to shoot
    N64: Hold down B button, aim, release to shoot
     Yoshi throws an egg in the specified direction. Must have eggs to perform.
     Kills enemies and reveals secret areas, etc.
     In YI, eggs bounce off walls. In YS, eggs explode in fireworks.
     Also see: Lick

Flutter Jump: YI, YS
     SNES: hold down B button
    N64: hold down A button
     Yoshi kicks his legs back and forth to get extra height and distanece from a jump
     Make's jumps much longer if chained together. Very fun to do.
     In YS, holding Up makes you float much higher.
     Also see: Jump

Ground Pound: YI, YS, SM64
     SNES/YS: Down while in the air
    N64: Z button while in air
     Yoshi falls towards the groundat super speed, butt first
     Good for pounding down posts and pinpointing tough jumps
     Yoshi spins a few time in mid-air before pounding the ground.
     Also see: Spin Jump

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Moves seen for the first time in Super Mario 64
Backflip: SM64
     N64: Hold down Z button + A button
     Mario jumps high and backwards.
     Can get Mario to higher platforms. Good for finding shortcuts.
     Mario flips three times in mid-air, and is frozen for a split second after he lands.
     Also see: Jump

Bowser Spin: SM64
     N64: Hold B button + rotate analog stick
     Mario spins Bowser around in a circle, then throws him
     Needed to kill Bowser, but only works on Bowser.
     Let go of B button to throw Bowser. Analog rotation speed affects throw distance.
     Also see: Jump

Crawl: SM64
     N64: Hold down Z button + analog stick
     Mario crawls slowly on his hands and knees
     Almost never useful
     Mario can crawl in small passageways that he can't walk through
     Also see: None

Long Jump: SM64
     N64: Run, tap Z button then A button
     Mario does a long, running jump.
     Needed to cross long chasms... and fun.
     Continuous long jumps are faster than running.
     Also see: Jump

Somersault Jump: SM64
     N64: A button three times while running, or turn around quickly + A button
     Mario Does a high jump, flippnig in mid-air.
     Gets you to higher platforms and fun to do.
     Mario has to be running to do the third jump in A + A + A.
     Also see: Jump

Wall Jump: SM64
     N64: A button near a wall
     Mario jumps off walls.
     Gets you to higher platforms, items, and areas.
     Run at a wall and choose your jumping spot.
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