Mario Monster

By Michael Lewis

"Morons stupid morons" Bowser screamed". I have millions of koopas at my command and none of you can kill that stupid Mario" Bowser threw a table across the room it smashed into pieces he was about to throw another when he stopped in his tracks "that's it" Bowser said "I've got a plan".Luigi was running up to Marios pad when he heard a scream he put on a brave face and kicked the door open only to find the princes and Mario on the ground coverd with cake. The princes stormed out of the house "what'd you do this time? Luigi asked "I don't know" Mario replyed "anyw....." Mario was cut off by a loud crash the door opened to reveal Wario and at least a hundred koopas they surounded the house "Quick, out the secret exit" Mario said "I didn't know there was a secret exit" Luigi said Mario pushed over the bed to reveal a secret tunnel they both climed in "okay we should be safe now" Mario said just as a wall of flames began to fill the tunnel "where's this tunnel go?"Luigi asked "the castle" Mario replyed they crawled out of the tunnel but were instantly knocked out they woke up infront of toadstool "well you two have alot of explaining to do" she said just then Bowser and Wario in bad Mario and Luigi broke in Mario hit Wario over the head while Bowser jumped at the princes but Luigi kicked him in the face "well I guess I owe you an appology I'm sorry Luigi and as for you Mario I'm still mad at you" the princes said Mario sadly walked out of the castle.

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