A Mario Kart 64 Story

By Ryan McNamara

Chapter 1

Hurry up Peach, said Mario, or we'll be late to see the Yoshis race. We promised Green Yoshi we'd be there, added Luigi. We only know one Yoshi, so just call him Yoshi, said Toad. I don't see why we had to come, complained Wario. Yeah, he's not our friend, said Bowser. You didn't have to come, but Yoshi wanted you to, replied Peach.. It would break his heart if you didn't. Besides, you get a free ride, I pay for food, and you get free tickets for front row seats. DK was silent for most of the ride thinking what it would be like watching eight little dinosaurs run around a track five times. He had never seen the Annual Yoshi Race before. Bowser and Wario had seen it last year and hated it. The only reason they ever came was because Peach paid for everything. They just hated it when she drove the Royal Van though. The race will be over by the time we get there if you don't hurry up, yelled Toad. Let me drive; I'm the fastest driver, said Mario. I don't think so, argued Luigi, I could win any race, and I work extremely better under pressure than you do Mario. Mario was getting mad. Oh is that s- I'M THE BEST!, cried Toad. He was even madder after Toad cut him off. I could beat you all, Toad remarked. I don't think so you little pipsqueak!, said Bowser. Yeah, we heavyweights would blow you off the road, said DK. I'M A WARIO! I'M A GONNA WIN!, yelled Wario. Well we all know Peach wouldn't win, said Luigi. Yeah, I would, yelled Mario. Shut up up there, yelled DK. If Peach ever got past the first lap we would already be at the castle getting our medals, said Bowser. HaHaHaHaHa, laughed Wario. I would have to escort you around the track, wouldn't I, yelled Toad. Good one Toad, laughed Mario. Mario felt a little badly for Peach, but sometimes she was just so slow. For the next ten minutes nobody paid attention how fast they were going, but they just laughed at Peach and argued about who was the best racer. Ooh, if they only knew, thought Peach. Then all of a sudden, stepped on it, doubled the speed limit and even the heavyweights with their seat belts on fell over. Toad wasn't wearing his seatbelt and the poor guy didn't know what hit him.


    Hi guys! You're here, exclaimed Yoshi. And early too. Boy, with Peach driving I was worried that.... Peach gave Yoshi a dirty look which made him quiet down . Where are the others?, asked Yoshi. They are still recovering, answered Peach.. I don't get it. Go ask Mario, replied Peach. Peach was especially mad at Mario for not standing up for her but Mario didn't care.

  Hurray for Yoshi, yelled Mario. I knew you could beat those cocky black and white Yoshis, said Luigi. It was Yoshi's first career win and the first time black or white Yoshi hadn't won. I could beat any Yoshi in any race, boasted Wario. Shut your fat mouth Wario or I'll shut it for ya, snarled Peach. Why did she get so mad Mario, asked Yoshi. Oh we were just teasing her a bit on the way here, answered Mario. We were arguing about who was the best racer and kinda teased Peach about her driving - if you know what I mean. I'll explain more later. OK, replied Yoshi. Those were the only words Yoshi spoke for almost the whole way home.

To be continued...

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