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Mario Memories
Week #8

Good Memories
I remember how in early summer of 99, I bought SMB DX. From the very first hop, I was back in 1985...For some reason, it looked and sounded cooler, even though I know I was the same. The smaller screen made it more challanging, and I remember dying because of things I wouldn't before because it would just "pop up" all of a sudden! When I found the Lost Levels, I fell in love with the game all over (both the Lost Levels and the SMB DX). The picture of Mario and Luigi made the struggle of killing every Bowser w/ firepower worthwile. The only thing I didn't like was that Luigi didn't jump higher in the Lost Levels... Anyways, I'm still waiting for SMB3 DX (If someone from Nintendo is reading this)!

I got my Smash Bros. back in June, and I had gotten most of the secrets (Item Switch, 3 of the four secret characters, the Mario Bros. stage). The only thing that kept me from Luigi and Sound Test was Link's bonus 1. I got 9 out of 10 targets, but back then I didn't know about tossing items upwards while jumping. I was on the platform with the target high above it and tried to shoot my boomerang at it. I got real frusturated and started messing with my controller. Somehow, I pulled out a bomb, jumped in the air, and SUPER tossed the bomp up towards the target. That did it. I whooped Luigi, and got him and Sound Test. Yay.

A few years ago I was playing SMB3, and, without warp whistles, I made it to the castle in world 6. Well, when I reached Lemmy (me), I saw him on a ball. I had known he threw balls before but I realized something I never knew before. You can bounce on them! I spent about half an hour bouncing from ball to ball, laughing all the while, untill finally I accidentally beat him (me)and proceeded to world 7! Ahh, the memories!
-Lemmy Koopa

I remember, when I was about 10, I beat my first Mario game (this was in 1994). It was Mario 2. I was so happy, because my older sister was the gamer of the family. From then on, I would go to that game and play until I beat it (it usually took me a couple hours). I hope that they'll make a Mario 2 DX for Game Boy Color.

I play Super Mario Bros. games all of the time.Every Mario game I have played I have beat.I never get tired of them.Everytime a new Mario game comes out I have to get it!I own every nintendo too,including a gameboy.I'll never stop playing those Mario games and when a new nintendo system comes out I'll get it too!

Weird Memories
I remember having these really crazy dreams a few weeks after I got SMB3, where I was ALLWAYS Luigi (I love Luigi--see my name), but I was playing SMB1 alone. Even weirder, I would get all of these items from SMB3. Some levels were SMB1, while others were a strange combination!

I was playing Mario Party some time last year and I was getting KILLED. I had No stars and no coins! I was but a few spaces from Bowser. On my next turn, I went to Bowser, but something amazing happened. He GAVE me 20 coins! I never knew King Dad liked Luigi that much... I wonder if the game was glitched or if that always happens...
-Lemmy Koopa

Bad Memories
AUGH!!! I just now turned on my SNES and put in mario world, and it didnt come on. I reset, and it worked. but when I pressed start, what happened? ALL MY SAVE FILES WERE GONE!!! I HAD GOTTEN ALLL 96 SPECIAL EXITS!!!!!

Now who has'nt seen that TERRIBLE glitch in SMW where it erases every saved game every now and then. I have seen it about 10000 times,and it always seems to happen right before I get to Bowser. Once, it happened about a week after I beat Special Zone!!!!!! BTW,the world after the Special Zone is SO LAME! My friend told me that it is Bowser World(no,not Bowser Valley,Bowser World). IT IS THE SAME WORLD BUT IN THE FALL!!!! ( mocking message in SZ)Congratulations! Few have made it this far.Pass the Special Zone and explore a stange new world. Oh look the color has changed, and about three enemies look different. Some strange new world.
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