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Mario Memories
Week #9

Good Memories
Okay,the day after my Super Mario RPG tradegy,on Super Mario World I beat Tubular!I kept going and beat Special Zone!I reset to see how many exits I needed.I had 95. So I went to Forest Ghost House and got the last exit!
-John Potter

I beat Super mario 1 in 3 hours the first time I played it back in 85 :-)

Weird Memories
This one is sort of weird. I remember a long time ago when I was about 4 or 5 (I'm not sure)I saw the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and really liked it. When it was on I did the Mario and I started to dance and sing. I then asked my Mom if we could have pizza and she said yes. Because I was so excited I ate about 4-6 pizza slices and got sick. It was cool.

Once i played SM64 i started over when i entered the castle Bowser spoke then i turned around and saw Bowser sneak into a room .Weird isn't it?

This is actually a triple Mario memory. The first part is that near the video game isle in K-mart, I saw an employee with a cap who was named ironically Mario. Not convincing enough?; well what if I explained to you he had a moustash, red clothing (although I think that's part of their uniform), blue eyes, and brown Hair? Weird. My second weird Mario memory was seeing this weird vending machine, or something that was decorated like a game boy. It was out of order, and I didn't know what it was, as I was only t hree years old, and could not read. The last weird memory was that I used to not know who Luigi was, so when I went to my older sister's friend's house, I was confused and thought he was Wario or something and... (this is scary, but read on...) simply knew him as "The green guy"!!! That last part could have possibly been a bad Mario memory, but it seems more weird, and without it here, we would have a duo of weird stuff,rather than a trio of wierd stuff, and trios are better!

Well I was playing Mario 64 on my Gameshark on Invisible mario and I was on cool cool mountain and i did not know where I was so I turned the N64 OFF
-Brian T.

Bad Memories
I remember one time I was almost at the end of SMB 3 and I was really happy because it was the best Mario game I ever played and I could say I beat all the Mario games. Well what sucked is that right when Bowser was about to fall through, the power went out and erased all my data!! I was so mad I started to swear. I beat it many times after that just to show Bowser who was boss.

I had heard of a SNES game called Mario is Missing 3 years ago.Being a Mario nut,I searched high and low for 2 long and boring years to find it.I found out that it was an EDUTAINMENT game!ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 when my step brother came and kicked the nintendo so it froze, boy i hate it when it freezes! I have a Nintendo 64 and my favorite game i have is mario party. I am the biggest super mario fan and i tune into this website everyday! This is my favorite website and my favorit caracter is yoshi.
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